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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

so um…i just slept for fourteen and a half hours. straight. the last time i did that i had just returned home from our 8th grade trip to washington dc — about eight and a half years ago.

i used to be a champion sleeper but recently sleep has lost its place as an important priority in my life. clearly my body decided for me it needed to be back in my focus. i think it helps that i opened yesterday and was running on about three and a half hours of sleep. i forced myself to not drink any coffee (because i’ve been drinking way, way too much and i think i function fine without it. i just happen to really love the taste and smell of coffee. know what hates coffee? my stomach.). i ended up ptfo (passing the fuck out. yes, i actually say PTFO in real life.) on my yoga mat at 6:30 while watching talladaga nights with candace. i climbed into bed at 7 and just now woke up at 9:30.

someone needed her z’s!

sleep is so important, too! especially concerning the health of our bodies and minds. sleep allows our bodies to cleanse and heal. if we rob it of those precious REM hours, we rob ourselves of vitality. lack of sleep can cause lethargy, irritability, and difficulty in making decisions. know what else it can cause? anxiety, weight gain, and depression.

anyone catching my drift?

i haven’t been sleeping well for about a month.

no wonder i have been feeling like shit. obviously, i need more sleep. when i am well rested, i am balanced and feel lighter in my being. i kind of like that.

want to know something else kind of funny? last night i dreamed i was pregnant and had a baby (it was a boy. he was cute. i’m weird.). so i looked up wtf that was supposed to mean. turns out, pregnancy dreams are positive! they generally represent new beginnings or positive changes in your life.

changes? well i’m making a ton of those right now. here’s the list:

1) i just deleted my facebook. no, the world did not explode. i’ve had it since high school and you know what, wtf do i need to stalk people i never talk to for? i am in touch with all the people in my life i need to be in touch with. so long waste of time.
2) i’m spending less time in front of the screen, both t.v AND computer. getting rid of cable was a blessing. deleting facebook has helped tremendously.
3) i’m eating smaller meals throughout the day. i can tell you i already notice a difference in my digestive fire and my physical comfort!
4) i stop eating before i get ridiculously full. right now, i’m essentially re-teaching myself how to eat right now. i grew up in a family that did not chew their food (another big change i am adopting.) and ate until they leaned back in their chairs proclaming “ahhh, i’m SO FULL.” forget it — it’s not good for my stomach and always makes me feel so uncomfortably full.
5) i’m trying to sleep more. if last night was any indication, i need to form some type of a decent sleeping schedule. there’s really no good reason i need to stay up late every night.

and there you have it folks! baby steps to help me along my path to a solid well-being. have you recently made any small life alterations to improve your sense of well-being?

anyway, i’m off to eat breakfast and hopefully go on a run! now that i actually have some energy to do something, running sounds fantastic! have a wonderful sunday, loves 🙂



beatles song of the day: twist and shout (please please me)
why? because a co-worker and i were just talking about it the other day and it’s such a damn classic. it always puts me in a really good mood!

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