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just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

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good afternoon kidlettes πŸ™‚

before i get to the topic i want to discuss today, let me start by saying this:

I RAN MY FIRST EVER DOUBLE DIGIT RUN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! afjdslkfjkldnfoiefhklsdfdanfdjshfljrklesj!!!!!!! yeah. that’s how i express my excitement.

i woke up determined this morning. after a ridiculously fun night (went to my friend’s party. enjoyed the company. stepped out of my comfort zone. talked. smiled. laughed. flirted. felt great. it was awesome. AND my boys and i went intoxicated night biking :)!) i wanted to keep my good mood alive. i prepped for the run by eating a bowl of puffins with half a nanner. i also ate two slices of orange, a small small date, and a baby scoop of pb. i waited over an hour to run.

how did it go? AMAZINGLY. seriously. i ran just under 10.5 miles WITHOUT STOPPING. i found a groove and just rocked it. what kept me going? a lot of things! YOU GUYS, for one. my mantra for the entire time?

if caitlin can do it, i can do it! if angela can do it, i can do it! if jackie can do it, i can do it! if evan can do it, i can do it! if ashley can do it, i can do it! if kath can do it, i can do it! if emily can do it, i can do it! if jenna can do it, I CAN DO IT!

and you know what?

I DID IT!!!!!

(none of those people know me or read my blog (save for jackie!!!!!!!!!!!! :)! but they’re a total inspiration to me. seriously.)

never ever EVER in a million years did i think i would EVER be running 10.5 miles. for FUN. i enjoyed just about every minute of it. my knees started to hurt around mile 7 (i think? i have no mile tracking device i can take with me on my runs.) and the last .5 miles i had to run REALLY slowly because i felt sick (dehydration.)

what did i learn?

i need a camelback. or SOMETHING. because DAMN, i dreamed about water the entire run. i’m a salty sweater too. the second i came home i poured myself a HUGE glass of water, squeezed half a lemon into it, popped a few ice cubes into it, and CHUGGED LIKE CRAZY. then i did it again πŸ™‚ and am doing it again as we speak!

what else did i learn? i can run to music with slower beats. literally, i was so unconscious of my body during the run (save for my knees (which eventually felt better) and the end of the run where i felt like puking) and just enjoyed what i was listening to. and the environment! i combined two of my favorite routes to form one big one. it was so pretty! it’s beautiful out today. not too hot with a slight breeze…peeerfect πŸ™‚

did i learn anything else? oh you BET. i need knee braces!!! my IT bands were aching. i need some form of support. my poor knees cannot take much more. so so sooo many years of sprinting and running in soccer has angered them, i’m thinking.

it took me 101.9 minutes to run! what’s that, like an hour and forty-ish minutes? i’m too lazy to calculate it and i SUCK at math (i have a math learning disability. numbers freak me out.) i knew i needed some great grooves to power me through my run. SO. i created a new playlist, aptly titled doubtdigitsss. what’s on it you ask? some old favorites and some new players!

oh! — boys noize (usually i run to the remix. this one is KILLER! i always forget!)
combat baby — metric
derek — animal collective (…i. love. this. song. !)
like a drug — kylie minogue (super underrated singer. she’s badass!)
just a girl — no doubt
dammit — blink-182 (i’m a HUGE blink fan!!!)
reckless abandon — blink-182 (see :)?)
around the world (la la la la la) — ATC (ahaha remember this one?)
wow — kylice minogue
put your hands up — benny benassi (this was awesome. so glad i added it!)
walking on air — kerli (THIS was awesome!!!! everyone should have this song period.)
walk away — kelly clarkson (i love kelly. i am so not ashamed to admit this.)
rocket in the sky — benny benassi
sweetness — jimmy eat world
fasten your seatbelts — pendulum (i’ve run to this before but for some reason, today i was not feelin it!)
get me bodied — beyonce (not a fan usually but this song is such a pump up!)
track 1 — A.R. Rahma (sorry guys, no idea what this is called. it’s the opening song for inside man though, if you’ve ever seen it. it’s indian. and amazing. the beats? incredible.)
speakerphone — kylie minogue
the middle — jimmy eat world
deny selected — boys noize
we will rock you — queen (a-duh!)
london beckoned songs about money….–panic! at the disco (confession: i saw them in concert in high school. 2nd confession: i loved it. 3rd confession: i still love them. shhhh…)
don’t leave me — blink-182
e-pro — beck (yeeeees! beck rocks)
anthem, pt 2 — blink-182
when the sun goes down — arctic monkeys (i love these guys. i saw them in concert too. it was so badass i can’t even explaaaain!)
kill the lights — b. spears
circus — b. speaaaars
come fly away — benny benassi (this is the last song i listened to)
i don’t give a… — peaches
disturbia — rihanna
dumpweed — blink-182
dancing shoes — arctic monkeys
get fly — atmosphere (this is the closest i usually get to rap/hip hop. atmosphere is a beautiful lyricist. i love words and his are ridiculously powerful. he’s got soul, kids.)
a-punk — vampire weekend
stronger — kanye west (confession: i’ve seen this fool in concert too. the tickets were free so i’m not too ashamed. cause he’s an ass to the nth degree)
another one bites the dust — queen
the purple bottle — animal collective
a certain romance — arctic monkey’s
the things you say — cicada
S.O.S — rihanna
immigrant song — led zeppelin (i’m a classic rock and roll baby. for sure.)
complicated — avril lavigne (yeah. so i’m an old avril fan. wanna fight??? ;))
summertime clothes — animal collective

whew! long list! i always make crazy long lists. i know i’ll never listen to them all but sometimes i just don’t feel a song and having options is always great, right?

anywho. i came home ready to eat my arm off. i dreamed about this sandwich the entire run. food is a great motivation πŸ™‚

tempeh-salad sandwich!

i love tempeh. loveloveLOVE. and this rocked! i just crumbled the last of my tempeh (no, i’m not crying. i just have something in my eye…!) and mixed it with a scoop of vegenaise, some dijon mustard, and lemon juice. topped it with some lettuce and cucumber slices. this HIT THE SPOT. i also ate two HUGE carrots and some hummus.

oh yes, i also made this little thing the other day. i attempted to veganize julie’s cauliflower pizza crust but failed. so i turned it into this!

yummy rice-i-fied cauliflower (which i added spices and seasonings to) topped with tempeh i sauteed in a homemade bbq sauce. i sprinkled nutritional yeast on top. and ate it off of cucumber slices like this!

sigh. it was so good. i want to relive this. right meow.

but i’m not! instead i’m going to lay out on the couch and rest my legs! and read. and finally get around to watching capitalism: a love story. should be interesting, i’m thinking. always enjoy michael moore’s movies. though i ALWAYS take them with a grain of salt πŸ˜‰

be on the look out for a post later tonight. i have things to discuss with all of yous!

until then…



after four long years, it’s finally here folks…

THE EFFIN’ WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (multiply that my 3 million and you’ll just scratch the surface of how excited i am.)

i love soccer. literally. i am in love with it. i played on a team from the ages of 3-19. i lived it, breathed it, ate it. in high school i sacrificed weekends at soccer tournaments and always enjoyed every last sweaty minute. i love the competition. i loved taking girls out (the legal way. i hate cheap shots). i loved scoring goals. i loved the team work involved. I. LOVE. SOCCER. (football!!!)

not only do i love soccer and not only did the world up start today, but it’s in SOUTH AFRICA!!!!! my home away from home. last summer we got to see them building the actual stadiums! at least the ones in capetown.

i miss this place every single day. a piece of my heart will forever be there.

(i took those, just in case you were wondering :))

i cannot imagine being there right now. the government was prepping for the massive influx of people. it must be an absolute madhouse. i remember too that the government was attempting to cover up all the poverty. they put up fences along the major freeways to partially hide all the informal shanty-town settlements (the houses made of tin and plastic and garbage.) it makes me sick to think that, just for the sake of tourism, the south african government tried to cover up the real state of their country. out of sight, out of mind, right? ugh.

regardless, i cannot express enough how much i would kill to be there right now. my mom even suggested my dad and i go but a) um, that’s ridiculously expensive and b) my dad had to work. BUMMER. so i’ll just have to watch each and every game instead. oh darn…;)

le siiigh. moving on…

yesterday i did something i swore i never would or could do: i went running without music! i went on my friend trail run and just enjoyed my surroundings. my music was the tree branches catching the wind and the soft chirps of early morning birds. oh, and the flies serving are cheerleaders around my ears the entire time. that buzzing sound sucks so much.

but it was beautiful. i took it easy for my knees sake (i scheduled an MRI for next tuesday…fingers crossed it’s not a torn anything…) and just ran an easy couple of miles in about twenty minutes. nice nice nice way to start the day. i spent the rest of it lounging around, biking riding to a friends and then the farmer’s market and then home.

i had some good eats yesterday, too. i’m really trying to eat more as well as eat more balanced meals. i think i did okay yesterday. protein oatmeal in the morning after my run. yum.


a salad with a head of romaine, half a mango, and a quarter of an avocado. lemon/agave/olive oil dressing. i think next time no agave. it’s just too sweet for me. anyone else have that issue?

and a slice of tempeh covered with some almond butter and homemade preserves. (if you’re wondering why it’s not in between two pieces of bread it’s because i ran out of bread forever ago and haven’t bought any. keep forgetting.)

dinner was some farmer’s market finds!

sweet potato, farmer’s market collard greens sauteed with some olive oil, a sliver of earth balance, salt, pepper, and spaghetti squash. yuum.

dessert was an unpictured bowl of dark chocolate chips :)!

i just got back from an early morning bikram session. god i love bikram! i am most definitely getting stronger in my back. when i first started, cobra pose, boat pose, airplane pose and all the poses using your back muscles were SO difficult to hold. but now i look forward to them! don’t you love feeling yourself getting stronger?

i also looked forward to this little number:

gina’s breakfast cookie!

in this was 1/3 cup oats, one T chocolate protein powder, one T almond butter, 2 T almond milk, 1/2 a nanner, a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of chocolate chips. stuck it in the fridge overnight. DELICIOUS. this plus the rest of my mango from yesterday and breakfast rockedddd.

the rest of the day will consist of some reading (just checked out middle sex from my library! i love jeffery eugenides. the virgin suicides was so great. i read it last summer so i figured i’d read his other book this summer!), some more awesome food, and a dinner in berkeley with my family, aunts and uncles included. it’s my cousin’s graduation dinner! he’s off to USC in the fall. after dinner i’m pretty sure i’ll park myself in front of the television for some world cup action (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

before i go, imma leave you with a little more south africa.



good afternoon!

hope everyone’s tuesday is going swimmingly.

i woke up around nine this morning. i’m far too much of a morning person. funny too, as i used to be the queen of sleeping in. now i just find it to be a waste of the day. why waste the sunshine? i even took down the black blanket covering my blinds so i could wake up with the sun.

and wake up with the sun i did. i lounged in bed for about half an hour looking at some of my favorite blogs before i got up to prepare breakfast. i decided to switch up my regular breakfast and went with a green monsterrr this morning. into my blender went two handfuls of spinach, half a nanner, one T raw cacao powder, one T ground flax seed, and one cup CHOCOLATE almond milk! new purchase. i dug it for sure.

following the GM i allowed my stomach to digest before heading out on a nice run. thanks to i got an exact estimate on my new running loop! turns out it was a lot more than i originally thought. it’s just under 6 and a half miles. something like 6.48? anyway, it’s the path i ran the other day when i had to stop after four miles.

today went MUCH better. my legs were itching to run and it just sounded good. the other day it did not sound or feel good but i forced myself through it. big mistake. as you know, i ended up feeling ill and ended up having to stop.

NOT that case today! today’s run absolutely rocked. i started out slower than the other day which i think really helped. i felt strong, amazing, and capable. i used some of my running tricks too: breathing into my lower stomach, not breathing shallowly, and not looking down. often times on runs i find difficult, i realize i am looking down instead of gazing straight ahead like you do in yoga. employing this looking forward technique makes all the difference, i swear. i listened to my 10k playlist and ended the run on a strong note. my pace picked up for the last three miles and i ended up back at my apartment at just under an hour. almost seven miles in under an hour? i am MOST definitely getting faster.

today’s run helped me clear my head, too. i just let myself go. yesterday’s bikram sesh did the same. it was by far the best bikram session i’ve had. i’ve been stressed and emotional for the past week. my week long PMS never fails to deliver me terrible mood swings and depression. and breakouts. it really, really blows. but it looks like i’m in the clear because i feel GREAT today, mentally, physically and emotionally. i am back to feeling confident and centered. thank the universe because i was about to lose my mind. negativity can seriously drown a person, you know? how do you deal with negativity? work outs really help but does anyone have any suggestions as to how to beat my PMS symptoms? they’re incredibly draining.

after my run i did a bit of ab work and some weight work and looooots of stretching before downing a glass of water with one T of protein powder. then i iced my knee, blogged it up a bit, and showered. then lunch. a great, great lunch!


contents: half mango, one head of romaine (i have a TON to get through! operation eat through the pantry is certainly rollin’!), 1/4th of an avocado and a sprinkle of pepitas. i made a dressing consisting of the juice from one lime, one t agave nectar (i find agave ridiculously sweet and cannot handle much of it at one time. plus, all the reports deeming it worse then high fructose corn syrup have me using it in moderation.) and 2 t olive oil. ultra yum. hit the spot.

i paired the salad with a sweet potato i baked last night!

baked sweet potatoes totally win over microwaved ones. it takes more time but it’s certainly worth it. i spread a bit of almond butter on it. omnomnomnoooom! this lunch absolutely hit the spot. i’m on track with eating more and more often, too. we’ll see how it goes for the rest of the week!

currently listening to some musica and staring out the windows at the beautiful summer sky. i think i’m about to go on a leisurely bike ride or something. i hate being inside when it looks so gorgeous outside. ya dig?

also, i realized on my run today that i keep forgetting to post my playlists!
my 10k playlist:
hide & seek (tiesto remix)
aliens exist (blink 182! oh hell yeah i still love this band!)
& down (boyz noize. LOVE this guy!)
oh! (a-track boyz noize remix)
every time we touch (cascada. what up high schooool!)
fancy footwork (chromeo)
face to face (daft punk. OBSESSION. daft punk = life.)
let it go (deadmau5. deadmau5 (deadmouse) is AMAZING.)
ghosts n’ stuff (more deadmau5)
speakerphone (kylie minogue. a very under appreciated woman! she makes some awesome pop!)
bulletproof (la roux. i have a dubstep remix too which i heard before la roux’s version. it’s ah-mazing.)
disco heaven (lady gaga)
starstruck (lady gaga)
just dance (lady gaga)
poker face (lady gaga)
satellite mind (metric)
misery business (paramore. the only song i can stand by this band.)
lisztomania (phoenix. i have been in love with this bad for about three years. they are simply amazing. their old stuff is spectacular. i really encourage anyone and everyone to check them out. they’re one of my favorite bands.)
1901 (phoenix)
we will rock you (queeeeeeeen!!!)
hurt you (the sounds)
a-punk (vampire weekend. love this band, too.)
untouched (the veronicas. pump up action right here, folks!)
gold guns girls (metric. metric is great.)
stadium love (metric)
my girls (animal collective. okay lets talk about my straight up obsession with animal collective. i have SO much animal collective on my ipod. sigh. they’re…indescribable.)
summertime clothes (animal collective. this was the first song i ever heard by them. i stumbled upon them with stumble upon.)
boyfriend (ashlee simpson. the only time i will ever listen to ashlee simpson.)
L.O.V.E (ashlee simpson…)
track 15 (it’s by hot chip. actually, it’s a remix of a hot chip song. not sure which one. sorry…)
talk to me (peaches. this bitch is badass on way too many levels.)
lasso (phoenix. funny only new phoenix made it’s way onto this playlist!)
4 songs & a fight (the sounds)
pop the glock (uffie!)
just a girl (no doubt. PUMP. UP.)

if you didn’t notice, i love electronica. it’s much more then the same beat over and over, i promise. under the umbrella of techno there is so much more then house, which most people associate with techno (aka: the same pounding beat over and over and over.) look into dubstep. or drum & base. two of my faaaavorite types of electronica music. ESPECIALLY dubstep. le sigh. i love it.

what do you listen to when you work out? what is your favorite kind of music? got any good work out music you can share? i’m always on the look out for fresh new stuff to work out to! keeps the work outs fun and exciting πŸ™‚

before i go officially, i’m going to leave you with this uplifting bit:
the happiest, most positive little girl ever.

feeling down? just take a look at this. i think we can all take a cue from this little ball of positivity and recreate her antics whenever we’re down. i think i’ll try to!

have a great day, kidlettes!



balancing. it can be a difficult task, no? sometimes life just overwhelms. between work, school, and a social life, certain aspects get pushed to the side. like slowing down, for instance. or breathing. or squeezing in a work out. or eating enough food.

eating enough food? um. what? do you think i’m crazy, too? phhfft, right there with you. i love food. but as of late, i’ve been struggling with it. i find myself tired, and at times cranky. this past week has been horrendous in terms of mood swings. i credit this to a nasty case of PMS and, upon reflection, my unbalanced eating. i always eat breakfast. always. i love breakfast! but lunch? it’s a 50/50 shot. if i am out and run out of time to eat a substantial lunch, i wait until dinner to eat a proper meal which leaves me a) ravenous and b) a hardcore crankypants.

seriously, you do not want to see me when my blood sugar dips. it’s…well, not too pretty πŸ˜‰ i get irritable, let’s just say that!

and, upon further reflection, i honestly think i do not eat enough during the day period. i think part of this is subconscious and part of it is, unfortunately, conscious. i have some big bad food anxieties. i have no idea why and when these developed so intensely but i do know i’ve always had them. i stopped eating bagels in high school (even though i love bagels…), stopped drinking soda and fast food (nothing i miss :)), and cut out a lot of other “bad” foods. so when i am presented with them, i get stomach churning anxiety. it’s awful. and, i think, it keeps me from eating “normally.”

i am an active person. i work out 5-6 times a week. i have a lot of muscle mass. muscle requires more calories to function properly. even though i eat healthfully, i honestly believe i do not eat enough to be balanced. and that’s what we’re all shooting for in this game of life, right? plus i’m a libra…i dig balance πŸ˜‰

so for the next week, i am going to “experiment” by eating more and more frequently. i think this will help my mood swings, my energy levels, my skin, my overall happiness, my metabolism, AND my general well being. my body doesn’t deserve this. my sanity doesn’t, either. usually i’m good at prepping meals for on the go purposes but sometimes i slip up…like today. ugh at work i brought two carrots to eat. so by the time i was off at 3:00, i was STARVING. sorry body, next time i’ll plan better…

any input as to caloric intake per day for an active person? i’ve done a little research which lead me to believe i need to eat more. i DO eat — don’t get me wrong. but i eat until i am full and wait for the next hunger cue. i don’t think this system is going to work anymore…

luckily this morning started off on the right foot. i made a new batch of oatmeal!!!! shocking, i know. i’m such a boring and repetitive person but this morning i dreamed up a new bowl of oats:

1/3-ish (ran out! :() cup oats
1 T oat bran
1/4 cup almond milk
1/2 cup water
half a nanner
a TON of cinnamon
a dash or two of nutmeg

topped with:
handful of puffins
1 T maranatha’s crunchy almond butter (which, unfortunately, i really am not the biggest fan of. i took a risk and bought it even though they added salt. all i can taste is salt…i like it, but i don’t love it. totes stickin’ to TJ’s brand! or justin’s when i feel like splurging ;))
a sprinkle of unsweetened coconut

hit the spot! great flavors. i also ate about a million strawberries πŸ™‚

oddly enough, even though i was completely satisfied, i was suuuuper hungry around 12:45-1. i ate those two big carrots i told you about. quite unhappily. i wanted foooooood.

the idea of exercise sounded terrible all day. i planned on walking to target and calling it a day but instead, when i got out of work, i got hit with the run bug. pre-run snack: gluten free (trying this out too…) rice cake with a spread of almond butter and the other half of nanner. perfect!

took off on the run. you guys, running it getting more and more difficult to do. honestly, i might be falling out of love with it…which makes me sad. i love running. exercise has felt like more of a chore as of late though :/ it upsets me but i’m not going to stop. it really does keep me saner. any suggestions as to motivation?

i ran a little over three miles today before stopping to walk for half a mile. i felt a bit disappointed in myself, i’m not going to lie. but i felt a little sick and thought it best to take a breather. for the last 1.5 miles i did intervals: sprint 30 seconds, jog one minute. i’m new to intervals so i’m taking it slow.

then the best part of the day came: DINNER. operation clean out the pantry officially started today. i did go out and buy some broccoli, apples, oranges, a cantelope and some almond milk though… confession: i’m obsessed with indian food. anything indian, really. i’m enthralled by the culture. it’s so fascinating. i can’t wait to go there. i looked up a recipe for curry and came up with this one:
ashley’s creamy coconut brown rice & broccoli tempeh curry!

the only thing i changed was adding in a BIG handful of spinach, cumin, more cayanne (i luuurve me some spicy food!), less salt and the portion sizes. i made it more one-person friendly πŸ™‚ (aka: 1/4 cup of rice!)

rice base:

confession: i suck at making rice. i always mess it up. this tasted fine, though!

rice topped with curry!

all mixed up now:

guys, this stuff was delicious! seriously. and super simple to make! i thought i was going to fail (this is a bad habit of mine…) because i was making a huge mess. i was really doubting myself. but this turned out terrifically! sometimes, i need to remember that i am trying things for the first time. i need to let some of my perfectionism go. immediately.

anyway, thanks, ashley :)! dinner was perfect!

i’ve got a little get together planned with a friend tonight so it’s high time i end this rambling post and go get my social life on. have a good night, kidlettes!



beatles fun fact: During the week of April 4, 1964, β€œCan’t Buy Me Love”, β€œTwist and Shout”, β€œShe Loves You”, β€œI Want to Hold Your Hand”, and β€œPlease Please Me” occupied the top five spots simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100. To date, this achievement has never been matched by any other artist.

…is really not fun. today at work i was grabbing a shoe for a customer and needed to use the ladder. so i opened it up, climbed to the top, and just after i grabbed it, it totally collapsed under me. the reason? i didn’t open it all the way. ugh. luckily, though, instead of falling completely to the floor, it caught the edge of the manager’s desk. my shins caught my fall…i slammed against the ladder. all i can say is OW. OW OW OOOOW. holy crap it hurt. i have two HUGE bruises (which i would show you but someone hasn’t shaved in a couple of days ;)) and for about forty minutes, my legs burned and walking was painful. yeah i learned a lesson today — open the ladder all the way to avoid an excruciating wipe out.

but not all of my day sucked so hard. i woke up this morning, jumped out of bed and, instead of running my four mile loop, i biked it! hard and fast. it was a good, light cardio shesh. i followed it with a 75 minute power yoga flow from yogadownload! i just bought this one recently during their memorial day sale for dirt cheap. it’s a great flow.

following a delicious breakfast (um. i think any breakfast containing maranatha‘s dark chocolate almond spread is delicious.) i popped over to a really close friend of mine’s house. she officially left today. for good. bummer.

so, to cheer myself up, i made a fantabulous lunch!

three egg whites mixed with half a medium sweet potato and nut butter roasted carrot fries! mmmm. i was craving egg whites, sweet potato, and nut butter fries. i love listening to the cues my body gives me πŸ™‚ this was followed by a handful of strawberries. then work. not so cool.

oh! my doctor’s appointment: might be a torn miniscus. here is why i don’t think so: when i laid off of running for two whole (painful) weeks, my knee felt back to normal. then i ran. and ran. and ran. oops. i think it’s just a matter of resting it. it feels better today, too! so will not opt for the suggested MRI at this time. if it continues to bother me, i will MRI-it up!

dinner last night was also good news:

half a “pizza” (ezekiel wrap!) topped with tomato paste, spinach, indian spiced carmalized onions (my FAVORITE!) and 1/4th of an avocado. so simple, so delicious. i paired it with a huge pile of roasted veggies:

following this came an orange, some carob chips, and a big cup of vanilla roobis tea (unsweetened with a splash of unsweetened almond milk!). i then watched two documentaries and passed out. i’m on a roll with these documentaries.

can anyone suggest a good book, though? i love documentaries but i love reading too!

also, i just realized i have a ridiculous amount of food in my kitchen. tomorrow will start the beginning of operation eat through the pantry. be on the look out for some good eats :)!

and i’m out, kidlettes!

beatles fun fact: The Beatles song “Dear Prudence” was written about Mia Farrow’s sister, Prudence, when she wouldn’t come out and play with Mia and the Beatles at a religious retreat in India



goooooood morning, kidlettes :)!

yesterday i got lost.

not literally, but i did loose myself among some trees with one of my best friends for life! renee:

we attempted to take on the mount tamalpais/dispsea/pantoll hiking route which takes a good five hours AND stops at the beach at one point. however, the directions we wrote down were not very helpful and we never quite figured it out. but, we DID end up in muir woods…and for FREE! the trail we took brought us in the back way. for sure memorizing that trail πŸ˜‰

it was a good 3-ish mile hike. plus, we were surrounded by a lot of these:

redwoods are so beautiful guys. i had no idea that muir woods was one of the only places these giant beauties grew. there were so many tourists! i am so lucky to live in such a gorgeous area where access to nature like this is possible at the drop of a hat.

i love looking up and seeing this:

and this:

nature is so breathtaking. can you believe i used to hate everything about it? i deemed myself a city girl who loathed anything with dirt and leaves. phffft, glad that phase passed! anyone else go through funny phases like that? what have you “hated” and eventually ended up LOVING with all your heart and soul? honestly, i cannot imagine being far away from nature. it’s so centering and calming. i love playing around in it πŸ™‚

along the way we ran into this little guy!

caterpillars are so rad! especially when they’re all fuzzy and neon like that little guy!

when we hit the muir woods entrance, we got to relive some childhood memories. we went on field trips to muir woods all the time in grade school. in retrospect, how amazing is that? god i love california!

that tree was here before the aztecs AND before christopher columbus. nature. rocks. my. socks. OFF!

it was just a beautiful day, through and through.

next time we’ll find the right trail πŸ˜‰ i loved getting “lost” though! plus after our hike i got to go home and have dinner with my family. i love seeing them, as i’ve mentioned several times before. we went to one of our favorite eateries where i got the only vegan option on the menu: (2) crispy quinoa & potato pancakes served over roasted summer squash and sauteed kale. there was some olives too but i hate olives. they’re too salty. it’s the only food item i can’t stand. it was really good but i wish they spiced the quinoa more. i think a lot of people don’t realize quinoa by itself is pretty bland…following dinner we got some fro yoooo! i got some chocolate (a-duuuuh!) and for the first time added not candy but FRUIT to my treat! chocolate + raspberries = HEAVEN. forever a fruit + froyo fan :)!

i reluctantly left my family and headed home to visit with my friend who leaves tomorrow. permanantly :(. super bummer. it was really fun though, glad i went!

this morning i woke up with a new(ish) bowl of oatmeal in mind! i just ran out of any form of nut butter (does anyone else feel seriously depressed when this happens? haha!) so i spiced up my oatmeal bowl like thiiiiiiis:

this would be 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1 T oat bran, 1 T raw cacao powder, about a t and a half of ground flax (left over from my little morning drink cranberry + water + 1 T ground flax!), a bit of unsweetened coconut, a couple of carob chips, a couple of cinnamon puffins (um. the best cereal ever?!?!), and two freshly cut strawberries. mmmmm!

it was good πŸ™‚ very filling! the strawberries, unfortunately, were not as awesome as farmer’s market strawberries! but they were good. i got them at the new MASSIVE mexican market in my hometown. talk about awesomely cheap produce. i bought two coconuts (!!!) and two mangos (!!!!!!!) among a couple of other things. umm…thai food anyone? oh, it’s going down πŸ˜‰

i plan on dedicating the rest of the day to nothing in particular. i have a knee doctor’s appointment in an hour (will update!) and then i am hitting up that new whole paycheck foods i hit up the other day. imma buy a few goodies, i’m thinking! depending on what the doctor says, i will either be running or doing a nice sweaty yoga sessssh.

till then, kidlettes! enjoy the day πŸ™‚

beatles fun fact: The Beatles featured two left handed members, Paul, whom everyone saw holding his Hoffner bass left handed, and Ringo, whose left handedness is at least partially to blame for his ‘original’ drumming style.



i am not feeling very creative today.

i set my alarm yesterday for 8 so i could attend a 9 am bikram yoga class but when i woke up around 7, i decided i was way too tired to force myself to go to yoga so i turned off my alarm and passed out until 10. i rarely sleep past 9 so the extra few hours were quite glorious. it was nice not to force myself to do something, either. gotta respect that body, hm?

so i might have an addiction. to oatmeal. it’s literally the only things i crave when i wake up. when i find a food i really really like, i tend to eat it every day. in the same way. oooh i’m bad. it’s usually mainly with breakfast foods, though. liiiike oatmeal. today i ate my chocolate/banana/pb/coconut flake/puffin mix sans oat bran (not sure why. changin’ it up a bit! hah!) and was fully satisfied.

i worked from 12:30 to 5:30 today so packed a lunch while preparing breakfast. i was cravin’ some greenery since i seemed to be lacking it yesterday. so this little monster of a salad was created:

romaine lettuce, broccoli, one small zucchini, left over lentils, and a fourth of an avocado. i also packed two big carrots to munch on. yuum. dressed it with one T of olive oil and one T apple cider vinegar.

clooooose uuuuuppp:

work was work. i’m having an emotional day today, i think. one minute i felt totally fine and the next i felt like crying. i think i’m riding such an emotional wave right now because of summer and what looms ahead. although i do enjoy alone time i’m feeling borderline deserted. it’s something i will have to get used to and just learn how to suck it up.

luckily after work i came home and made a good dinner.

a massive pile of collard greens (had to cook up the rest of them!) which i sauteed in one T of olive oil and a sliver of earth balance with some zucchini, minced shallot (i think i love mincing things. it’s going to become and issue ;)!), and some salt and pepper. simple and delicious. unpictured: another carrot and some leftover potato salad from my friend’s bbq. yuum!

after dinner i biked to my friends house to hang out for a little. but they were watching tv and just sitting there and man, i was not in the mood for just…sitting. the majority of the people i hang out with really relish their time in front of the television. i think there’s a time and a place for everything but dang, it seems no one really knows how to carry on a conversation anymore. all actions and conversation seem to revolve around the television. it’s a bummer.

so i left because i wanted to bake! more vegan cookies, of course πŸ™‚

i wanted chocolate and peppermint so i created these:
what you’ll need
1/2 cup brown rice flour
1/2 cup coconut flour
1 T ground flax (add 3 T of water to this and let sit for 10-15 minutes…egg substitution!)
2 T unsweetened coco powder (i use hershey’s just cause i have it.)
1/2 t baking powder
1/8 t salt
1.5 ripe bananas (mine were pretty large.)
1/4 cup almond milk (unsweetened vanilla)
1/3 cup canola oil
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/2 t vanilla extract
1/2 t peppermint extract

what you’ll need to do
preheat oven to 375 degrees.
combine all dry ingredients into a bowl.
combine all wet ingredients into a bowl.
make a “well” in dry ingredients.
dump half of wet ingredients into the “well” in the dry ingredients.
mix! though don’t over mix.
dump other half in. mixxxx.

it should look something like this:

line a baking sheet with parchment or wax paper. form little balls and flatten into discs. bake for about 12 minutes, depending on your oven (mine is very tempermental.)

they should look something like this:

i may or may not have snuck a bite before taking this picture. here’s another one for good measure.


i topped them with coconut. cause i love coconut. totally optional. overall i think they turned out okay. texture wise they were spot on. they (again) were not too sweet but definitely not bland. they peppermint added a nice touch though i feel like something was missing. i am missing crunchy cookies. i somehow cannot make crunchy vegan cookies. it’s a concept that goes completely over my head, apparently. guess that means i’ll just be experimenting in the kitchen more! oh no…;)

regardless i liked them and ate two before callin’ it quits. these might be a good base for a whoopie-pie-like creation. if i had enough almond butter (only enough for tomorrow’s breakfast :() i would of smacked some in the middle of two cookie-cakes. yum!

anywho, it’s nearing 10:30 here on the california coast and i’m still tired — even after a good, solid 10 hour sleep. i’m going to go read a bit before passing out. night kidlettes!

beatles fun fact: After Paul’s song, “Penny Lane” became a Beatles hit, the street signs for the actual Penny Lane in Liverpool disappeared with such regularity (as they did on the real Abbey Road), that the town reverted to simply painting ‘Penny Lane’ on the buildings, rather than have street signs.

question of the day: do you find friends planted in front of the tv just about every time you stroll through their front doors? do you have a difficult time getting them to participate in activities outside, such as hiking? no one seems to want to do that up here 😦

also…ever baked anything some scratch without a recipe and ended up with something BRILLIANT?! i bet you have…you little foodies out there amaze me πŸ™‚



seriously, i’m not sure where my mind wanders off to sometimes. like yesterday for example.

i woke up yesterday and wanted to run. like, really really really bad. i ran a nice, leisurely 4 miles the previous day after taking a solid week off of running and had no knee troubles. so i wanted to do it again! i woke up, ate a little somethin’ somethin’ and took off. half way through the run i realized i forgot to slip my key under my front door mat. i panicked. haaardcore. i had a mini break down during my run because i was so frustrated. it was sunday so the office with the spare key was closed. i had no phone, no car key, no money and candace is in san diego till august. i was basically screwed.

i stopped at a friends house to use her phone and called my mom who had a spare car key for my car and started to make her way up to my apartment. on a whim, i decided to try my back door. i was so upset and so hungry from my run i was desperate to try ANYTHING. magically the door was OPEN! in any other case this would be a bad thing but i was SO. HAPPY. ugh. on today’s 6-7 miler i made use of my fanny pack-like thing and stuck my keys in there. no more stupid moves like that, please.

on a lighter note, it’s been absolutely beautiful here. it is most definitely summer. and i am most definitely enjoying it. saturday i biked around just so i could be outside. i love soaking up the sunshine when i can! on saturday i also said goodbye to one of my bffffffffs nate. he and his family go to mexico for a half a month every summer (jealous!!) and he’s not coming back up after. he’ll be up and down the coast but for the most part, he’s gone. i’m pretty bummed.

yesterday i got to go home and spend sunday with my family. i look forward to these sunday family dinners so much. i love my family. there’s just something so centering about returning home to your roots. it helped too that yesterday was GORGEOUS. though, i must admit, it took a while to get over the funk of locking myself out of the house. because then i forgot my phone which, on any other occasion i wouldn’t need, but yesterday i needed. so i turned around and headed back to the apartment. it was a frustrating start to the day.

but it ended on all kinds of good vibes. after dinner i went to my childhood friend’s house (literally, this girl knew my parents before i did and was my friend straight outta the womb!) for a memorial day bbq. i didn’t eat much — just some AMAZING potato salad sans gross mayo and a slice of my friend’s homemade lemon cake. it was exactly what i wanted and you know, i didn’t even worry about eating it. incredible step forward.

what i did notice yesterday was a theme: everyone commented on my weight. everyone. everyone said i looked really good and i am appreciative of their comments but dang, i hate talking about it. yesterday, at the urging of my mom and aunt, i stepped on the scale for the first time in about half a year (the last time i was at the doctors). i was pretty shocked at what i saw.

i reached my “goal” weight a long time ago, i guess. i never quite had a “goal” weight though — i never have and never will obsess about numbers. unfortunately i work on obsessing about my appearance. but the funniest part of all of this is that, even though i’ve reached the weight and size i’ve always wanted to be, i’m still not 100% satisfied. i always thought that when i got to this point i’d be completely happy and worry free. i find it both funny and sad that i’m not either of those things 100%. it most definitely opened my eyes to my body’s true shape. i wake up feeling more and more happy about it every day and i don’t regret stepping on the scale at all yesterday despite my opposition to scales because i think it helped me along my path towards self-love and self-acceptance.

gah. ENOUGH BABBLING. i’m sorry. onto the eaaaats of the past few days. i again (stupidly) forgot my camera so i could not document the AWESOME eats of the past two days. i did eat this little gem though:

a roasted veggie & siracha ezekiel wrap!

mmm veggies!!! not only was it delicious, but i totally learned (FINALLY!) how to wrap a burrito/wrap properly!

kind of made my life.

sigh. i will relive that soon. i think the key was to warm up the tortilla a little bit before wrapping. wraps, especially ezekiel wraps, tend to not be as maluable when cold. an obvious DUH to most people, but not to me. i catch on slowly, i guess.

anywho, the rest of the day shall be a monday funday with a friend who is always (permanently) leaving town. we’re hitting up sol food (!!!!!) later. pumped. till then i will just be lounging aroundddd.

beatles fun fact of the day: (figured this blog needed way more beatles thrown in it. it’s in the name, afterall ;)) The Beatles got their name from a line in the movie ‘The Wild Ones’. Lee Marvin’s character said the motocycle gang wanted Marlon Brando’s charcter back, even the beetles (he was referring to the women in the gang). They changed the ‘ee’ to ‘ea’ so it was like the musical term ‘beat’.

question of the day: have you ever had an epiphany concerning your body, self-love, and self-acceptance? has it been an easy journey for you, or a hard one?

have a great day, kidlettes!



hellohellohelloooo. and good evening :)! hope everyone’s day went splendidly.


a new one just opened so i of course checked it out. by far the best one i’ve ever been in. aaaamazing. i stopped for lunch and hit up their salad bar. i took a box and piled it high was spinach, romaine, green & red bell peppers, asparagus & mushroom & sundried tomato mix (um. also tell me why i used to hate sundried tomatoes???), lemony quinoa (SO GOOD!), artichoke hearts, carrot shreds, BEET SHREDS (!), cherry tomatoes, and two REAL dried apricots. best dried fruit i’ve ever had. AND it was cheaper today because it’s memorial day weekend. you guys, i’ve found paradise. this could be a serious issue for my wallet. uh oh.

outside of the greatness that is whole paycheck foods my day was nothing short of relaxing and centering. started with this bowl of awesome:

1/3 cup rolled oats
1 T oat bran
1/2 cup almond milk
1/3 cup water
half a nanner
1 T raw cacao powder

topped with a baby T of almond butter, cinnamon, unsweetened coconut, and a new item: CINNAMON PUFFINS! best. decision. EVER. the puffins added a great crunch aspect! i tried eating a bowl of puffins and half a banana the other week but was so hungry mid-morning i deemed it a unsuitable breakfast and more of a snack food. but now it has a new job…making my oatmeal badass.

after breakfast i dashed out of my house and drove to san francisco to meet the woman who runs the bakery i am (hopefully!) working at it this summer. it went very well! i go in a week from monday to get situated in the kitchen and see if i work out. fingers crossed i do! (and by the looks of it, i think i will! but hey, no cockiness yuh? the universe has a funny way of knocking you back down when you think you’re on top!) it was such a cool environment and it was PACKED. like…line out the door packed. my uncle and i stood in line for pastries for about twenty minutes before we ordered. but dang kidlettes, it was SO worth it!

confession: i get really anxious when presented with high calorie/high fat foods. i’m trying not to be so rigid but it’s not an easy feat. like yesterday for example: i was in out local super market and my eyes fell on the slices of cake the bakery puts out. and there were my two favorites, staring me down: german chocolate and chocolate decadence (just imagine this as death by chocolate. i am all about the thisissorichyou’retotallygoingtogetdiabettesfromonebite kind of cakes!). i had a craving all day and ALL night. it was so hard to pass it up but i did it. and i felt like it was the right decision. i didn’t know what was in the ingredients. i knew the sugar would spike my insulin levels and my hormones would get aaaaaaall outta whack.

it was a really really hard thing to pass up but i am glad i did. because i had quite possibly the BEST chocolate croissant today. i always forget my camera (sorry!) otherwise there would be a picture of the most flaky, buttery piece of goodness ever right below this! it had just the right amount of chocolate and made me super happy. all sweet cravings fulfilled!

…still though, i felt anxiety about eating it. i ALMOST didn’t get anything, actually. then i said “zoe, get over it.” so i did. but a bit of a guilty cloud is still hanging above my head. i know it’s ludecris to think ONE sweet will make me unhealthy and “fat”, i’m working on it.

following the meeting my dad and i went downtown to look at ON SALE le cruset!!!!!! then this happened: my life got MADE. HARDCORE MADE.

what’s in the box!!!!???!!!


seriously guys, this is a dream come true. i basically fantisize over these pots and pans. i cannoooot believe i own one now. i paid for half of it. now, i’m sure that you’re thinking to yourself: dang zoe, you’re pretty spoiled. trust me, i’m not. i totally recognize how fortunate i am and i am incredibly grateful for my parents and my life. i am actually very uncomfortable with my parents buying me things. i often take gifts from them reluctantly. i’m not sure why i feel the need to justify this, but i just don’t want to come across as someone who gets whatever they want. because i don’t.

ahem. moving on. it’s a 7 and 1/4th cocotte ronde. and it’s beaaaautiful. seriously, it’s just so loverly. i might dream about it tonight and all the things i can cook with it. ahh, the dreams of a foodie.

in between all the running around i did accomplish some exercise today! i’m still laying off the knee. bummer because the weather was beautiful today and all i wanted to do was run. luckily, i also felt like doing yoga! it’s been a second since i did any (outside of bikram, that is!) and HOLY CHATURANGA! my body has missed this. i did a twenty minute hatha stretch and strength, a 25 minute vinyasa flow, and a 30 minute yoga with weights. all courtesy of yogadownload! visit this site if you haven’t. your soul with thank you πŸ™‚

another side note: i’m getting anxious about my work outs too. they’re not as “intense” and i’m (irrationally) afraid of getting “soft”. i’m taking more days off because of my knee and, because of my lack of “movement” (aka: running), i’m not eating as much as i usually do. i’m watching what i eat too carefully. has anyone else ever struggled with this? it’s almost like i am talking myself into not eating as much because i don’t “deserve” to because i didn’t work out as hard as i usually do. demented thought process. i know. any suggestions on how to divorce this habit?

i still worked up a bit of a sweat though. after yoga i showered, then biked to the market! i’m in love with victoria’s bike. it’s going to be hard to part with when she gets back. le sigh.

dinner was simple: 2 roasted carrots and 1 parsnip (seriously if i could eat roasted carrots for the rest of my life i might.) covered in…HOMEMADE FARMER’S MARKET PESTO! i bought a bunch on basil last sunday and i’ve been sitting on it, thinking about what i wanted to make. i originally really didn’t want to make pesto because i wanted to try something new but i’m a creature of habit. so this happened:

it may not look appetizing but trust me, it was all good things!

farmer’s market pesto: (adapted from gena’s!)
2 cups packed basil
2.5 T olive oil
1/8 t salt
half a lime (or lemon! i ran out :()

process in food processor/blender. spoon over whatever you please!

just finished an apple. i’m about to slip into some sweats and watch a documentary. i gots work from 10-3 tomorrow. BLEH.

have a good one, kidlettes!



iiiiii CAN’T WAIT! frustrated with dumb test but i got this.

still grey outside. BOO. but my grey mood seems to have lifted some. hooray! my appetite returned at the end of the day yesterday and dinner was this little invention: farmer’s market collard greens, graham marsala/cayenne pepper spiced brown letils, and farmer’s ROASTED BEETS!!! i wanted something warm and comforting. this literally HIT THE SPOT.

what you’ll need:

1 cup brown lentils
one small beet
three large-ish collard green leaves
one small shallot
one large garlic clove (or less depending on how much you like! omit if you hate garlic. you might be crazy though.)
2 T olive oil
1 T earth balance
2 t graham marsala
1 t cayenne (i luuurve me some hot hot heat kidlettes!)

what you’ll need to do:
preheat oven to 400. wrap beet in foil and roast for about 45 minutes to an hour. should be fork tender. (i’m not going to lie. i was so hungry and i am SO impatient i totally didn’t let it bake all the way through. still delicious but not as delicious as it could of been for sure!)
rise off lentils. bring 2 cups of water to boil. add lentils, graham marsala and cayenne. boil for 2-3 minutes before turning heat to low, covering the pot and letting it simmer for about twenty minutes or until lentils are tender.

meanwhile prepare the collard greens! (original recipe from sweet beet and green!)

chop into this strips. mince the shallot and the garlic. heat 2 T of olive oil and 1 T earth balance in a saute pan over medium heat. once heated add garlic and shallot. cook for about three minutes, or until the shallots are soft. add collard greens. cook until bright green and slightly soft/wilted.

when everything is ready PREPARE!
step one:
collard greens!

step two:
lentils! (about a half cup)

step three:

pretty, no? pretty tasty too! this was seriously delicious. the best part? LEFT OVERRRS! which promptly went into my lunch today. simple salad of romaine, sweet potato, and left over lentils! topped off with 2 T of my vegan garlic cream saaauce.

scrambled together!

you may be asking yourself, “zoe, do you ALWAYS eat salad out of giant aluminum mixing bowls?” to which i’ll reply “yes, why yes i do!” because i always make mondo salads πŸ™‚

not pictured: one too many spoonfuls of trader joe’s sunflower seed butter. i’m officially down to almond butter now! i’ve been working my way through my nut butters. i had a ridiculous amount. actually, come to think of it i still have some pumpkin butter left over…hm…i think i feel a baking idea coming along…

anyway, just an fyi: the sweet potatoes i use are SMALL, folks. lemme show you:

i have reaaally small hands! (i’m 5′ 1″, remember that!) a friend in high school actually called me baby hands. thanks, kevin!

i’m about to take off for the gym. my knee feels better but i’m still laying off running. i think i’m going to tackle an epic spin session. i really enjoy the bike. i feel a new hobby coming on…i might end up doing yoga later tonight too. something gentle to stretch everything out. we’ll see. but for now i’m going to BIKE TO SCHOOL! my friend victoria is going to france for three weeks (lucky girl!) and was nice enough to let me borrow her bike!

(notice the pink bike. the pink yoga mat. my pink purse. pink overloaaad!)

i am pretty sure i shouldn’t of eaten all the sunflower butter because now it’s just kinda chillin in my stomach. whateverrr. i’ve been really hungry for some reason today! listening to zee body πŸ™‚

when i get back home today i will OFFICIALLY BE ON SUMMER VACATION! lots of things to report on later. for now, have a good day kidlettes!