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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

good evening kidlettes 🙂

today. was. BEAUTIFUL.

before i fell asleep last night, i dreamed up a dreamy sunday. i wanted to run, go to the farmer’s market in my hometown (about half an hour away from my college! yeah, i didn’t go far. but i love it :)), eat at SOL FOOD, the MOST AWESOME PUERTO RICAN PLACE EVER (!!!!!), drive the backroads home and enjoy the view. upon waking up i decided my legs were still REALLY tired (i went to hot yoga yesterday) from the long week and i took the day off of official exercise.

my friend victoria and i hopped into my car around 10:30 this morning and headed out to the famer’s market! it was PACKED today. it was so much fun to wander around. the vibes today were unreal. everyone seemed so happy and peaceful. and let’s talk about the sunshiiiiine! oh boy did it shine today. i love california 🙂 (though, on a bummer note, it’s apparently supposed to rain tomorrow.) i ended up with a bag of carrots, a bag of parsnips, a bag of red beets (!!!), some collard greens, and some fresh italian basil. i’ve been craving basil lately. i’m like a pregnant lady sans child in my womb. weird cravings!

farmer’s markets have such a great atmosphere. do you guys hit up farmer’s markets when the summer time rolls around (there doesn’t seem to be a year-round one here :()? or do you prefer the supermarket? i just love seeing the farmer behind the food. i love making that connection. if you couldn’t tell, i can’t WAIT to own my own farm. it’s a life goal 🙂 (uuuuh-oh nerd aleeerrrt!)

the rest of the day was so so so equally fantastic. victoria and i stopped by sol food and picked up the veggie deluxe sandwich! i forgot to take pictures but let me explain: either on french bread or plantains (i only eat it on plantains. they’re straight addicting!) you get roasted red peppers, carmalized onions, avocados, mixed greens, cheese and a flavored mayo dressing. i opt for no cheese and no mayo (i hate mayo but unfortunately they forgot to not put it on today :(). it’s STILL god-like though. plus they have this magical tasting hot sauce i dump on EVERYTHING. for sure smothered my sandwich in it. for sure died and went to heaven. on and we got orange-mango-iced tea. sol food makes it fresh.


we got the sandwiches to go though cause neither of us were hungry. then it was backroads tiiime.

victoria was excited! haha 🙂

basically it’s the long way home. it goes around the freeway and through the country. it’s absolutely gorgeous and was super ridiculously pretty today. sigh.

all i wanted to do was bask in the sun todaaay. upon returning home i kicked it with my friend nate and jordan for a second then decided to do another round of hatha yoga. niceniceniceniiiice.

next came dinner. all i was really craving was GREEN. and crunchy. so i made the most simple, borderline boring salad. romaine. spinach. english cucumber. a smidge of left over canned black beans. the real star was the rest of that hot sauce from earlier i dumped on the leaves. it was crunchy. it was green. it was SPICY. it was exactly what i wanted. plus i paired it with some roasted carrot and parsnip nut butter fries! seriously, angela, you make my meals delicious and my tummy happy :)!

i most definitely ate a little bit too much chocolate but hey, there are worse things in life then eating too much chocolate. over it.

currently watching the big lebowski and unwinding on the couch. i don’t think this week could of been any better.

night bloggieeees!




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