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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

seriously, i’m not sure where my mind wanders off to sometimes. like yesterday for example.

i woke up yesterday and wanted to run. like, really really really bad. i ran a nice, leisurely 4 miles the previous day after taking a solid week off of running and had no knee troubles. so i wanted to do it again! i woke up, ate a little somethin’ somethin’ and took off. half way through the run i realized i forgot to slip my key under my front door mat. i panicked. haaardcore. i had a mini break down during my run because i was so frustrated. it was sunday so the office with the spare key was closed. i had no phone, no car key, no money and candace is in san diego till august. i was basically screwed.

i stopped at a friends house to use her phone and called my mom who had a spare car key for my car and started to make her way up to my apartment. on a whim, i decided to try my back door. i was so upset and so hungry from my run i was desperate to try ANYTHING. magically the door was OPEN! in any other case this would be a bad thing but i was SO. HAPPY. ugh. on today’s 6-7 miler i made use of my fanny pack-like thing and stuck my keys in there. no more stupid moves like that, please.

on a lighter note, it’s been absolutely beautiful here. it is most definitely summer. and i am most definitely enjoying it. saturday i biked around just so i could be outside. i love soaking up the sunshine when i can! on saturday i also said goodbye to one of my bffffffffs nate. he and his family go to mexico for a half a month every summer (jealous!!) and he’s not coming back up after. he’ll be up and down the coast but for the most part, he’s gone. i’m pretty bummed.

yesterday i got to go home and spend sunday with my family. i look forward to these sunday family dinners so much. i love my family. there’s just something so centering about returning home to your roots. it helped too that yesterday was GORGEOUS. though, i must admit, it took a while to get over the funk of locking myself out of the house. because then i forgot my phone which, on any other occasion i wouldn’t need, but yesterday i needed. so i turned around and headed back to the apartment. it was a frustrating start to the day.

but it ended on all kinds of good vibes. after dinner i went to my childhood friend’s house (literally, this girl knew my parents before i did and was my friend straight outta the womb!) for a memorial day bbq. i didn’t eat much — just some AMAZING potato salad sans gross mayo and a slice of my friend’s homemade lemon cake. it was exactly what i wanted and you know, i didn’t even worry about eating it. incredible step forward.

what i did notice yesterday was a theme: everyone commented on my weight. everyone. everyone said i looked really good and i am appreciative of their comments but dang, i hate talking about it. yesterday, at the urging of my mom and aunt, i stepped on the scale for the first time in about half a year (the last time i was at the doctors). i was pretty shocked at what i saw.

i reached my “goal” weight a long time ago, i guess. i never quite had a “goal” weight though — i never have and never will obsess about numbers. unfortunately i work on obsessing about my appearance. but the funniest part of all of this is that, even though i’ve reached the weight and size i’ve always wanted to be, i’m still not 100% satisfied. i always thought that when i got to this point i’d be completely happy and worry free. i find it both funny and sad that i’m not either of those things 100%. it most definitely opened my eyes to my body’s true shape. i wake up feeling more and more happy about it every day and i don’t regret stepping on the scale at all yesterday despite my opposition to scales because i think it helped me along my path towards self-love and self-acceptance.

gah. ENOUGH BABBLING. i’m sorry. onto the eaaaats of the past few days. i again (stupidly) forgot my camera so i could not document the AWESOME eats of the past two days. i did eat this little gem though:

a roasted veggie & siracha ezekiel wrap!

mmm veggies!!! not only was it delicious, but i totally learned (FINALLY!) how to wrap a burrito/wrap properly!

kind of made my life.

sigh. i will relive that soon. i think the key was to warm up the tortilla a little bit before wrapping. wraps, especially ezekiel wraps, tend to not be as maluable when cold. an obvious DUH to most people, but not to me. i catch on slowly, i guess.

anywho, the rest of the day shall be a monday funday with a friend who is always (permanently) leaving town. we’re hitting up sol food (!!!!!) later. pumped. till then i will just be lounging aroundddd.

beatles fun fact of the day: (figured this blog needed way more beatles thrown in it. it’s in the name, afterall ;)) The Beatles got their name from a line in the movie ‘The Wild Ones’. Lee Marvin’s character said the motocycle gang wanted Marlon Brando’s charcter back, even the beetles (he was referring to the women in the gang). They changed the ‘ee’ to ‘ea’ so it was like the musical term ‘beat’.

question of the day: have you ever had an epiphany concerning your body, self-love, and self-acceptance? has it been an easy journey for you, or a hard one?

have a great day, kidlettes!




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