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goooooooood afternoon lovies :)!

is the day sunshiny and bright and beautiful where you are? i hope so! it certainly is over here. i just got back from a round of ultimate frisbee golf with a couple of friends. i biked over to the area and finally got to snap some pictures! i biked along the trail i usually run. (by the way, i cannot at all express to you how happy i am whenever i remember i am no longer running. i feel lighter and freer. so i think i am doing something right here in the decision making department!)

(the rest here are just ones i took biking up the hill (i didn’t stop!!!) to the course.)

(my school is on the left!)

i am so blessed to live out here. during the rainy season the hills turn an ireland-like green. it’s so pretty!

before i biked to meet my friends, i did a 20 minute gentle hatha flow. and then started day one of jillian michael’s 30 day shred! i have no form of strength training going on and i need a new replacement for cardio and have heard good things about this video. it worked me a bit but i also started with 3 pound weights. i think when i advance to five pounds, my arms and back will really start to feel the burn!

i also started out the day with this lovely smoothie bowl:

the bowl contains one frozen nanner, one white peach, a BIG handful of spinach, half a cup of almond milk, half a cup of water, and half a teaspoon of xanthan gum (found for cheap at target of all places!). i sprinkled the last of my puffins on top and added a sprinkle of unsweetened coconut flakes! it was so good. something about eating a smoothie out of a bowl leaves me feeling much more full than if i drank it out of a glass. weird, right?

anyway, what i really want to talk about today is judgement. we all have opinions…so we also all have judgements. when we pass judgement on ourselves or on others, the action may never be intentional; if anything it might just be instinctual. it may also never be acknowledged as well. we are a very judgmental society. the action of judging someone or something comes naturally. we usually do not think twice about how easily we judge.

why we judge is complicated. i think we’re constantly stuck in the comparison game. our society sets a standard in several areas of life (i.e: in beauty, intelligence, success) and a way to measure those standards against our own lives. one of the means of measurement is comparison. by thinking to yourself “well, at least i don’t look like her!” you temporarily give yourself a boost in confidence. but you are also passing a negative judgement against someone. how might that person feel if your thought did not stay in your head but some how found it’s way out of your mouth? so, in working towards being less judgmental towards myself, i decided to also start practicing non-judgmental thinking against others.

whenever i find myself passing someone and thinking “oh god, what is she wearing?” or “how can he eat that?” i stop, rewind, and reconsider. i try to find a way to compliment the person i just judged. i’ll think “well, i am not her. her clothes work for her. she’s comfortable. good for her, wearing what she wants!” or “it’s his lifestyle. he looks like a nice guy!”

since tuning into my thoughts and focusing on what my mind is actually saying, i have found my inner voice to be way less judgmental. if i look at someone, before immediately sizing myself up against them, i find myself thinking “he’s got a great smile!” or “she has really pretty eyes!”

i do this to myself as well. if i think “uh, i hate my stomach today” i’ll immediately think “okay, maybe for today you hate your stomach. but look at all the other positive things you have to offer!” to find beauty in others, it becomes crucial to first find beauty in yourself. otherwise, all the negativity you channel into yourself will reflect on how you view others and your environment. work at positivity, yo! it’s so worth it. living in a negative world enshrouded in negative emotions really puts a damper on living life to the fullest. it ain’t easy, never said it was. i still struggle with negative thoughts — who doesn’t? but the point is, i’m trying. even the fact that i am trying makes me feel more upbeat.

and, to end on a lighter note, let me share with you the radtastic lunch i just consumed:

pita plate! with raw carrots, raw cucumbers, and lightly steamed broccoli. not quite there yet on raw broccoli. it’s okay — just not great. paired with a whole wheat pita (89 cents at the mediterranean market!) and some super spicy sabra hummus. it was delicious. unpictured: water melon chunks!!! finally cut up that mondo watermelon i bought. froze a bunch. kept a bunch fresh. perrrrfecto!

enjoy the rest of your day!



…is really not fun. today at work i was grabbing a shoe for a customer and needed to use the ladder. so i opened it up, climbed to the top, and just after i grabbed it, it totally collapsed under me. the reason? i didn’t open it all the way. ugh. luckily, though, instead of falling completely to the floor, it caught the edge of the manager’s desk. my shins caught my fall…i slammed against the ladder. all i can say is OW. OW OW OOOOW. holy crap it hurt. i have two HUGE bruises (which i would show you but someone hasn’t shaved in a couple of days ;)) and for about forty minutes, my legs burned and walking was painful. yeah i learned a lesson today — open the ladder all the way to avoid an excruciating wipe out.

but not all of my day sucked so hard. i woke up this morning, jumped out of bed and, instead of running my four mile loop, i biked it! hard and fast. it was a good, light cardio shesh. i followed it with a 75 minute power yoga flow from yogadownload! i just bought this one recently during their memorial day sale for dirt cheap. it’s a great flow.

following a delicious breakfast (um. i think any breakfast containing maranatha‘s dark chocolate almond spread is delicious.) i popped over to a really close friend of mine’s house. she officially left today. for good. bummer.

so, to cheer myself up, i made a fantabulous lunch!

three egg whites mixed with half a medium sweet potato and nut butter roasted carrot fries! mmmm. i was craving egg whites, sweet potato, and nut butter fries. i love listening to the cues my body gives me 🙂 this was followed by a handful of strawberries. then work. not so cool.

oh! my doctor’s appointment: might be a torn miniscus. here is why i don’t think so: when i laid off of running for two whole (painful) weeks, my knee felt back to normal. then i ran. and ran. and ran. oops. i think it’s just a matter of resting it. it feels better today, too! so will not opt for the suggested MRI at this time. if it continues to bother me, i will MRI-it up!

dinner last night was also good news:

half a “pizza” (ezekiel wrap!) topped with tomato paste, spinach, indian spiced carmalized onions (my FAVORITE!) and 1/4th of an avocado. so simple, so delicious. i paired it with a huge pile of roasted veggies:

following this came an orange, some carob chips, and a big cup of vanilla roobis tea (unsweetened with a splash of unsweetened almond milk!). i then watched two documentaries and passed out. i’m on a roll with these documentaries.

can anyone suggest a good book, though? i love documentaries but i love reading too!

also, i just realized i have a ridiculous amount of food in my kitchen. tomorrow will start the beginning of operation eat through the pantry. be on the look out for some good eats :)!

and i’m out, kidlettes!

beatles fun fact: The Beatles song “Dear Prudence” was written about Mia Farrow’s sister, Prudence, when she wouldn’t come out and play with Mia and the Beatles at a religious retreat in India