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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

not related to fergalicious. not at all.

quick saturday night question for you all: what on earth do you snack on?

my appetite varies daily. some days i eat none stop. other days i feel hungry only for breakfast and struggle to rediscover my appetite for the remainder of the day. it frustrates me but hey, i’m learning to just go with whatever my body feels like. and i’m learning some days it just simply does not feel like eating much.

on these days, when i am not in the mood to eat a decent sized meal, i tend to eat small snacks. but i am learning something else, too. i am learning i suck at snacks. i tend to not keep snacky foods around — rarely will you find crackers or cookies or bars or nuts. the main reason? they never fill me up! i much prefer something a bit more substantial. although i like the taste of larabars and chips and cookies, they never leave me satisfied.

usually i eat carrots. a lot of carrots. and a lot of hummus. like…a lot. i like bananas and apples (though limit my intake because the acidity in apples hurts my stomach and they usually leave me feeling almost too full and bloated. which sucks because i love apples.) and other fresh fruits. and sometimes toast, usually with nut butters. and, to be perfectly honest, i don’t have much else. and sometimes, all i want to do is get snacky. and i find it kind of impossibly to get my snack on when i am lacking in snacks. which leads me to over consume said food listed above! (which i am all for but my stomach is not).

also, i think i need to tone down my carrot, hummus, and nut butter intake. i go through hummus far too quickly for my liking and i’m realizing the massive amounts of carrots (example: last weekend when i went climbing, i bought and brought a 5 pound carrot bag. fast forward a week later and it’s almost gone.) leave my stomach a bit full and therefore leave me, ahem, constipated (there, i said it!). as much as i love carrots, i think eating more than a half-cup serving a day is not too good for my poor little tummy. fiber absorbs water as well so i know all the liquid i take in is not aiding my digestion like it should! a costco sized hummus (17 oz) should not be done in a few days. ditto with almond butter (not as bad as hummus haha!)

and so i come to you, my dear readers, for snack advice. what’s a girl to do, or eat, rather, when feeling snacky? tell me some of your favorite snacks! (vegan or not!)

i need to reach outside of my food comfort zone. sometimes i think i fall into a food routine because i know it will a) fill me up and b) do so in a low calorie manor. now, i am most definitely starting to eat enough and eat according to what i am craving but i sometimes pull out the old “eat a salad” deal when anxious. yes, i am not perfect or cured or whatever you want to call it but (and that’s a big but kidlettes) i am striving to be healthy and happy and recognize where i need to put more of an effort. most days i am! but some days i over think it. like today. but no worries! because tomorrow is a new day and i know i won’t change over night. i think i like thinking rationally ๐Ÿ™‚




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