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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

good evening, kidlettes. how has your day been?

mines been a little interesting. in amazing ways, of course!

i spent it out in the sunshine with my friends. we biked. we climbed trees. we walked. we laughed. we enjoyed nature. we just simply were.

after my post earlier, i spent a lot of time today thinking about my stomach issue. i thought. and thought. and thought. i got to thinking about all the minutes and hours i waste worrying about one aspect of my whole self. i am not just my stomach. i am strong arms. i am strong legs. i am a strong back. i am a pretty face. i am smart. i am funny. i am compassionate.

i am not just my stomach

too often i get caught up in what i am not. i am not flat stomached. i am not that one inch taller i always wish i was. i am not always the most socially smooth person in the world. but you know what i realized today? that’s okay.

i realized how much time i have wasted not loving this individual body i have. and not loving all the things that i am. i may not be all of those things our society somehow collectively deems beautiful but god damn it, this body is amazing. this body is beautiful. so what if my stomach pooches out a little? so effin’ what? some days it will be flatter. some days it won’t. it’s still healthy and strong and beautiful.

i realized today there should be no reason i couldn’t eat the ice cream i was craving. so i whipped up some banana soft serve.

i realized today there should be no reason i couldn’t enjoy a burrito like my friends. so i made one. with chick peas, salsa, avocado, vegan cheese, and an ezekiel wrap. you bet your butt my meat-eating friend asked me what i made because it smelled so good. and you bet your butt it left my stomach happier then a taqueria burrito would of.

i realized i’m getting better at honoring my body’s cravings by treating it to healthy, whole, real foods.

i realized i’m human and it’s okay to indulge. it’s okay to be slightly awkward. it’s okay to mess up. it’s okay to have a stomach pooch. it’s okay.

what i really realized though? i just need tolet it be.


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