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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

where in the world is zoe (san diego!)

well, still over here in my little nook of northern california. still working. still schooling. still go-go-going. and still, much to my delight, riding the wave of positivity. very much so.

but what have i been up to during the moments in between running around? allow me to simply recap.

a) filmed a movie today. a friend of mine is participating in our campus movie festival and asked me a few weeks back to act in it! first time ever being in front of a camera. kind of loved it! but movie making taps into creative juicies so of course i dug it 🙂

b) started reading slaughterhouse five. why did it take me so long? i am in love with kurt vonnegut. in love. i am flying through the pages!

c) went rock climbing again. loved it. again.

d) did yoga. a-duh.

e) made hemp milk!

(3.5 cups water + one cup hemp seeds + one T agave + blender = hemp milk!)

f) tested out my nut butters and ate this delicious snack!

(banana slices with coconut butter, walnut butter, almond butter, and cashew whipped cream frosting!)

g) saw inception again. still confused. and it might of been a date. more on that another time…

h) NOT binged! seriously, my cravings for “junk” food barely exist. and if they do, well, i feed them! why not? over the past couple of months i noticed the more i treat myself well and the better i eat, the less shitty i feel and the more balanced my body, mind, and spirit are.

i) realized just how damn comfortable i am in my own skin. and just how damn much i love this person i am. and just how damn appreciative i am of this body and how much it does for me. i am finally settling into the person i always knew i was but just wouldn’t let myself be. i am letting it be. and i am letting myself be happy. i feel like an entirely new person. the power of positivity continues to amaze me, kids.

oh, and happy october! can you believe it? october is my most favorite month of the year. it’s usually always beautiful. and pumpkin rocks. and halloween kicks ass. and you know what else rocks? my birthday! in T minus 21 days! let the count down to age 21 begin 🙂 tomorrow i go rock climbing outside for the first time. and a trip to cafe gratitude is in the cards (quite possibly another date…but again, more on that later :)) and sunday? vegan/vegetarian food festival in san francisco! bring on the weekend, bring on the sunshine, bring on the good vibes!

have an excellent weekend kidlettes!




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