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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

good (very early) morning kidlettes!

i woke up at 5:30 today. yes. 5:30 AM. why? blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol (honestly though, i hate that song. i just couldn’t resist ;)). i drank a liiiittle too much last night and always have difficulty sleeping for long whenever i drink. i did sleep deeply though for about five hours so…oh well. worse things than being tired, right?

i woke up and did a little yoga for hangover via a yogamazing podcast. i really recommend the yogamazing podcasts! chaz, the instructor, is awesome. i emailed him yesterday telling him how much i appreciated and loved a flow of his i just completed and he even wrote me back! nice guy.

so remember when i said yesterday was going to be a good day? it was 🙂 two friends and i went on a long bike ride through a section of our little town none of us know very well. it was like being transported to another world! it felt partly like pleasantville (the movie! seen it? please do if you haven’t, it’s great!) but it was such a beautiful day. we couldn’t stop saying how pretty it was. we definitely left the area of my town where the college kids live if that gives a good mental image haha.

anywho, we biked until we found this!

see the vineyard? living around here is breathtaking sometimes.

then we found this little gem:

a community garden! i had no idea this existed. neither did my friends. it was a neat discovery.

we found a little bridge and a bunch of cool paths too. all of this existed right under my nose this entire time! i had literally no idea. new running paths? i’m thinking so. if you do anything today, go explore your town or neighborhood. there is always so much we miss when we drive on or stick to the main roads.

other pretty things:

wide open fields. and lunch!

when you run out of bread, brown rice cakes make a decent substitue. that would be two brown rice cakes topped with some hummus, half an avocado, and some cayanne. love me some spice. this was really tasty.

so you might be wondering why i titled this post be okay. let me explain.

a) it’s the name of an ingrid michaelson song i randomly just discovered. it’s light, happy, and bittersweet. kind of like where i am at in life right now.

b) binged lightweight. again. sigh. BUT I WILL BE OKAY. why?

because i’m not beating myself up about it. i’m breathing through it. i’m refusing to give up this positivity. no one can take it away but me, after all. plus i’ve read a few inspiring words as of late.

my friend in san diego lent me a book called yoga mind and body. it goes over poses, obviously, but also includes an entire section on “yoga diet”, recipes included! but the thing i found the most interesting was this:

in the section titled “you are what you eat” (so true) it reads “the yogic scriptures divide food into three types: sattvic (pure), rajasic (stimulating), and tamasic (impure or rotten). and, not surprisingly, chocolate fell under the rajas category. according to this book rajasic foods “arouse animal passions, bring a restless state of mind, and make the person overactive. they destroy the mind/body balance that is essential for happiness.”

um. can we say wow? i mean i know this. but seeing thoughts actually written out makes them much more real, you know? no wonder i feel so out of control and “animalistic” when i eat chocolate. it most definitely overstimulates me and causes me to eat more more more and loose that balance.

they also have a “rules of eating” blurb. the suggestions i found the most interesting were “try to fast for one day a week”, “do not overload you system. fill half the stomach with food, one quarter with liquid, and leave the rest empty”. the most important point, at least to me, was “eat to live — don’t live to eat”.

boy oh boy did that hit home. i feel like these past few months i have turned obsessive about food. and unhealthily so. i have been living to eat. honestly, it’s been hard to not think about food. in between meals i almost day-dream about what i am going to eat next. food is fuel for the body. it is medicine for the body. when you fill it with crap, you become crap. i need to remember this for the next thirty days during my up-coming cleanse. and i need to find new ways of igniting the pleasure center of my brain. food can become an addiction, as i am seeing, and i do not want it to become out of hand.

whew. LONG POST!

but guess what?

it’s all gonna be okay.

especially because paul mccartney is later tonight!!!!!



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