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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

a few months ago one of my favorite bloggers, jackie, over at peaces of earth, recommended signing up for a daily e-mail news letter of sorts called daily om. usually i am not the biggest fan of e-mail subscriptions. i often find myself more annoyed than pleased with the constant flooding of my inbox. but the other day i took the plunge and just signed up. i thought, what the hell, i liked what jackie posted on well enough, why not sign up?

i am so happy i did! each day my inbox receives a little e-mail of thoughtful words. the words leave me feeling light and more appreciative of the life i am living and the world i inhabit. i wanted to share with you one i read this morning.

in the past, i found it difficult to wake up excited for the day. my happiness depended on my weight, my appearance. if i felt “fat” or ugly or any number of things i was (and am) not, the outlook of my day took a drastic u-turn. and, unfortunately, this happened far too frequently. remember those funks i always seemed to wallow in? well, they were self-created. by not believing in myself and not allowing myself to see i deserved all good things, i sunk into an unappreciative, unhappy person who was unable to see beauty in just about anything.

so this morning, when i checked my e-mail and found my daily om entitled “miracles in every day”, i felt like the universe was working to tell me something, to show me how much i have improved, in attitude, in perspective, in general.

the e-mail was short, only three paragraphs long, but struck me nonetheless. especially when i read this:

By noticing how small things can fill our days with delight, we are more likely to experience the wonder of living. Once we take the time to look around and witness the beauty, kindness, and laughter that envelop us, what may seem like the ordinariness of the everyday becomes filled with the extraordinary detail of each individual moment. If we bring this sense of awareness to our lives for even a few minutes each day, we will begin to see how just blessed we truly are.

lately all i notice are the small things: the way the yellowing leaves on trees look against the soft blue of the sky, the way a young couple holds hands, how warm the sun feels against my skin, how beautiful my campus is. where my days used to feel torturous and dominated by one thought (“i look fat”), they now feel open and always “filled with extraordinary detail of each individual moment.” i notice the beauty in everything, the kindness in everything, the laugher enveloping me. my days are no longer dictated by negative and harsh thoughts. i am no longer lingering in a semi-permanent state of self created misery. instead, i choose to focus on the joy in my life. and, in doing so, i have become a more joyful person.

i know thinking positively sometimes can be difficult. the article acknowledges this.

When you awake in the morning and set the intention to notice more joy in the world, watch how your day and, eventually, your life is filled with more joy.

but it also reassures that, with consistent practice, it will get easier. and it will. be positive and you might find your world a bit more bright.

i want to leave you with one more quote here.

Allow this joy to fill your heart fully, and from there it will naturally expand to your entire body and then spread to others, giving them joy as well. Taking in the small joys of each day expands our feeling of being connected with the world, especially once we become more attuned to them.

do you see the joy in your life? if so, where? if not, why? what’s holding you back from experiencing joy?




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