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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

gooooood morning everyone. hope your night was restful.

i woke up in the middle of the night covered in sweat (borderline tmi? mmmm you can handle it ;)). not only was it disgusting but REALLY uncomfortable. and it woke me up 😦 so i changed, switched over to another side of my bed (i have the most comfortable, huge, cloud-like bed. i love it :)) and fell back asleep. but i only slept till about 8:20. after falling asleep around 1-ish. i think this might be why i’m feeling so…blah.

i’m afraid i did not wake up feeling so sunny this morning. grey clouds decided to take over and dominate the sky while everyone was sleeping. it’s not very pretty outside right now. and on top of that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow AND wednesday. ultra. bummer. i can handle the rain though.

but the real reason i think i’m so down this morning is because my knee hurts again. i’m so frustrated. i DEFINITELY over worked it. i know this. i am always honest with myself and take responsibility where it needs to be taken. and my friends, it MUST be taken. i’ve mentioned before how i have an issue with rest days. i get anxious when i don’t work out. i’m working on it, i promise. i’m uncomfortable with it. i know my body needs to rest and i know i won’t “get fat overnight” but the anxiety kills me. if i don’t work out, i don’t enjoy my food as much. i am usually grumpy all day. it’s all i THINK about all day. HOW LAME IS THAT?

because of my pushittothemax attitude, i think i’ve gone and really effed up my knee. i might have runner’s knee (i’m hoping i do. if this is a torn anything i might just curl up in a ball and cry for the rest of my life) and that would be an “easy” fix. i am going to call the knee doctor today and make an official appointment. this is past the point of ignoring. it doesn’t burn like it used to but it aches. i think i am going to lay off of running today (which blows because i really want to run today. i haven’t since friday.) and bike/stair master. i know i’ll be frustrated, but i also know my knees will thanks me. sometimes, i need to stop being so stubborn.

on a positive note: TODAY IS MY LAST DAY OF CLASS! although we have no final and it is officially finals week (eeeek!) my teacher wanted to have one last hurrah. so we’re having a pot luck (he’s the cutest teacher ever. a pot luck in college? sweet, sweet man.) and just hanging out. on wednesday i have my written shakespeare final, i turn in my shakespeare paper, and i can say HELLOOOOO SUMMER! (although i basically already have :)). it’s going to be an interesting summer. more on that later.

did i forget to mention this little tidbit, too? I FINISHED MY SHAKESPEARE PAPER!!!!! on saturday i woke up and was like “okay zoe, it’s business time (it’s business, it’s business tiiiime. any flight of the choncords fans out there!?!?!). straight up. so from ten in the morning to about four in the afternoon, i pounded out an essay. i still have a conclusion to write and juuuust a bit more information to tie it all together but the most difficult aspect of writing the essay is DONE. it was so much easier to write then i originally imagined. but isn’t it always? it’s just a matter of starting. dare i say it was even…fun? i think it was because i loved the topic i was writing about. shakespeare and gender and women. such a little feminist over here 😉

anyway…i’m going to lounge around before i leave the house for the gym and school. have a good day kidlettes! catch you in zee PM!




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