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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

well, i did it. i finally sacked up and brought my ass to the yoga studio i’ve been eyeing since summer. sometimes i let myself get a little intimidated and fall back on excuses like “oh, too much school” or “oh, too much work”. but now i’m out of school. so i was basically out of useless excuses. and who needs to excuse their mental, physical, and spiritual health anyway? not this girl!

though, i didn’t go at it alone. i dragged k with me 🙂 okay, not dragged. he willingly partook. but that’s not what you care about. what kind of yoga was it, you ask? heated vinyasa flow! a whole hour and a half! how was it, you want to know?


honestly, the time just slipped past me. the studio was gorgeous and has these lovely high ceilings and a deep maple wooden floor. there were no mirrors, either. instead, painted on the wall in front of us was a huuuuge om symbol. as well as a little alter filled with sparkling, beautiful crystals. additionally, the instructor was amazing. she was calming and encouraging. everything you could ask for in an instructor!

but the best part? she only adjusted me about three times, and on incredibly small things. know what that means? i’ve been teaching myself yoga correctly. what a thought! i feel super stretched out and wonderful. my butt hurts a little, too! i went deeper into poses last night than i ever thought i could. sometimes i surprise myself with my strength.

this class just reaffirmed for me that yoga is so, so for me. it is the way my body is supposed to move, it is the direction my life is heading. it is so important to me. honestly, there was a moment during the flow where i felt so overcome with emotion i teared up a little. i’ve finally found a solid calling, one which makes my soul happy just as much as my body. i’m so excited to continue attending regular classes and i’m ecstatic to begin yoga school. i.CANNOT.WAIT.

following the sweaty, soul soothing session, k and i ate a super yummy shushi dinner (because i realized i actually did not have the quinoa i intended on cooking. sigh.), showered, and met up with some of my high school friends for some bar action in san francisco! did i drink? yes. did i do it without thinking twice about the calories? you bet your pretty little behind i did! we drank. we danced. we laughed. it was a good time.

the funniest part? getting home just as candace went to work (she opened). i’ve had a pretty slow morning (slow to wake up, slow to eat breakfast, half hour of stretchy yoga courtesy chaz a la yogamazing podcasts…seriously recommend these!!!) so i gotta get moving. last minute christmas shopping anyone? yeah. chronic procrastinator. bad, bad, bad. plus i work at 4! so i really got to get a move on it!

have a wonderful thursday, loves!



beatles song of the day: no reply (beatles for sale)
why? because it just came onto my itunes. it’s a sweet little ditty. earlyish beatles. gotta love em!


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