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anyone who can correctly identify the movie quote the title of this post comes from will forever be my favorite person ever 🙂

so i’ve been thinking. (HAH — what’s new?)

i woke up this morning full to the brim with happiness. i feel light and ecstatic (could it be the 30 minute summer flow i just did? partly :)). yeah, i ate a whole pan of brownies last night. but you know what else i did? well, all that chocolate gave me a whole lot of energy. enough for a run. so i set out on my quick 4 miler. guess what? i ran it in 31.7 minutes. that’s 7.925 minutes per mile. WHAT THE HELL!?!? i’m getting faster! SO much faster! i am so proud of myself for getting here. i am getting stronger, too. my endurance just goes! i think those HIIT work outs have helped loads!

after my run i showered, threw on clothes, and biked to my friend’s house for a party! did i have fun? i had so much fun. i refused to sulk in the corner and stay in my uncomfortable shell. eff that. i drank a little (it made my stomach hurt though so i stopped. only sober person there? always fun. seriously though :)), i laughed a lot, i did not worry about how i looked although i felt slightly anxious about my appearance. i realized that no one notices what i notice. although i’ve gained a couple of pounds, i still look good and am still told i look good.

a couple of friends asked me last night where i have been. i told them i’ve been here and i just never know when parties are because no one tells me. i was told this: “well, you never came out so we kind of just stopped telling you.” WHOA! no, i did not take offence to this because i knew it was true. i always made excuses as to why i did not come out: i’m tired, i have to wake up early, blahblahblah. the real reason i did not go out? i felt awkward at parties. i thought no one liked me. i felt like i no longer fit in with my group of friends. so i remained in my comfort zone. i went home a lot. i ate my feelings. i worked out. that was how i coped with my negativity. i did all of this instead of going out and having fun like a twenty-year-old is supposed to.

i am a great person. people like me. people didn’t like me because i thought people didn’t like me. what a load of crap! i am likeable because i am a great, strong, beautiful, funny, intelligent person. i feel like i have expended so much energy telling myself how unworthy i am. of everything. i feel like i have wasted so much time feeling miserable when i could just of easily been out having fun like i did last night.

last night proved to me how much i am missed and how much i miss having fun. i felt like i didn’t stop talking all night! my friends all told me they were happy i was out and that it needs to happen way more often. i agree.

i have so much to be thankful for. especially as of late. curious :)?

exciting news part one:
I GOT A JOB!!!!!!! i am not sure what took me so long to tell everyone (wait, yes i do. i was too busy thinking about how whack-attack i’ve been!) but i did it! i got a job! it pays more, the hours are bomb, i work with a great friend of mine, AND i already have twenty hours next week. yeah, i’m badass. where am i working? no judgements here — starbucks. while i a) don’t drink coffee, b) don’t necessarily agree with starbuck’s business practices, and c) , it’s still a job! and i need one. candace works for a starbucks in the area, too! something funny: when i told her the good news, she said “yes! now we can wake up at the same time!” oh yeah, we’re about to have some awesome 3:30 am wake up sessions!

exciting news number two:
I AM SEEING PAUL MCCARTNEY ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
seriously you guys, talk about a dream come true!!!!! my parents got tickets a few months ago (BOMB tickets, by the way. great great GREAT seats!) but invited a family friend (sometimes i wonder where my parent’s leave their minds ;)). well, the family friend called the other day and said he could no longer make it. oh yeah, i snatched up that ticket IMMEDIATELY. he’s playing at giant’s stadium (at&t park!) which is awesome. AND the line up was in the paper. i just about cried. he’s playing some of my most favorite songs — the ones that hug me from the inside out and tear me to pieces at the same time. let it be is included on there, guys. it’s a sign. i was meant to go to this concert. plus, after it i am spending the night at the house of one of my best friend’s from high school along with other best friends from high school. we’re staying up late with a little kick back and waking up in the morning (hopefully hung-over free ;)!) to watch the world cup finale!

i live a blessed, charmed life. i am so happy i am starting to see how much i have to be happy about and thankful for instead of the other way around.

have a great day, kidlettes, i know i am going to 🙂

what has made you happy lately?




don’t get me wrong, i wasn’t expecting a fireworks show and a million dollar check with my name on it the second i finished my shakespeare test but i thought last night was just going to be more…i don’t know, fun?

i did have fun, though. i hung out with a couple of different friends and made a pretty decent dinner. everything just feels so…i’m not sure i can even think of the right word. it’s raining outside again. nevermind june is only, oh, FOUR DAYS AWAY. seriously i think in these past two weeks alone we have gotten more rain than we did over winter break. is this a shift of our seasons? i really hope not, kidlettes!

mr. sun should come out. and soon. otherwise i’m not sure i will be able to handle this summer. let me go into further details about my summer plans now that it’s OFFICIALLY (!!!) here:

today when i go into work i am giving them my two weeks. i. am. THRILLED. i know i should be grateful to have a job, which i am, but i am not grateful for a job that pays me the absolute lowest wage they can get away with (minimum wage is 8 dollars an hour. yes, i know this could be a lot worse and i AM appreciative of the money i receive but…it’s hard to pay bills with 8 dollars an hour, folks.), they barely give me hours despite my good work ethic, and, to top it all off, they have these things call “call ins” where they schedule you on the schedule but you don’t necessarily work that day. you “call in” an hour before you’re supposed to “work” and they let you know if they need you. i’m pretty sure this is illegal? either way, it’s just a way to keep a person on the payroll without having to actually pay them. NOT. FUN. or fair. because we can’t do ANYTHING because we might be working so we have to stay in the area. um. what? (if you haven’t guessed it: i never call in. maybe that’s why they hate me :))

also, i work in retail. you would think i would of learned my lesson the last time i spent six months in retail but noo. i went right back to it. mainly cause they were the only ones hiring at the time and i needed a job. i am opposed to our materialistic culture. if it floats your boat, keep on floatin’, these are just my opinions. what i saw in south africa changed my life and my perspective. i don’t need to buybuybuy to be happy. i don’t even need anything, really, except food. i have plenty of clothes. plenty of shoes. a roof over my head. i am lucky. i am fortunate. if i don’t agree with something, it’s incredibly difficult for me to stick with it. i don’t quite agree with my job. i have to push products onto people that i a) don’t believe in and b) know come from third world countries. i don’t know. i’m just over it.

so yay. that’s awesome. but this is the most awesome part: I AM OFFICIALLY TAKING ON THE APPRENTICESHIP AT LA TARTINE! i am meeting the woman who owns the bakery tomorrow and discussing it with her. i am SO excited. it’s not a paid position but hey, the experience will be amazing and beneficial to my future. i’m thinking long term here! so that i am pumped up for.

not pumped up for: candace left yesterday. for two months. and before she left, she told me she might be staying till august 14th instead. on top of that my two other besties are leaving this weekend for a month. my other really close friend just left till mid-july. sure i have my high school besties coming home but no one is up here. i feel kind of…alone right now. uh oh: PITY PARTY!!!

in all seriousness though, i think this summer will be challenging, particularly emotionally. i have a difficult time being independent. i am taking this opportunity to embrace change. this summer is going to test my strength but you know what, i’m positive this is nothing i can’t handle. i’ve decided i need to force myself out of my comfort zone (like last summer!) and just go for it. no second thoughts. just do it. it will be an interesting process but i’m ready for the challenge! (for sure still nervous though!)

this morning i’m taking it easy. sipping on a newly concocted juice:
3/4 of a beet (!!), about a good quarter of a huuuge english cucumber, and a big carrot! (there’s a nub of ginger there but i forgot to throw it in!)

into the juicer they went!

ohlalaaa! so pretty!

following this i think oatmeal will be had. just lazing around until work. when i get off i have a massive yoga session planned. i am SUPER excited. which leads me to this: yogadownload is having a 40% off sale! if you’ve been thinking about gettinga yoga video, check these out. they’re cheap and GOOD! i really love them 🙂

that’s all for now kidlettes. have a good morning!