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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

good morning kidlettes πŸ™‚

lemme just say…last night was a SUCCESS! talk about one tequila two tequila three tequila FLOOR. i will elaborate in a few. let me start with, what else, FOOD. in order to not end up with your face in the toilet at the end of a night of drinking, always start with a solid dinner (though, no gaurentees!). which i did! i wanted something spicy and asian-inspired. so i threw together this little number i’ll call asian-inspired quinoa (no i am not obsessed. okay so maybe i am.) and veggies.

what you’ll need:
six or seven (or more!) mushrooms (i used crimini again because that’s all i have. i dream of the day when i can afford to eat shiitakes and portobello’s on a daily basis. until them…criminis will have to do!)
one zucchini
one clove of garlic (mine was preeetty large, just fyi!)
tomato paste
sesame seed oil
rice vinegar
1/4 cup cooked quinoa
SIRACHAAAA (aka: the love of my life.)

what you’ll need to do:
cook 1/4 cup quinoa in 2/3 cup of water for about 8 minutes (today i added a little coconut oil. wish i added more i couldn’t really taste it!)

while the quinoa cooks, slice veggies (any way you want :)!).

to prepare “spicy sauce” just mix today a heaping T of tomato paste, one T rice vinegar, one T sesame seed oil, two T water, one minced garlic clove (or more depending on how garlicky you want it! my clove, again, was HUUUGE. and i happen to love me some garlic!) and a hefty squirt or two of siracha. (it came out pretty good but next time i want to add more asian spices! that’s the one area i lack in in my spice pantry, unfortunately.)

i added this to a small sautee pan and got it to simmering point. then i tossed in the chopped mushrooms and zucchini, coated everything well, tossed on a dash of salt and a heavy dash of pepper and sauteed for about 8-9 minutes.

it’ll look like diiiis:

yum :D!

i forgot to add the spinach to it so i used it as a base for my quinoa and veggies! like dis:

impatient and hungry me dumped the veggies on and FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE. phhhffft i WOULD. so just imagine those veggies dumped on top of the quinoa and me inhaling them .5 seconds later.

perrrfecto. kept me from getting sick later at the paaaartay!

and now for a side of tequila: remember when i said it was going to be a rager? well it was. plus some. people showed up. more people showed up. people i didn’t know showed up. it was awesome. it was fun. i definitely drank too much tequila. i may or may not be nursing a slight hangover right now (juiced an entire lemon, added ice cubes and water and bam. deeetox. it’s tart but i LOVE tart lemonade. i was the weird kid who HATED country-time lemonade, you know the sugary, fake tasting crap? it tasted TOO fake and sugary for me, the sugar junkie. future health food nut in the making, obviously ;)) the cops stopped by to say hi around midnight. not ideal but the lady was nice. she just asked for my id which i gave to her (funny fact: not 21 till october.) and she wrote us up a lovely little piece of paper called a “60-day.” the town i live in refuses to acknowledge that it is a college town. when parties get deemed “too big” they hand out these things called 60-days which are basically slips of paper ordering you to be quiet for the next 60 days or pay a fat 500 dollar fine. no worries there though — that was the last shebang before everyone jumps ship for their summers.

it was the perfect way to end the school week. one bummer? the cute boy from my class was just about to stop by when the cops rolled our party. DARN.

moving on. i have a question that’s been on my mine as of late. i’ll call it the vegetable debate. fellow vegetarians/vegans/lovers of everything and anything green: how often do people comment on the food you eat? i’ve really started to notice it lately.

i usually eat in class because for the most part i leave the gym and go straight to class. i pack my lunches and they ALWAYS contain a heavy dose of greeeeeeen. i make mighty salads or bring veggies to dip in things or make veggie sandwiches. it’s all pretty healthy. and pretty tasty, too :)! but someone ALWAYS makes a comment. i’ve gotten “again with the vegetables?” and “that’s a lot of vegetables!” to which i respond, a bit snarkily, *points at self* “vegetarian. i’ll happen.”

why do people feel the need to tease people who eat well? or even if they don’t?! food is an EXTREMELY personal decision. it’s not anyone else’s business whether the person sitting next to you is eating a hamburger or a super delicious baked sweet potato, garbanzo bean-topped spinach and arugala salad. also, you never know what relationship that person has to food. it could be a negative one and drawing attention to it might actually HURT that person, emotionally and mentally. maybe i’m overreacting but since i’ve noticed an increase in the comments, i’ve just been thinking about the entire issue a lot lately.

plus: i eat healthy. SO. EFFING. WHAT? why do people chastize those people who choose health? is it because they’re “jealous” or is it because it’s “weird” to the majority of society or…? why?

le sigh. when i get worked up over things, i tend to rant. sorry everyone!

the rest of today will be spent to REST, a future bowl of oatmeal, and my shakespeare paper. at least starting it. i have work from 4:30 to 9:30 today (booo). and then we’ll see where the night takes me πŸ™‚

have a good one kidlettes!




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