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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

goooooood morning, kidlettes :)!

yesterday i got lost.

not literally, but i did loose myself among some trees with one of my best friends for life! renee:

we attempted to take on the mount tamalpais/dispsea/pantoll hiking route which takes a good five hours AND stops at the beach at one point. however, the directions we wrote down were not very helpful and we never quite figured it out. but, we DID end up in muir woods…and for FREE! the trail we took brought us in the back way. for sure memorizing that trail πŸ˜‰

it was a good 3-ish mile hike. plus, we were surrounded by a lot of these:

redwoods are so beautiful guys. i had no idea that muir woods was one of the only places these giant beauties grew. there were so many tourists! i am so lucky to live in such a gorgeous area where access to nature like this is possible at the drop of a hat.

i love looking up and seeing this:

and this:

nature is so breathtaking. can you believe i used to hate everything about it? i deemed myself a city girl who loathed anything with dirt and leaves. phffft, glad that phase passed! anyone else go through funny phases like that? what have you “hated” and eventually ended up LOVING with all your heart and soul? honestly, i cannot imagine being far away from nature. it’s so centering and calming. i love playing around in it πŸ™‚

along the way we ran into this little guy!

caterpillars are so rad! especially when they’re all fuzzy and neon like that little guy!

when we hit the muir woods entrance, we got to relive some childhood memories. we went on field trips to muir woods all the time in grade school. in retrospect, how amazing is that? god i love california!

that tree was here before the aztecs AND before christopher columbus. nature. rocks. my. socks. OFF!

it was just a beautiful day, through and through.

next time we’ll find the right trail πŸ˜‰ i loved getting “lost” though! plus after our hike i got to go home and have dinner with my family. i love seeing them, as i’ve mentioned several times before. we went to one of our favorite eateries where i got the only vegan option on the menu: (2) crispy quinoa & potato pancakes served over roasted summer squash and sauteed kale. there was some olives too but i hate olives. they’re too salty. it’s the only food item i can’t stand. it was really good but i wish they spiced the quinoa more. i think a lot of people don’t realize quinoa by itself is pretty bland…following dinner we got some fro yoooo! i got some chocolate (a-duuuuh!) and for the first time added not candy but FRUIT to my treat! chocolate + raspberries = HEAVEN. forever a fruit + froyo fan :)!

i reluctantly left my family and headed home to visit with my friend who leaves tomorrow. permanantly :(. super bummer. it was really fun though, glad i went!

this morning i woke up with a new(ish) bowl of oatmeal in mind! i just ran out of any form of nut butter (does anyone else feel seriously depressed when this happens? haha!) so i spiced up my oatmeal bowl like thiiiiiiis:

this would be 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1 T oat bran, 1 T raw cacao powder, about a t and a half of ground flax (left over from my little morning drink cranberry + water + 1 T ground flax!), a bit of unsweetened coconut, a couple of carob chips, a couple of cinnamon puffins (um. the best cereal ever?!?!), and two freshly cut strawberries. mmmmm!

it was good πŸ™‚ very filling! the strawberries, unfortunately, were not as awesome as farmer’s market strawberries! but they were good. i got them at the new MASSIVE mexican market in my hometown. talk about awesomely cheap produce. i bought two coconuts (!!!) and two mangos (!!!!!!!) among a couple of other things. umm…thai food anyone? oh, it’s going down πŸ˜‰

i plan on dedicating the rest of the day to nothing in particular. i have a knee doctor’s appointment in an hour (will update!) and then i am hitting up that new whole paycheck foods i hit up the other day. imma buy a few goodies, i’m thinking! depending on what the doctor says, i will either be running or doing a nice sweaty yoga sessssh.

till then, kidlettes! enjoy the day πŸ™‚

beatles fun fact: The Beatles featured two left handed members, Paul, whom everyone saw holding his Hoffner bass left handed, and Ringo, whose left handedness is at least partially to blame for his ‘original’ drumming style.




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