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the title of this post has nothing to do with anything. well, it has a lot to do with a lot of things just nothing to do with this post. but this post is about to be rambling, so prepare yourselves.

derek is the title of an animal collective song. i’m obsessed with it. it makes me happy and sad. it makes me laugh and smile and dance. did i mention i’m obsessed with it?

anyway, why mention it?

well, i just finished a killer work out. i did gina’s run it off HILT-type treadmill work out. i am home for the weekend (friend’s in town! throwing my aunt a retirement party!) and decided to put the treadmill to good use. this work out was EXACTLY what i needed. oh maaan. it was challenging and refreshing. i feel awesome at the moment. so where does derek fit in? well, although gina’s version of the work out calls for 7 minutes of running at 6.0 mph at a 2.5 incline, i decided to run about nine minutes at 7.0 mph at a 1.0 incline. the last minute i sprinted at 8.5 mph. TO DEREK!!! positive way to end a workout. seriously if you do not know who animal collective is, please please PLEASE look them up. they’re music is beautiful and amazing. it might not sound like it at first but REALLY listen deeply and you’ll see how sounds you never thought would go together DO and do so gorgeously. they make my heart happy. no matter the occasion. (i also recommend the purple bottle. i ran to this today as well. heart swelled with happiness immediately).

following the 35 sweaty minutes on the treadmill i did ten minutes of core work with one of my favorite work out videos ever. i bought it at the beginning sophomore year of college and it helped tone me up some. however, i never committed to it enough to see real results. as you know, i was all out of whack sophomore year.

but today i rediscovered the brilliance that is: KATHY SMITH. don’t know kathy? well, she’s awesome. a little nutty, but awesome. she’s been around the fitness scene for a looong time, too. and she still looks killer! i love her work outs because she combines strength training and with so many yoga moves. it’s obvious she does yoga. she’s super positive, super motivating, and i’m totally going to incorporate this back into my weekly workouts. she’s banging — AND she’s had like, three kids? whatever, lady’s an inpiration! the video i have is called build muscle shrink fat. shitty name but hey, advertising is around for a reason, right folks? i only did the core section today but i think i will do all of tomorrow πŸ™‚

today while running i realized something ABOUT running. i am absolutely in love with it. i love the challenge, i love the movement. and i understood why i fell out of love with it a few months ago: i was treating running as a means to burn calories. i pushed myself just to push myself. i ran just about every day. talk about burn out. i now only run about 4 times a week instead of 6-7. i’m happier. and my runs have improved tenfold because of it. exercise should never be torturous. ever.

and this morning was amazing too! i took a tip from this hottie and bulked up my oatmeal. i usually only eat 1/3 a cup but this morning i made 1/2 cup. i’m not sure who determined we should all eat only 1/3 cup of oatmeal (that’s basically all i ever see on food blogs. i’m sure it’s because all the toppings make up for the lost calories?) but i cannot survive off of oatmeal toppings alone. sheesh. i love oatmeal. i need to make 1/2 a cup more often because holy cow — i’m still barely hungry over here! thank you ilana for making me see my body’s needs are so not any other body’s needs :)!

it’s going to be a good day: i’m looking out my window at our apricot tree and the million apricots on it. sigh. i love summer.

have a good one, kidlettes!



is a warm guuuuun!

good early, early morning kidlettes. it’s 12:51 am here on the california coast. seriously guys, i’m quite the night owl. i love staying up late…despite waking up at oh, nine every morning. it’s okay, i don’t mind πŸ™‚

anywho, hope everyone’s father’s day went well! mine was splendid! i spent the night at home on saturday so i could wake up and be with my family already — and more importantly, my dad!

honestly, i’m not sure where i’d be without my dad. he’s been such a solid in my life. he’s been supportive in everything i’ve ever done and taught me so, so much. i’m for sure a daddy’s girl πŸ™‚ fooor sure. check out what i found…

this was the first day of first grade! i used to have BLONDE hair when i was a kid. like, SUUUUPER blonde. and i also had a birthmark in between my eyebrows! never got teased though!

and this gem:

oooh yeah, totes rockin’ the mid-90’s velvet dress and baaangs! dig iiiit.

anyway, point is: HAPPY FATHER’S DAD! my family and i went out for brunch (where, unfortunately, there was basically no vegan options soo i had a decidedly UNvegan day…i ordered an omlette. oops! i just was so not in the mood for granola and fruit…) and then my dad and i saw toy story 3. GUYS. GO SEE THIS! it was seriously amazing. i laughed the entire time. super cute. can you believe the first toy story came out when i was seven? this series has spanned basically my entire life…7-20! crazy!

after returning home my dad and i cooked up some dinner. my parents had steak and i had grilled portobello, tofu, a roasted red pepper, and roasted broccoli. happy tummyyyyy. and we had ice cream sundaes. i got dairy-free local vanilla. i ate too much. BUT I’M OKAY WITH IT. i am.

i came home and, as is my (BAD) habit, examined myself in my full length mirror. my “girl” (aka: my stomach pooch) was there but i just shrugged and said: meh, i’m still bangin’ πŸ˜‰

short story: i developed early. liiiike…in the third grade. it was embarrassing, as i was the only one of my friends to have boobs. then came the hips. and the bigger boobs. aaaand then bigger boobs. my genetics have gifted me with quite the womanly body. i’ve always been borderline ashamed of my body and have hid it in every way possible. when you develop early and no one else does, it’s AWKWARD. it made me feel weird and uncomfortable. and revealing clothing never appealed to me because i never wanted to reveal my curves. i felt like it was all anyone noticed and i didn’t want to be noticed. and because of my early development and subsequent embarrassment over it, i’ve never put myself out there. instead i stuck to the sidelines and watched my friends shine and flirt with the boys i only wished i could flirt with so easily. but today, i liked the curves i saw. i’m getting better at this whole confidence thing and this whole being comfortable in my own skin thing. i’m getting better at seeing that hey, people actually DO find me attractive. the only person who finds me “ugly” is me. it’s high time i start seeing what other people have seen all along. fake it till you make it, right? and i know some days i will eat too much and get a little down but i’m truly realizing that it’s OKAY.

i’m realizing i need to eat more.
i’m realizing i need to eat more often.
i’m realizing i need to just eat what i want.
i’m realizing i need to stop worry about calories.
i’m realizing i need to be just be happy.

most of all, i realized the key to happiness. the other day, jackie wrote a post about “the four agreements.” i highly recommend reading her post! it was very insightful. anyway, the four agreements is something my roommate and i talk about frequently. after reading jackie’s post, it got me thinking: happiness can only be achieved by you. it cannot be reached through the external. when internal peace is achieved, happiness — real happiness — will be found. at least, that’s what i’m starting to think! i’m going to start focusing on the important things, which will NOT involve my appearance. there are so many more important things to spend my energy on. i feel like the moment i stop obsessing about my body, it will change.

i think the reason my stomach disappeared last summer was because i was, truly, happy. i never thought about it. so it just…vanished. the power of thought astounds me. think negatively and your body and mind will be negative. think positively and, well, you get the idea πŸ˜‰

so i’m going to start to strive for that internal happiness. i’m going to start to search for that lightness. i’m going to start to forget myself and just be. i’m serious this time.

what do you do to stay happy when negativity crowds in?

anyway, as it’s 1:23 (123!!!! anyone else love when the time is in numerical order? no? i’m the only dork? ;)) and i guess i should go to sleep (though i’m not tired in the slightest!). night kidlettes!

here’s to happy dreams!



good, good morning kidlettes!

last night i found an interesting article. for the past three years i have religiously been reading the blog jezebel, a blog run by women. these women are smart. and funny. very poignant, too. last night, as i scrolled through their stories for the day, i stumbled across this one, titled “turns out, you have no idea what you really look like.” to which i was like, huh? excusame? yes i do!

the author, sadie, writes:

It’s not an Onion headline: not only do we have distorted views of said appendages, but beyond them, “women’s brains β€˜massively distort’ their own body image, creating a shorter figure which can be two-thirds wider than in real life.”

and adds:

And what’s more, we – women, that is – also think the rest of our bodies are shorter and wider than they are, what the researchers call a “dramatic distortion” of our “position sense,” or the ability to gauge our bodies’ spatial relationships. As the piece points out, these findings could be useful to understanding – and therefore treating – eating disorders. And, hopefully, to contributing to realizing that these things shouldn’t be gauges of anything anyway, and so what?

Alas, this is not what readers seem to have come away with. The comments to the article are a veritable carnival of the sort of fruitless height-and-weight disclosures that serve to do nothing but drive home people’s obsession with measurements. Woman after woman takes the opportunity to share her weight and height, bemoan, compare, perpetuate the cycle. It’s disspiriting. And, comments one woman, seems to be, as the researchers suggest, a particularly feminine condition: “I think that some men have the opposite problem, the short, fat baldy ones often seem to think that they are Gerard Butler!” Gratuitous swipes at less Butler-like gents aside, it’s probably wise to remember that few of us can gauge correctly-in any sense.

to requote that woman, it is disspiriting. i know about body dysmorphia (and honestly think i suffer from it) but to think it might actually be a condition inherent in women? surely then, this massive war against our bodies and against self-love cannot possible be a random occurance. nearly every woman doubts her appearance and self worth at one time in her life. this leads me to wonder at what this speaks to of our society.

if it is indeed inherent in women, this is inherently bad. it upsets me yet at the same time, it makes complete sense. when you look at a friend who bemoans her appearance and you knit your eyebrows together in confusion at what she could possibly hate, it suddenly makes sense. how many times has someone complimented something about your appearance and you just smiled and shrugged it off, believing that person to be a complete liar? hell, how many times has someone complimented you period and you didn’t believe them? something’s up here folks, and i ain’t diggin’ the bad vibes.

we need to start viewing ourselves wholly. too frequently we zero in on our “flaws” and forget about how awesome and kickass we really are. we need to start seeing ourselves the way the rest of the world sees us. we need to start stepping in front of the mirror and see someone who is gorgeous. we need to start seeing someone who is smart. we need to start seeing someone worth loving, “flaws” and all.

what do you think? do you see this as an issue women in particular seem to face? do you face it? have you ever? what happened if you no longer do!?

whew. what a mouthful. sorry guys, i just really connected with that article. i struggle to accept the image in the mirror every day and always balk whenever someone compliments my appearance. (or otherwise!)

moving on!

so i have a little announcement: i’m going vegan! 100%!

i’m quite stoked. quite :)! i thought about it last night and kept thinking about it. it just makes sense to me. i rarely eat dairy as is and gave up all other animal products so. why not? i LOVE vegan already. i don’t think the transition will be a killer one πŸ˜‰

plus, i’m extra amped because i ordered two vegan cookbooks last night from amazon! while visiting my friend in oregon over spring break, i raided his massive book collection and found two vegan cookbooks. the first one he said he had yet to make something out of.

vegan planet, by robin robertson. sooo i definitely spent a good night with my face stuffed into this book. oooh man her recipes look BOMB.

next up, what my (vegan) friend calls his “bible”:

vegan with a vengeance by isa chandra moskowitz. yeah i looked through this one too. um. there is DEFINITELY a reason why he calls this his bible. it might become mine, too.

lastly i ordered this one fo’ supa cheap just to see what all the fuss was about. plus, i looked through it a it and it made me laugh so i thought, why not!?

skinny bitch, by rory freedman and kim barnouin.

i’m really really REALLY excited! i just have a random carton of eggs to finish and a thing of greek yoghurt to go through and i’m officially a vegaaaan. pumped :)!

my body really likes eating this way. i feel healthiest when i avoid animal products. this might not be the case for everyone. i want to stress this because i am not doing this for diet reasons. in fact, i plan on eating a TON πŸ™‚

anywho, i just got back from hot yoga. surprisingly today was really difficult. i had a tough time holding positions and i struggled emotionally. i think i was too aware of myself. does that ever happen to you?

luckily i made vegan banana soft serve overnight oats. that makes me a little happier. and i need to hurry up and eat and shower because i’ve got a fun day planned…GIANT’S GAME!!!!! my first of the summer!!!

GO GIANTS!! who do you root for :)?



after four long years, it’s finally here folks…

THE EFFIN’ WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (multiply that my 3 million and you’ll just scratch the surface of how excited i am.)

i love soccer. literally. i am in love with it. i played on a team from the ages of 3-19. i lived it, breathed it, ate it. in high school i sacrificed weekends at soccer tournaments and always enjoyed every last sweaty minute. i love the competition. i loved taking girls out (the legal way. i hate cheap shots). i loved scoring goals. i loved the team work involved. I. LOVE. SOCCER. (football!!!)

not only do i love soccer and not only did the world up start today, but it’s in SOUTH AFRICA!!!!! my home away from home. last summer we got to see them building the actual stadiums! at least the ones in capetown.

i miss this place every single day. a piece of my heart will forever be there.

(i took those, just in case you were wondering :))

i cannot imagine being there right now. the government was prepping for the massive influx of people. it must be an absolute madhouse. i remember too that the government was attempting to cover up all the poverty. they put up fences along the major freeways to partially hide all the informal shanty-town settlements (the houses made of tin and plastic and garbage.) it makes me sick to think that, just for the sake of tourism, the south african government tried to cover up the real state of their country. out of sight, out of mind, right? ugh.

regardless, i cannot express enough how much i would kill to be there right now. my mom even suggested my dad and i go but a) um, that’s ridiculously expensive and b) my dad had to work. BUMMER. so i’ll just have to watch each and every game instead. oh darn…;)

le siiigh. moving on…

yesterday i did something i swore i never would or could do: i went running without music! i went on my friend trail run and just enjoyed my surroundings. my music was the tree branches catching the wind and the soft chirps of early morning birds. oh, and the flies serving are cheerleaders around my ears the entire time. that buzzing sound sucks so much.

but it was beautiful. i took it easy for my knees sake (i scheduled an MRI for next tuesday…fingers crossed it’s not a torn anything…) and just ran an easy couple of miles in about twenty minutes. nice nice nice way to start the day. i spent the rest of it lounging around, biking riding to a friends and then the farmer’s market and then home.

i had some good eats yesterday, too. i’m really trying to eat more as well as eat more balanced meals. i think i did okay yesterday. protein oatmeal in the morning after my run. yum.


a salad with a head of romaine, half a mango, and a quarter of an avocado. lemon/agave/olive oil dressing. i think next time no agave. it’s just too sweet for me. anyone else have that issue?

and a slice of tempeh covered with some almond butter and homemade preserves. (if you’re wondering why it’s not in between two pieces of bread it’s because i ran out of bread forever ago and haven’t bought any. keep forgetting.)

dinner was some farmer’s market finds!

sweet potato, farmer’s market collard greens sauteed with some olive oil, a sliver of earth balance, salt, pepper, and spaghetti squash. yuum.

dessert was an unpictured bowl of dark chocolate chips :)!

i just got back from an early morning bikram session. god i love bikram! i am most definitely getting stronger in my back. when i first started, cobra pose, boat pose, airplane pose and all the poses using your back muscles were SO difficult to hold. but now i look forward to them! don’t you love feeling yourself getting stronger?

i also looked forward to this little number:

gina’s breakfast cookie!

in this was 1/3 cup oats, one T chocolate protein powder, one T almond butter, 2 T almond milk, 1/2 a nanner, a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of chocolate chips. stuck it in the fridge overnight. DELICIOUS. this plus the rest of my mango from yesterday and breakfast rockedddd.

the rest of the day will consist of some reading (just checked out middle sex from my library! i love jeffery eugenides. the virgin suicides was so great. i read it last summer so i figured i’d read his other book this summer!), some more awesome food, and a dinner in berkeley with my family, aunts and uncles included. it’s my cousin’s graduation dinner! he’s off to USC in the fall. after dinner i’m pretty sure i’ll park myself in front of the television for some world cup action (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

before i go, imma leave you with a little more south africa.



good evening kidlettes!

currently chowing down on dinnerrrr. it’s a good one! i’ll get to that in a second. let me rewind a little bit first.

did everyone have a nice weekend? i hope so! i ended mine on a great note. i had my LAST DAY at my job! donedonedoneee. so happy! yesterday i woke up with absolutely nothing planned. i debated a run. i debated a free day. i did not, however, debate breakfast! i bought gluten free oats (bob’s red mill) and decided to give them a test run. they ended up looking quite beautiful (oats? beautiful? i’m weird.)

in the bowl:
1/3 cup gluten free rolled oats
1/4 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup water (plus a little more)
a ton of cinnamon
half a nanner

topped with:
1 (heaping!) T dark chocolate almond spread
a few cinnamon puffins
unsweetened coconut

sadly i think the gluten free oats cook differently and the portion was WAY smaller than “normal” rolled oats. and the coconut milk flavor didn’t shine through as much as i’d would of liked it to. so i ate this to round out a fully satisfying breakfast:

do you guys like melon? i LOVE melon. any kind. candace hates it. (weirdo).

yesterday i really tried to eat three solid meals and at least one snack. started off well, if i do say so myself ;)!

after breakfast i happened to catch the “adventure list” on our fridge. candace and a few friends of ours created a list of “adventures” to go on when we could not think of anything else to do. one it? walk across the golden gate bridge! believe it or not, before yesterday, despite living less than 20 minutes from it my entire life, i’ve only walked across the bridge ONCE. when i was six. i one upped the adventure and decided to run it! i invited my mom along and my dad jumped on board last minute. they walked while i ran from the marin side to the san francisco side. i met them up in the middle. a quick two-ish miles! i’m getting faster, too, folks :)! happyhappy.

honestly, i love spending time with my parents. the older you get, the more you want to go home. interesting, hmmm ;)?

once we got home we aaaall wanted food. my dad threw together a pretty little veggie pizza on cornmeal crust (of which i had once slice) and i threw together a pretty substantial salad:

in the salad: one head romaine, one roasted carrot, cherry tomatoes, roasted corn, navy beans, and sauteed mushrooms (left over from the pizza!). daaang. this hit the spot. anyone else crave salads for lunch? it’s a must in my life just about every day. i try to vary it though. otherwise i might bore myself to death. death by salad…who would of thought!

following lunch my brother accompanied me to whole foods where i purchased the final bits for dinner. i’m a dork and brought food from my apartment home to cook for dinner. i couldn’t abandon operation clean out the pantry! plus i dreamed up a pretty tasty dish…vegan enchiladas! i got inspired by susan over at fatfree vegan kitchen and angela at oh she glows.

guys…these turned out phenominal. they were so ridiculously tasty! please try them, or any variation you’d like. vegan enchiladas make for one happy tummy!

what you’ll need:
one spaghetti squash
one medium sweet potato
one ezekiel wrap
one block firm tofu
one can tomato sauce
one T oregano
one T basil
one t salt
one T cayenne (or any other hot spice. i used this amazing one my dad got at a spice store. can’t remember the name, sorry! also — use as much spice as you’d like. you know how i like me some spicy eats!)
enchilada sauce (use as much as you’d like)
“cheese” (i bought that daiya i’ve read about because it was on sale. you guys. this stuff ROCKS! sosososososooo good. and worth that $$$!)

what you’ll need to do:
preheat oven to 400
cut spaghetti squash in half and scoop out insides. place in baking ban with about an inch of water. drizzle olive oil over the halves before adding as much salt, pepper, and minced garlic as you’d like. stab holes into the sweet potato. bake for 40 minutes, remove the squash, up the temp to 450 and cook sweet potato for another 20 minutes.

meanwhile, prep your tofu! drain water and press for at least half a hour to get out all excess water. once ready, crumble into bits and pieces in a bowl so it resembles ground beef.

in another bowl, mix together tomato sauce and spices!

dump sauce on tofu and let marinate, covered, in the fridge for at least half an hour. (mine sat for about an hour).

allow sweet potato and squash to cool. scrap half of the squash into a bowl. (i saved the other half for more things to come this week!). cut sweet potato in half. take out wraps! spread half of the sweet potato in the middle of the wrap. layer it with the squash. then the tofu. the final product (before wrapping) should look like this:

it may not look appetizing but just trust me on this one.

you’ll want the oven at 350 now. cover a small pan (about 8 by 3) with a layer of enchilada sauce (i used trader joe’s bottled because it was in my pantry. but next time i don’t think i will. the ingredient list was super long…). carefully roll up your wrap and place in pan. cover with as much enchilada sauce as you want. (i made a small half wrap for my mom, too!) looks like this:

bake for 15 minutes in oven before taking out and adding “cheese”. cook for five more minutes. take out and stare down at deliciousness:

then you plate! and devour! (i plated both enchiladas before putting my moms on a separate plate. hence the messy, unattractive plate.)

not only did my mom (a non-vegetarian/vegan) LOVE this, but my brother tried a bite and asked me to make one for him too. and they said i ate weird food πŸ˜‰ the flavors just went really well together. it was super filling. later my bother and i went for some fro-yo. gooood night.

going home always puts me a great food as i’ve said before. it gives me a chance to relax and catch up with my family. my brother and i managed to squeeze in a mini hike before dinner. we live up in the hills and hiked up one. at the top there were swings!

the views were gorgeous.

it was a good day.

i spent the night at my house because this morning i went to the bakery i got hooked up with. however, it did not go as planned…i didn’t get the internship 😦 she said it was bad timing, as she was looking to actually hire someone, not take on an intern. she also said i needed to improve my skills as well, as i wasn’t quick enough in the kitchen. at one point i was removing thyme from branches and she said: “you got to learn how to manage your time!” haha, pun intended? i’m not sure. regardless, i laughed. it’s true — in the kitchen, especially one THAT busy, (line-out-the-door busy kidlettes!) time is essential.

i agree, i most definitely do. but it’s still a bummer. i’m looking on the bright side though — she said i could always come back after i got a little training and was super encouraging about getting practice. she was really nice about the whole thing. plus, i learned how to crack an egg one handed today — in BOTH hands! and she gave me free pastries for my time.

summer has a whole new outlook now. i’m going to find a new job i will hopefully enjoy and i’m actually kind of excited. it will be much more relaxing then planned. i can always enjoy more relaxation.

like right now. this is a LONG post. and i had a major hot yoga session earlier so all i want to do is curl up with some tea and a documentary. nightnight kidlettes!



balancing. it can be a difficult task, no? sometimes life just overwhelms. between work, school, and a social life, certain aspects get pushed to the side. like slowing down, for instance. or breathing. or squeezing in a work out. or eating enough food.

eating enough food? um. what? do you think i’m crazy, too? phhfft, right there with you. i love food. but as of late, i’ve been struggling with it. i find myself tired, and at times cranky. this past week has been horrendous in terms of mood swings. i credit this to a nasty case of PMS and, upon reflection, my unbalanced eating. i always eat breakfast. always. i love breakfast! but lunch? it’s a 50/50 shot. if i am out and run out of time to eat a substantial lunch, i wait until dinner to eat a proper meal which leaves me a) ravenous and b) a hardcore crankypants.

seriously, you do not want to see me when my blood sugar dips. it’s…well, not too pretty πŸ˜‰ i get irritable, let’s just say that!

and, upon further reflection, i honestly think i do not eat enough during the day period. i think part of this is subconscious and part of it is, unfortunately, conscious. i have some big bad food anxieties. i have no idea why and when these developed so intensely but i do know i’ve always had them. i stopped eating bagels in high school (even though i love bagels…), stopped drinking soda and fast food (nothing i miss :)), and cut out a lot of other “bad” foods. so when i am presented with them, i get stomach churning anxiety. it’s awful. and, i think, it keeps me from eating “normally.”

i am an active person. i work out 5-6 times a week. i have a lot of muscle mass. muscle requires more calories to function properly. even though i eat healthfully, i honestly believe i do not eat enough to be balanced. and that’s what we’re all shooting for in this game of life, right? plus i’m a libra…i dig balance πŸ˜‰

so for the next week, i am going to “experiment” by eating more and more frequently. i think this will help my mood swings, my energy levels, my skin, my overall happiness, my metabolism, AND my general well being. my body doesn’t deserve this. my sanity doesn’t, either. usually i’m good at prepping meals for on the go purposes but sometimes i slip up…like today. ugh at work i brought two carrots to eat. so by the time i was off at 3:00, i was STARVING. sorry body, next time i’ll plan better…

any input as to caloric intake per day for an active person? i’ve done a little research which lead me to believe i need to eat more. i DO eat — don’t get me wrong. but i eat until i am full and wait for the next hunger cue. i don’t think this system is going to work anymore…

luckily this morning started off on the right foot. i made a new batch of oatmeal!!!! shocking, i know. i’m such a boring and repetitive person but this morning i dreamed up a new bowl of oats:

1/3-ish (ran out! :() cup oats
1 T oat bran
1/4 cup almond milk
1/2 cup water
half a nanner
a TON of cinnamon
a dash or two of nutmeg

topped with:
handful of puffins
1 T maranatha’s crunchy almond butter (which, unfortunately, i really am not the biggest fan of. i took a risk and bought it even though they added salt. all i can taste is salt…i like it, but i don’t love it. totes stickin’ to TJ’s brand! or justin’s when i feel like splurging ;))
a sprinkle of unsweetened coconut

hit the spot! great flavors. i also ate about a million strawberries πŸ™‚

oddly enough, even though i was completely satisfied, i was suuuuper hungry around 12:45-1. i ate those two big carrots i told you about. quite unhappily. i wanted foooooood.

the idea of exercise sounded terrible all day. i planned on walking to target and calling it a day but instead, when i got out of work, i got hit with the run bug. pre-run snack: gluten free (trying this out too…) rice cake with a spread of almond butter and the other half of nanner. perfect!

took off on the run. you guys, running it getting more and more difficult to do. honestly, i might be falling out of love with it…which makes me sad. i love running. exercise has felt like more of a chore as of late though :/ it upsets me but i’m not going to stop. it really does keep me saner. any suggestions as to motivation?

i ran a little over three miles today before stopping to walk for half a mile. i felt a bit disappointed in myself, i’m not going to lie. but i felt a little sick and thought it best to take a breather. for the last 1.5 miles i did intervals: sprint 30 seconds, jog one minute. i’m new to intervals so i’m taking it slow.

then the best part of the day came: DINNER. operation clean out the pantry officially started today. i did go out and buy some broccoli, apples, oranges, a cantelope and some almond milk though… confession: i’m obsessed with indian food. anything indian, really. i’m enthralled by the culture. it’s so fascinating. i can’t wait to go there. i looked up a recipe for curry and came up with this one:
ashley’s creamy coconut brown rice & broccoli tempeh curry!

the only thing i changed was adding in a BIG handful of spinach, cumin, more cayanne (i luuurve me some spicy food!), less salt and the portion sizes. i made it more one-person friendly πŸ™‚ (aka: 1/4 cup of rice!)

rice base:

confession: i suck at making rice. i always mess it up. this tasted fine, though!

rice topped with curry!

all mixed up now:

guys, this stuff was delicious! seriously. and super simple to make! i thought i was going to fail (this is a bad habit of mine…) because i was making a huge mess. i was really doubting myself. but this turned out terrifically! sometimes, i need to remember that i am trying things for the first time. i need to let some of my perfectionism go. immediately.

anyway, thanks, ashley :)! dinner was perfect!

i’ve got a little get together planned with a friend tonight so it’s high time i end this rambling post and go get my social life on. have a good night, kidlettes!



beatles fun fact: During the week of April 4, 1964, β€œCan’t Buy Me Love”, β€œTwist and Shout”, β€œShe Loves You”, β€œI Want to Hold Your Hand”, and β€œPlease Please Me” occupied the top five spots simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100. To date, this achievement has never been matched by any other artist.

goooooood morning, kidlettes :)!

yesterday i got lost.

not literally, but i did loose myself among some trees with one of my best friends for life! renee:

we attempted to take on the mount tamalpais/dispsea/pantoll hiking route which takes a good five hours AND stops at the beach at one point. however, the directions we wrote down were not very helpful and we never quite figured it out. but, we DID end up in muir woods…and for FREE! the trail we took brought us in the back way. for sure memorizing that trail πŸ˜‰

it was a good 3-ish mile hike. plus, we were surrounded by a lot of these:

redwoods are so beautiful guys. i had no idea that muir woods was one of the only places these giant beauties grew. there were so many tourists! i am so lucky to live in such a gorgeous area where access to nature like this is possible at the drop of a hat.

i love looking up and seeing this:

and this:

nature is so breathtaking. can you believe i used to hate everything about it? i deemed myself a city girl who loathed anything with dirt and leaves. phffft, glad that phase passed! anyone else go through funny phases like that? what have you “hated” and eventually ended up LOVING with all your heart and soul? honestly, i cannot imagine being far away from nature. it’s so centering and calming. i love playing around in it πŸ™‚

along the way we ran into this little guy!

caterpillars are so rad! especially when they’re all fuzzy and neon like that little guy!

when we hit the muir woods entrance, we got to relive some childhood memories. we went on field trips to muir woods all the time in grade school. in retrospect, how amazing is that? god i love california!

that tree was here before the aztecs AND before christopher columbus. nature. rocks. my. socks. OFF!

it was just a beautiful day, through and through.

next time we’ll find the right trail πŸ˜‰ i loved getting “lost” though! plus after our hike i got to go home and have dinner with my family. i love seeing them, as i’ve mentioned several times before. we went to one of our favorite eateries where i got the only vegan option on the menu: (2) crispy quinoa & potato pancakes served over roasted summer squash and sauteed kale. there was some olives too but i hate olives. they’re too salty. it’s the only food item i can’t stand. it was really good but i wish they spiced the quinoa more. i think a lot of people don’t realize quinoa by itself is pretty bland…following dinner we got some fro yoooo! i got some chocolate (a-duuuuh!) and for the first time added not candy but FRUIT to my treat! chocolate + raspberries = HEAVEN. forever a fruit + froyo fan :)!

i reluctantly left my family and headed home to visit with my friend who leaves tomorrow. permanantly :(. super bummer. it was really fun though, glad i went!

this morning i woke up with a new(ish) bowl of oatmeal in mind! i just ran out of any form of nut butter (does anyone else feel seriously depressed when this happens? haha!) so i spiced up my oatmeal bowl like thiiiiiiis:

this would be 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1 T oat bran, 1 T raw cacao powder, about a t and a half of ground flax (left over from my little morning drink cranberry + water + 1 T ground flax!), a bit of unsweetened coconut, a couple of carob chips, a couple of cinnamon puffins (um. the best cereal ever?!?!), and two freshly cut strawberries. mmmmm!

it was good πŸ™‚ very filling! the strawberries, unfortunately, were not as awesome as farmer’s market strawberries! but they were good. i got them at the new MASSIVE mexican market in my hometown. talk about awesomely cheap produce. i bought two coconuts (!!!) and two mangos (!!!!!!!) among a couple of other things. umm…thai food anyone? oh, it’s going down πŸ˜‰

i plan on dedicating the rest of the day to nothing in particular. i have a knee doctor’s appointment in an hour (will update!) and then i am hitting up that new whole paycheck foods i hit up the other day. imma buy a few goodies, i’m thinking! depending on what the doctor says, i will either be running or doing a nice sweaty yoga sessssh.

till then, kidlettes! enjoy the day πŸ™‚

beatles fun fact: The Beatles featured two left handed members, Paul, whom everyone saw holding his Hoffner bass left handed, and Ringo, whose left handedness is at least partially to blame for his ‘original’ drumming style.



hellohellohelloooo. and good evening :)! hope everyone’s day went splendidly.


a new one just opened so i of course checked it out. by far the best one i’ve ever been in. aaaamazing. i stopped for lunch and hit up their salad bar. i took a box and piled it high was spinach, romaine, green & red bell peppers, asparagus & mushroom & sundried tomato mix (um. also tell me why i used to hate sundried tomatoes???), lemony quinoa (SO GOOD!), artichoke hearts, carrot shreds, BEET SHREDS (!), cherry tomatoes, and two REAL dried apricots. best dried fruit i’ve ever had. AND it was cheaper today because it’s memorial day weekend. you guys, i’ve found paradise. this could be a serious issue for my wallet. uh oh.

outside of the greatness that is whole paycheck foods my day was nothing short of relaxing and centering. started with this bowl of awesome:

1/3 cup rolled oats
1 T oat bran
1/2 cup almond milk
1/3 cup water
half a nanner
1 T raw cacao powder

topped with a baby T of almond butter, cinnamon, unsweetened coconut, and a new item: CINNAMON PUFFINS! best. decision. EVER. the puffins added a great crunch aspect! i tried eating a bowl of puffins and half a banana the other week but was so hungry mid-morning i deemed it a unsuitable breakfast and more of a snack food. but now it has a new job…making my oatmeal badass.

after breakfast i dashed out of my house and drove to san francisco to meet the woman who runs the bakery i am (hopefully!) working at it this summer. it went very well! i go in a week from monday to get situated in the kitchen and see if i work out. fingers crossed i do! (and by the looks of it, i think i will! but hey, no cockiness yuh? the universe has a funny way of knocking you back down when you think you’re on top!) it was such a cool environment and it was PACKED. like…line out the door packed. my uncle and i stood in line for pastries for about twenty minutes before we ordered. but dang kidlettes, it was SO worth it!

confession: i get really anxious when presented with high calorie/high fat foods. i’m trying not to be so rigid but it’s not an easy feat. like yesterday for example: i was in out local super market and my eyes fell on the slices of cake the bakery puts out. and there were my two favorites, staring me down: german chocolate and chocolate decadence (just imagine this as death by chocolate. i am all about the thisissorichyou’retotallygoingtogetdiabettesfromonebite kind of cakes!). i had a craving all day and ALL night. it was so hard to pass it up but i did it. and i felt like it was the right decision. i didn’t know what was in the ingredients. i knew the sugar would spike my insulin levels and my hormones would get aaaaaaall outta whack.

it was a really really hard thing to pass up but i am glad i did. because i had quite possibly the BEST chocolate croissant today. i always forget my camera (sorry!) otherwise there would be a picture of the most flaky, buttery piece of goodness ever right below this! it had just the right amount of chocolate and made me super happy. all sweet cravings fulfilled!

…still though, i felt anxiety about eating it. i ALMOST didn’t get anything, actually. then i said “zoe, get over it.” so i did. but a bit of a guilty cloud is still hanging above my head. i know it’s ludecris to think ONE sweet will make me unhealthy and “fat”, i’m working on it.

following the meeting my dad and i went downtown to look at ON SALE le cruset!!!!!! then this happened: my life got MADE. HARDCORE MADE.

what’s in the box!!!!???!!!


seriously guys, this is a dream come true. i basically fantisize over these pots and pans. i cannoooot believe i own one now. i paid for half of it. now, i’m sure that you’re thinking to yourself: dang zoe, you’re pretty spoiled. trust me, i’m not. i totally recognize how fortunate i am and i am incredibly grateful for my parents and my life. i am actually very uncomfortable with my parents buying me things. i often take gifts from them reluctantly. i’m not sure why i feel the need to justify this, but i just don’t want to come across as someone who gets whatever they want. because i don’t.

ahem. moving on. it’s a 7 and 1/4th cocotte ronde. and it’s beaaaautiful. seriously, it’s just so loverly. i might dream about it tonight and all the things i can cook with it. ahh, the dreams of a foodie.

in between all the running around i did accomplish some exercise today! i’m still laying off the knee. bummer because the weather was beautiful today and all i wanted to do was run. luckily, i also felt like doing yoga! it’s been a second since i did any (outside of bikram, that is!) and HOLY CHATURANGA! my body has missed this. i did a twenty minute hatha stretch and strength, a 25 minute vinyasa flow, and a 30 minute yoga with weights. all courtesy of yogadownload! visit this site if you haven’t. your soul with thank you πŸ™‚

another side note: i’m getting anxious about my work outs too. they’re not as “intense” and i’m (irrationally) afraid of getting “soft”. i’m taking more days off because of my knee and, because of my lack of “movement” (aka: running), i’m not eating as much as i usually do. i’m watching what i eat too carefully. has anyone else ever struggled with this? it’s almost like i am talking myself into not eating as much because i don’t “deserve” to because i didn’t work out as hard as i usually do. demented thought process. i know. any suggestions on how to divorce this habit?

i still worked up a bit of a sweat though. after yoga i showered, then biked to the market! i’m in love with victoria’s bike. it’s going to be hard to part with when she gets back. le sigh.

dinner was simple: 2 roasted carrots and 1 parsnip (seriously if i could eat roasted carrots for the rest of my life i might.) covered in…HOMEMADE FARMER’S MARKET PESTO! i bought a bunch on basil last sunday and i’ve been sitting on it, thinking about what i wanted to make. i originally really didn’t want to make pesto because i wanted to try something new but i’m a creature of habit. so this happened:

it may not look appetizing but trust me, it was all good things!

farmer’s market pesto: (adapted from gena’s!)
2 cups packed basil
2.5 T olive oil
1/8 t salt
half a lime (or lemon! i ran out :()

process in food processor/blender. spoon over whatever you please!

just finished an apple. i’m about to slip into some sweats and watch a documentary. i gots work from 10-3 tomorrow. BLEH.

have a good one, kidlettes!




don’t get me wrong, i wasn’t expecting a fireworks show and a million dollar check with my name on it the second i finished my shakespeare test but i thought last night was just going to be more…i don’t know, fun?

i did have fun, though. i hung out with a couple of different friends and made a pretty decent dinner. everything just feels so…i’m not sure i can even think of the right word. it’s raining outside again. nevermind june is only, oh, FOUR DAYS AWAY. seriously i think in these past two weeks alone we have gotten more rain than we did over winter break. is this a shift of our seasons? i really hope not, kidlettes!

mr. sun should come out. and soon. otherwise i’m not sure i will be able to handle this summer. let me go into further details about my summer plans now that it’s OFFICIALLY (!!!) here:

today when i go into work i am giving them my two weeks. i. am. THRILLED. i know i should be grateful to have a job, which i am, but i am not grateful for a job that pays me the absolute lowest wage they can get away with (minimum wage is 8 dollars an hour. yes, i know this could be a lot worse and i AM appreciative of the money i receive but…it’s hard to pay bills with 8 dollars an hour, folks.), they barely give me hours despite my good work ethic, and, to top it all off, they have these things call “call ins” where they schedule you on the schedule but you don’t necessarily work that day. you “call in” an hour before you’re supposed to “work” and they let you know if they need you. i’m pretty sure this is illegal? either way, it’s just a way to keep a person on the payroll without having to actually pay them. NOT. FUN. or fair. because we can’t do ANYTHING because we might be working so we have to stay in the area. um. what? (if you haven’t guessed it: i never call in. maybe that’s why they hate me :))

also, i work in retail. you would think i would of learned my lesson the last time i spent six months in retail but noo. i went right back to it. mainly cause they were the only ones hiring at the time and i needed a job. i am opposed to our materialistic culture. if it floats your boat, keep on floatin’, these are just my opinions. what i saw in south africa changed my life and my perspective. i don’t need to buybuybuy to be happy. i don’t even need anything, really, except food. i have plenty of clothes. plenty of shoes. a roof over my head. i am lucky. i am fortunate. if i don’t agree with something, it’s incredibly difficult for me to stick with it. i don’t quite agree with my job. i have to push products onto people that i a) don’t believe in and b) know come from third world countries. i don’t know. i’m just over it.

so yay. that’s awesome. but this is the most awesome part: I AM OFFICIALLY TAKING ON THE APPRENTICESHIP AT LA TARTINE! i am meeting the woman who owns the bakery tomorrow and discussing it with her. i am SO excited. it’s not a paid position but hey, the experience will be amazing and beneficial to my future. i’m thinking long term here! so that i am pumped up for.

not pumped up for: candace left yesterday. for two months. and before she left, she told me she might be staying till august 14th instead. on top of that my two other besties are leaving this weekend for a month. my other really close friend just left till mid-july. sure i have my high school besties coming home but no one is up here. i feel kind of…alone right now. uh oh: PITY PARTY!!!

in all seriousness though, i think this summer will be challenging, particularly emotionally. i have a difficult time being independent. i am taking this opportunity to embrace change. this summer is going to test my strength but you know what, i’m positive this is nothing i can’t handle. i’ve decided i need to force myself out of my comfort zone (like last summer!) and just go for it. no second thoughts. just do it. it will be an interesting process but i’m ready for the challenge! (for sure still nervous though!)

this morning i’m taking it easy. sipping on a newly concocted juice:
3/4 of a beet (!!), about a good quarter of a huuuge english cucumber, and a big carrot! (there’s a nub of ginger there but i forgot to throw it in!)

into the juicer they went!

ohlalaaa! so pretty!

following this i think oatmeal will be had. just lazing around until work. when i get off i have a massive yoga session planned. i am SUPER excited. which leads me to this: yogadownload is having a 40% off sale! if you’ve been thinking about gettinga yoga video, check these out. they’re cheap and GOOD! i really love them πŸ™‚

that’s all for now kidlettes. have a good morning!



good mid-day everyone. hope it’s all kinds of good vibes for you today.

unfortunately for me i’m still rocking the funky vibes. i’m straight up in the middle of downtown funky town right now. although the remainder of yesterday went well (25 minute ass-kicking stair stepping workout plus some weights, a baaaadass lunch (homemade hummus, baked sweet potato, alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers, pepitas on an open leaf of romaine lettuce!!!), and hot yoga, hanging out with friends later, baking vegan goodies) i went to sleep in the arms of mr. funk himself.

woke up to more grey skies and rain. my left knee hurts. i tweaked it in yoga yesterday…i’m frustrated with myself. i lazed in bed for a little before realizing this icky feeling in the back of my throat and how desperately i needed water. one huge glass didn’t cut it. i downed two more. i waited on hunger but hunger never came. so i forced myself to eat because i knew i needed to. lucky i did, though, cause i ate one special breakfast: banana oats in my almost empty jar of MARANATHA DARK CHOCOLATE ALMOND SPREAD!!!!!

topped with some unsweetened coconut. if you haven’t guessed yet, i think coconut makes everything better.

i completely finished my shakespeare paper following breakfast. SO happy to be done. i’m officially finished with my junior year of college tomorrow after 6:40. where time disappears to will always baffle me. i feel like i JUST graduated high school like…yesterday. i’m still kind of in shock that in a couple of months, i’m turning 21. that age always felt a million days away. dang.

anywho, currently lounging around the house in yoga pants, uggs, and a sweatshirt. just finished a cup of yummy tea.

in zee cup: vanilla roobis with a splash of almond milk. i don’t sweeten my teas. but i like slash of almond milk just fine πŸ™‚ the other great part about having a roommate who works at starbucks? free tea. yeeees.

i don’t really plan on leaving the house for the rest of the day. the rain turns me into a slug. i am not working out so as to rest my knee. i’m not complaining, either. my body needs it. i’m not being fair to it. i think i’m starting to get sick. so i can’t think of anything better than sitting on the couch all day. i might write something or other…in kind of a prosy-mood.

a few recipes to share with you before i go! let’s start with last night’s dinner:

zucchini pasta, spiralized raw beet, pepitas creamy garlic sauce!

it may not look like much but dang, kidlettes — stuff’s delicious. the sauce really makes the dish. plus the (farmer’s market!) beet. i am crazy for beets. i’ve loved them ruby red gems since i was a kid. i love them pickled. i love them roasted. i love them raw. I. LOVE. BEETS.

ahem…all right, moving on. the sauce (originally from sweet beet and green):
1 head of garlic
about half a block of silken tofu
1/4 cup olive oil

roast the garlic for 30 minutes at 400 degrees in a loose pouch of foil. when it’s done, throw everything into a blender until smooth. toss zucchini and beets with sauce. top with pepitas. DEVOUR. pat belly in satisfaction.

it makes quite a bit so i have left overs. ain’t complaining. i’ve made the pasta dish the sauce accompanies on sweet beet and green and i can tell you it’s DELICIOUS. i totally recommend it.

after dinner i ate an apple with some almond butter. then friends came over. then i got inspired to bake. then these happened:
sweet potato & chai spiced vegan cookies
what you need:
(preheat oven to 375!)
1/2 cup of coconut flour
1/2 cup of whole wheat flour
1/4 t salt
1/2 t baking soda
1 T chai spiced latte (this is really random but it’s from trader joes. if you don’t have it, it’s totally fine. just throw in some cinnamon, nutmeg, ground ginger, vanilla)
1 T ground flax plus 3 T cold water (let sit for ten minutes. it congeals. this = your egg!
2 T agave
1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1/2 canola oil (i’m sure grapeseed would work here fine, too)
1/2 t vanilla
one small sweet potato (about 1/3 of a cup’s worth. maybe a little bit more. i forgot to measure, sorry!)

combine all dry ingredients. combine all wet ingredients. pour half dry ingredients into wet. combine. pour in rest of dry. combine. line a baking sheet with foil. make little balls (press down. these don’t expand. stiiiill working on making crispy cookies…). pop into oven for ten minutes. cool. ENJOY.

they are not very sweet. but the sweet potato and chai combo add a very subtle sweetness everyone at my house (three friends plus candace) said they really enjoyed. they didn’t last more than 20 minutes so i guess they liked them! the texture was the best part. a bit cakey but moist and dense with a crack-ly outside. vegan baking rocks. and this had no butter, no eggs, and no refined sugars. i try to make healthy-ish stuff. this one seemed to be a winner though next time, i think i’m going to tweak it a little. i’ll let you know when and if i do!

sorry there are no pictures of them! not too many people know i blog and i’m still a little self conscious about it. so i just kinda didn’t take pictures…my bad…

anywhoooos imma go now. i feel that writing bug taking over…enjoy the rest of your day!

what do you like to do when it rains? am i the only one who never wants to leave the house? not really a big rain fan…