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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

hey all.

recently i took a long hard look at my blog. i thought about what messages it conveyed, what purpose it stood for, what i got out of it. and, really, it left me with my questions than answers.

do i like to blog?
yes. i do. but a piece of me feels ever so narcissistic every time i hit ‘post’. do people really need to know i did yoga on one day and rock climbed the next? no, probably not. do people need to see a picture of meal i particularly liked? no. blogs x, y and z have said pictures. why am i so important as to post this relatively boring (to me) stuff? i’m not. and i’m not sure i wanted this blog to be this way when i started it.

does my blog have a purpose?
in all actuality, no, not really. it chronicles my life. well, bits and pieces of my life. however, i am not really satisfied with what it portrays. i am not sure i find what i write to be interesting or worthwhile. in fact, whenever i do write, i find myself completely too caught up in too many thoughts. i get jumbled and the posts come out jumbled. my writing does not reflect my writing, if that makes any sense. i’m a bit embarrassed by it, actually.

so where does that leave me?
well, jumbled. i am contemplating a huge revamp over here. i am so tired of talking to and about myself. i know all it anyway. and it’s not terribly interesting. i want to know you! i want to have meaningful discussions. i want to post recipes. i want to be more involved in this whole blog thing. i want to talk about books and movies and interesting ideas. and you know, where are the beatles? i mean, we’re best friends fo’ life so why do they refuse to show their faces around here, hm? anyway, the point is this: be on the look out for some changes. i’m going to try to make this place a truer reflection of the person i am. fingers crossed i can pull it off!




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