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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

today i came across an article on jezebel entitled “PETA finds a new way to show women fellating vegetables”. i urge you to check out the two videos banned from the superbowl, as they are the basis for this post and i’m not sure you’ll understand what i am saying one hundred percent! or, at the very least, understand the motivation for writing a post like this.

PETA means well, i think. um, i think…

regardless, i’ve never liked them. ever. not before i stopped eating meat and not after i stopped eating meat. i understand PETA uses provocative advertising tactics to rile people up, but i am not down with people or groups of people who believe it to be their right to shove their ideas down the throats of everyone they meet. i am not okay with how preachy, judgmental, extreme, and over-the-top PETA is.

and i am not okay with exploitation. of any kind. especially of women.

i’m not sure i’ve mentioned it before, but i am incredibly passionate about gender and society, particularly where the media is involved. i am one of those people who scrutinizes commercials and picks apart billboard advertisements for fun . i am one of those people who loves hour long discussions devoted to the topics of feminism and male gender stereotypes. yes, i am weird.

how, you might ask, does any of this relate to PETA?

well, first off, PETA has a history of using the female form for protest. for example…

i’m sure you all know this campaign…

and my personal favorite…

um. what? hi, i’m zoe and i’m vegetarian. and i still wear clothes.

i get it, okay? it makes a statement. whoopie! it makes a statement, yes, but at the cost of exploiting the female form. can someone tell me what nakedness has to do with not eating meat? essentially, what i read from these advertisements and protests is something along the lines of this: “if you stop eating meat, you’ll have a killer bod.”

all these women are thin and what our collective society deems “pretty”. what i wonder is would PETA choose to showcase a chubby vegetarian? because vegans and vegetarians exist in all sizes, just as omnivores do. somehow, i highly doubt it. i am well aware sex sells. it’s sad PETA uses sexualized images to tote an otherwise healthy message.

basically, what i am trying to say is this: isn’t there a better way to promote a healthier way of life? isn’t there a way to show people — without the use of the naked female body — how rewarding eliminating meat from the diet can be?

what do you think? is PETA exploiting women? or are they just bringing attention to where attention is needed? did you watch the two videos (seriously, do it. they’re like, a minute long each!)? do you agree or disagree with PETA’s advertising tactics? tell me what you really think!

in other, quick news, it’s been a really great day. it’s perfectly warm and sunny, i went on a short run earlier, did some strength training moves, some stretchy yoga, ate at whole foods for lunch (!), hit up target, replaced the ipod casset thing in my car that didn’t work so the bass line is BACK (i LIVE for bass lines!), and am now going to watch a movie before work at seven! the best news? my dad’s neck surgery went well and he’s recovering in the ICU.

i didn’t mention this on the blog because…well, i’m not sure why. my dad has a degenerative issue with his back where his disks (in between the spinal bones) are continually disintegrating. the doctors have to fuse the levels together. he’s always in pain and it’s really awful to see, especially because he was so active before it got really have. he’s five back surgeries deep and this thing with his neck it apparently the condition christopher reeve had and didn’t know about and it is what paralyzed him when he fell. so i am SO happy my dad got it taken care of. and i know he was in a lot of pain from it, too.

so yes, it’s a good, positive day. hope yours is as well!




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