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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

recent realization: i eat way, way too many nuts. and what happens when you eat way, way too many nuts? well, nuts are harder for the body to digest. so you get bloating (check). you get constipation (hah. check. for sure). you get an uncomfortable fullness (check). you get gas (check). you get indigestion (check). and you get an incredibly slow digestive time (aaaand check!).

with all these things in check (pun intended. why yes, i am a dork!), it’s no wonder i’ve been experiencing a lot of tummy issues. “they say” to eat one handful of nuts per day, two maximum. i’m preeetty sure i’ve overdone it in the past few months. why? because i love nut-butters. a lot. and because i am new to raw foods and nuts help replace things like meat and faux-meats like tofu and tempeh. i am in no way a raw foodie. i just love the way raw food makes me feel (save for all the nutty nut business.)

so i’m finally taking the cue from my body and cutting back on nuts. when i finish off my (costco) sized jaw of maranatha almond butter, i am not buying any more. ditto with the trader joe’s peanut butter (which i really don’t eat…i’ve noticed i am not the biggest peanut butter fan anymore! almond butter stole the show!) and with trader joe’s sunflower seed butter (sad day!). i will also be cutting back on the amount of nut-based raw desserts i consume (le sigh. cafe gratitude.).

additionally, i am cutting chocolate out of my diet — yet again. i felt so awesome for the month i stayed away from it. no crazy emotional mood swings, no break outs, no uncontrolable cravings for sweets. clearly chocolate (and sugar, for that matter) effects me negatively. additionally, sugar feeds into my body’s ability to develop yeast infections at the drop of a hat (tmi? sorry.). i’m pretty sure it’s a genetic thing so processed sugars need to be at a minimum in my life. when i avoided sweets (and dairy!) the instances of these infections dropped. i can always tell when i consume too much sugar because my body responds accordingly.

you might think i am being controlling and over-sensitive. yes, i am. and with good cause. because i don’t feel well. i feel bloated a lot. constipated a lot. uncomfortable a lot. i’m just a lot of things i don’t ever really remember being in the past. so i’m ready to listen to my body fully and see if i get somewhere. will i forever stay away from nuts? hells no! i love nuts. i think i need to incorporate more seeds into my diet in addition to nuts. and i am going to experiment with soaking my nuts and seeing if that aids in digestion.

i have a weird stomach and always have. i’m really ready to figure out what it doesn’t like and what it jives with. hello goal for 2011!

what have you noticed works well for you? anyone else have issues with nuts?

have a wonderful sunday! it’s raining over here. meh. looks like a treadmill run is in my future!



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