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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

i’ve made a few decisions.

one was to not follow through on the challenge i alluded to yesterday. because yesterday happened and it happened in a way i am not proud of. the challenge will have to wait.

the second decision i’ve made is to stop writing about all the negativity i’m grappling with. i know i constantly push for honesty, but i fear i’m only constantly whining and i really doubt anyone wants to listen much to all that noise anymore. this blog and the blog-o-sphere aren’t my counselors, after all. i guess some thoughts should just stay in my head, you know?

so, the third decision i guess, is to focus on less downer things.

like a new favorite blog

she’s hilarious and i love her eating and fitness tips.

which leads me to decision number four…cutting down my carb intake (i.e: bananas, carrots, apples, dates…high sugar carbs. veggies i will eat endlessly :)!) and upping my fat and protein intake. i need to figure out how to best eat for my body and right now, i’m stuck in a food rut. not a food groove. my mood is all over the place and i’ve read about mass amounts of carbs with high sugar affecting moods. since i already know i am super sensitive to sugar sugar, i figure this experiment won’t hurt. additionally, i’m not exercising in a way that requires mass amounts of carbs. i needed the carbs when i ran incessantly but i don’t run more than 2 times a week. and i’m not going to lie: my fat intake recently comes only from unsweetened chocolate, some tahini, coconut, the occasional avocado, a splash or two of olive oil, and flax seed. the problem: too much saturated fat, not enough poly and mono unsaturated fats. i know (natural) saturated fats are necessary, but i think i’ve over done them.

in fact, i think i’ve over done chocolate. so decision number five is cutting out chocolate. again. i felt really great without it for those two months i went without it. the caffeine in chocolate affects me.

as does the caffeine in coffee. it makes me feel like a crazy person. so i’m done with coffee for the moment. decision six.

decision seven? incorporating HIIT into my exercise routine. i’m not going to lie: i’m trying to lose weight. and i’m trying to do it naturally and healthfully. so far i’m failing. truth: i love HIIT anyway so i don’t think this will be a hard transition.

eight: more yoga. i need to destress.

nine: do something special on sundays. like recap or something? i don’t know. currently i feel as if the purpose of this blog is up in the air. i’m trying to nail down what i’d like it to focus on. stayed tuned for that one.

and decision ten. maybe the most important. it’s a challenge. and i’m going to propose it to you, too. the challenge? try and do something every day i am intimidated by or scared of. remember those lines i’ve drawn around myself? they need to go away. fingers crossed my scared of/intimidated by act of courage actually happens. no points deducted from awesomeness if you don’t succeed.

and that’s that. ten decisions. let’s see if they stick.

have a great sunday.

any decisions you’ve made lately?



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