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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

confession number one: i love creative projects.

though, this might be obvious by now. anyway, my creative side has really come alive in the past couple of weeks. over summer, as you might remember, i felt flat. uninspired. but something has happened and lately, all i want to do it go, go, go and make, make, make. and i’m just running with it. why? because i finally feel alive again. and this creative energy has helped me in the kitchen!

i love to create on the page as well as in my kitchen. i think i spend the majority of my time in the kitchen. especially yesterday. i made a lot of delicious things yesterday. liiiiike…


um. delicious. and ridiculously easy. all you do: blend unsweetened (unless you like sweetened!) flaked or shredded coconut in a food processor for about ten minutes. then you have awesome and significantly less expensive coconut butter. i basically wanted to put this on everything yesterday.

it definitely ended up on my dinner…

coconut curry oats with red onions, edamame, butter lettuce, and coconut butter!

really random. REALLY delicious.

i also made some walnut butter!

walnuts whizzed in the food processor for about ten minutes

AND cafe gratitude whipped cream frosting (i use it on waffles or toast or i just eat it. it’s so. good.)

no recipe though, because it’s not mine. buy the book. best purchase EVER.

confession number two: i’m doing everything i can to break out of my shell.

i’m shy. i’ve mentioned it. and you know what? i’m tired of not experiencing life just because i am nervous about it. i am tired of not allowing myself to just live. so know what i did today after work? i went to a free half hour fitness class. okay, i hear you. um, so what? well, it wasn’t just any fitness class kidlettes. it involved a little bit of this

and a pair of these

catching on? oh yes, i went to a pole dancing fitness class! and it was free! i won a raffle i randomly entered, thinking all along “phfft, i won’t win anyway” because i never win raffles. i’m so glad i did! the fitness studio is called icandy and damn, i can tell you i have a new respect for strippers. it’s not easy. but it is SO much fun! and none of the other winners showed up so i got to have a one on one class with the instructor.

because of my history with body self-consciousness, i have never been able to feel comfortable with my sexual self. personally i think our sexual sides are an integral part of our lives and suppressing it only stifles our development as human beings. taking this class helped me feel sexy. the more comfortable i get with myself, the less rigid i am. and to think for a second i almost didn’t let myself go. i pose this challenge to you: the next time you think twice about going to an event, or a social gathering, or anything, really, alone just let go. just go! you’ll thank yourself later. why stay in your comfort zone at all times? that’s not experiencing life, or so i’m learning!

in addition, i’m simply getting out there. i am not staying in my house because i feel uncomfortable in my clothes, in my skin. i am going to friends parties where i may not know anyone sans candace. i am taking up activities i was too afraid to do before (rock climbing anyone?). i’m just living. it’s awesome.

confession number three: i love my body. i love myself.

i’ve said it before but now i actually mean it. instead of relying on others for validation, i am finding it in myself each and every day. i love how i am settling into my skin and not forcing my body to be something it just so is not. i love how i am acknowledging my talents and strengths where before i pretended like i had nothing to offer. what a lie! and a waste of energy! i have so much to offer. and i’m excited to offer it. the more i take care of myself, mind and body, the more whole and happy i feel. life is good, kidlettes. it’s really, really good.

it’s a beautiful saturday and work is out of the way. this creative kick is still kickin’ and i want to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and this great mood.

keep on smiling, kidlettes! because you’re amazing, inside and out!



(oh and a p.s: i updated the about me page and the beatles page :))


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