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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

last night i did something very uncharacteristically me.
last night i climbed out of my comfort zone.
last night i ignored all signs of ‘NO’ and went for it.
last night i had fun.

like, i-may-have-woken-up-still-drunk-fun.

(no, i didn’t get plastered. remember, i know my limits! but i definitely tipped onto the tipsy side ;))

okay, okay. i’ve alluded far enough.

last night i went dancing!

to which you might reply: dude, seriously? all that…forthat? i know, i know. just let me explain!

last night, before all the fun, i fell into a deep funk. i felt uncomfortable, i regretted eating dinner, i forgot about the love around me and felt alone. all i wanted was to crawl inside myself. and lately, i have been. i’ve been allowing myself to wallow and occupy my time turning over thoughts in my head. i’ve been withholding life from myself. again.

so last night, when my friend called and asked if i wanted to go to womp-womp (dubstep night!) at a local bar, i quickly accepted before negativity could answer for me. i dragged myself through an uncomfortable getting-dressed-to-go-out moment, forced a smile on my face, and walked out the door.

let me say this: i love music. and i love dancing. love. i got over caring what i looked like on the dance floor a really long time ago. (sometimes i wonder why and how i can be so confident in certain areas of my life and so wholly unconfident in others. especially when one confident area can influence another.) last night i let go. i danced my little heart out. i laughed a lot. i smiled a lot. basically, i lived life a lot.

i had more fun last night then i have had in months. there is so much more to life then sitting inside my house, inside my own head. if last night showed me anything, it showed me just how much i need to break out of my self-build prison. it’s stifling the life in me. i’m proud of myself for giving myself the kick in the butt i needed to get out the door last night, bad mood or not. i need to remember bad moods last as long as you want them to.

let me repeat that: bad moods last as long as you want them to.

and i’m tired of this persistent bad mood. i don’t need to be trapped here. positivity is a choice i need to make for the sake of my life more often. particularly when it leads to fun nights like last night! so today i am saying yes.

to a hike with a friend.
to wholesome meals.
to laughter.
to happiness.
and to (possibly!) more dancing later! fingers crossed!

i apologize for the posts with lack of pictures. i know they’re not as entertaining but i haven’t been snapping much. and i find more and more this blog is gravitating toward a different direction then the one i initially set up for it. that’s life though, isn’t it? i might be overhauling soon. the end of this month marks my one year blogaversary (did i spell that right?). kind of insane. it doesn’t feel like a year yet, it is. and i’m just itching for change 😉

have a beautiful thursday. hope the day treats you well!

have you done something recently so very uncharacteristically you? how did it feel!? tell me about it :)!



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