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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

when i am stressed out or feeling emotionally drained, i do a few things.


work out (sweat it out, yo)
do yoga (a lot. like. alotalot)
write (like…constantly)
live in my kitchen (bakecookbakecook)
talk to friends (always a catharsis)
and i also
listen to music

a TON of music. when i am bumming in bluestown i will always blast music. sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it’s bittersweet. but it’s always there. music comforts my soul like no other. i love music with beautiful lyrics i can attach myself to (it’s the writer in me) and music with sounds that provide comfort. or at least fit my mood.

lately, music has started and ended my day. it’s been hard to be without it, i’m not going lie. i’m still struggling to find my balance and my center but music has eased the situation. particularly new music.

i’ve been playing mumford & sons sigh no more basically on repeat every day.

i bought more music by the strokes because i effing love the strokes…

and they just so happen to be really sexy ;)…

i only have is this it? and room on fire. both kind of rule my soul currently.

talk about soul ruling…the shins have been all over my little soul. mainly wincing the night away

just about every day this album comes on. i run to it, i cook to it, i dance to it, i do everything to it. i have no idea why it took me so long to embrace the shins but i am so glad i did. no lie, this is one of my best itunes purchases to date.

i go back to old favorites, too, for comfort. usually it comes in the form of this man:

i’ve been listening to mr.a-z (jason mraz!) since high school and his music never, ever fails to match whatever mood i am in and never fails to sooth me. lovelovelove.

additionally, i’ve been listening to florence + the machine, metric (a lot of metric), animal collective, booka shade, and, of course, the beatles! i don’t get by without my four best friends, obviously! (and, really randomly, i’ve been waking up with bad romance in my head every day for a solid week. needless to say i purchased it from itunes. it’s still stuck in my head though.)

i’ve basically been a music junkie for the past three or so weeks. and this junkie needs a new fix.

what do you listen to when you’re down? when you’re up? when you’re in the middle or in any space in between? this girls gotta get some new music!

(if you were wondering, i listen to everything (honestly) save for country (which makes my ears bleed). and, actually, most rap and hip hop i avoid unless it’s like atmosphere and more poetry-slam-y. regardless, this list doesn’t show you how much i adore classic rock, electronica (DUB.STEP!!!!!), motown (seriously love here.), and blues. i love anything that can make me move or make me feel. throw it at meee!)



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