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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

today rocked. plain and simple. i ran into a few revelations along the way, too.

revelation number one:
before breakfast and post detox lemon-juice, i really felt like stretching it out. so i downloaded a quick 20 minute FREE hatha yoga class from yogadownload. admission: never have i ever done a hatha flow. um. can someone please tell me why because i’m just not really sure either. it was perfect. on so many levels. i felt calm, centered, peaceful, and so so so happy. and it was only 20 minutes! i feel like i see yoga in this entire different light now. my body enjoyed the movement and enjoyed that it was GENTLE. i think lately i’ve been overworking my body and it’s just plain tired. it obviously wants more rest days. i think i need to add more days like today. simple hatha yoga followed by about twenty minutes of ab work. yes please.

following revelation number one (side note: anyone else thinking “revelation number one” sounds like the beatles’ “revolution” and all the revolutions after that? like “revolution 9?” no you say? zoe you’re ridiculous you say? okay, i’ll stop.) i turned on the fiona apple station on pandora (okay, one: pandora is probably the best invention ever. and two) fiona apple is probably one of my favorite song writers/singers/ladies EVER) and ate my delicious oatmeal. contained: 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1 T oat bran, half a nanner, half a cup almond milk, half a cup water, 1 heaping T of raw cacao powder (this stuff does WONDERS for my chocolate cravings. i love giving in the healthy way ;)). i topped it with 1 small T of my homemade almond/flaxseed/pure maple syrup butter and a spoonful of homemade preserves someone my dad works with gave out at his wedding. fully satisfied. pb&j oats? yuum! and the lovely kara over at foodbaby informed me that oatmeal’s natural sugars totally help aid hangovers. i can tell you i didn’t feel sick anymore after my oats! hmmm…coincidence ;)? i love the healing powers of food.

revelation number two:
i’m really on track with this whole loving myself just the way i am business. seriously. i have barely had a negative thought for the past MONTH. every time i look in the mirror i see someone who is strong, healthy, and beautiful. i’m not perfect — some days the image in the mirror upsets me but those days happen so infrequently as of late. i am truly, FINALLY, taking real steps towards self-acceptance. if i start to fall into the comparison trap, i pull back from the edge and remind myself of this: no one else but me has this body. this curvy, womanly, beautiful body! THAT’S special in and of itself. my new year’s goal (i have the term “new year’s resolution.” bleh.) was to love myself fully and unconditionally by next new years. kids, the goal’s becoming attainable. i feel it. (in my fingers…i feel it in my toes!…love, actually fans out there?!)

revelation number two came about because of revelation number three (i guess number two should be number three buuuut…oh well?): REGINA SPEKTOR IS A GOD. i already knew this but seriously, today i caught a line in her song and damn near cried. that woman writes the most haunting, heartbreaking, captivating lyrics. can you tell i love words? ever heard of her song folding chairs? it’s on her newest album, far. this line bowled me over:
I’ve got a perfect body, though sometimes I forget
I’ve got a perfect body cause my eyelashes catch my sweat

your body has a much deeper purpose than simply looking good. your body protects you. it heals you. it totally loves you! love your body for all it can do, not solely how it looks.

revelation number four:
i’m in a good spot right now. a really really really good spot.

night kidlettes!




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