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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!


remember the big fat paper i was dreading? sat down yesterday and pumped out 12 pages in 4.5 hours. solid concentration. soliiiid. how happy am i? well, happy might not be the right adjective to describe it. i am thrilled. elated. blissful. all the synonyms of happy times fifteen. sigh. truthfully it has yet to really sink in. i think it will come next semester when everyone else zips up their backpacks again and i suddenly find myself with much, much quieter week days. i’ll cross that bridge when i get to it.

but i cannot believe my academic career is over (for now). college whizzed by in 3.5 years. three and a half years! i want to say that’s pretty major, especially considering the budget cuts.

so, are you wondering what i am going to do now? well, good question. i’m wondering, too. work is definitely in my future. lots of it. i am going to continue barista-ing at starbucks for the time being until life pulls me in another direction. culinary school and completing my first 200 hour yoga certification course are also floating on my horizon.

really, though, i am just excited to settle back into a routine. it’s been a second or two since my last post so allow me to fill you in on what i’ve been doing: stressing out. and loving life, of course. but school has caused me to feel a lot of anxiety. it has disrupted my work out and eating routine which, as you know, i am pretty uncomfortable with at the moment. i’m working on it, i promise.

i’ve also been listening very carefully to my body. if i want to run, i run. if i want to do yoga, i do yoga. if i want to sit on my butt and watch a movie or read, i do it. i am actively working to judge myself less and allow myself to live more instead of structuring my life around work outs. working out is important to me because health is important to me, but i cannot allow it to take over my life like it did this past year. i learned my lesson.

i’ve also been rock climbing. a lot a lot. i am in love with rocks. and climbing them. i bought real shoes (for a hefty price) and it was so worth it. i am having so much fun challenging myself and it reminds me so much of yoga! so many similar principles: controlled movements, breath to movement, core strength, balancing, quieting the negative chatter (and chatter in general) of the mind. i love love love it.

i’ve been running some, too. and loving every second of it. i feel such a difference in my runs and my endurance simply based off the fact that i refuel now. and do so properly. my runs, once again, bring me the happiness i initially found in them.

i’ve also been hanging out with k a lot. like…a lot. pretty damn happy, you guys. it’s been a long time coming (this union and this happiness). i finally feel ready and able to fully share myself with another person because i have reached that level of comfort (finally) with myself to just be okay. and to just be. we’re still unlabeled and i like it just fine this way. no need to rush.

anyway, enough about me. how are all of you? how are finals, if you have them? how is life in general? i promise to be a better blogger now that i, you know, actually have time and everything.

well, i’m off. spending the day in the east bay babysitting my two year old cousin. i’m excited to see him but i am more excited about the beautiful weather (that i don’t really get to enjoy…). it’s cold, but it’s sunny! have a great saturday.



beatles song of the day: she came in through the bathroom window (abbey road)
why? because i love this song. and because i’ve been playing abbey road non-stop lately…


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