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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

hey kidlettes.

i don’t have much to say today, really. one of my really, really close friends just left this morning for his hometown (southern california) before he jumps ship to spain. for a year. i won’t physically see him until next august so i’m a little bummed and just kind of waiting for that reality to sink in.

so i think today i’m going to just leave you with some thoughts instead of delving into a giant topic.

remember the past few months? and how whiney and miserable i appeared? well, firstly i apologize for that. sometimes i forget how little i truly have to complain about. but i am only human (j. mraz says it best!) after all and sometimes it feels impossible to overcome that heaviness sitting in your chest. but we always eventually get past it, right? and i am happy to report the levels of happiness, wholeness and contentment i’ve felt lately have remained strong. i know i mentioned it before but the power of positive thinking is seriously phenomenal. my skin has cleared up. my depression has faded away considerably. my food anxieties have lessened. i smile more. i laugh more. i feel confident in most everything i do. and when i look in the mirror i never see the person i used to see. instead, i see a strong person staring back at me. i see a healthy, determined, happy individual.

in the mail the other day i received a copy of brendan brazier’s thrive. of course i immediately cracked it open! one of the first things he discusses is the power of stress. i never quite realized how powerful stress truly is. according to braizer, stress (obviously) inhibits happiness. it can cause a person to gain weight, breakout, feel tired and depressed, all things i experienced intensely these past few months. he also discussed physical stress and its impact on the body. he shared a story in which he overtrained his body and undernourished it in order to loose weight. instead, he gained fat and felt lethargic.

in applying this to my life, i clearly see now how running put my body under such intense stress. the more i pushed myself physically and undernourished myself, the more unhappy i felt, inside and out. my body went into a high stress mode and slowed my metabolism and effed with my sense of mental security. i know i’ve mentioned how wonderful i feel now that running and i broke up, but my body feels wonderful, too. i’ve lost that extra fluff i’ve been so worked up about (my girl still exists though, it won’t go away entirely. but i’m so okay with it :)) and i feel less tired and miserable. breaking up with running was the best thing i’ve ever done.

have you ever made a difficult decision which you eventually ended up benefitting from?

the other day at cafe gratitude (yes, hello. my name is zoe and i have an addiction) our waitress asked us the question of the day: “what are you letting go of?” my response? myself.

have a great day, kidlettes.




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