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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

…about where i put my brain. sometimes it goes on vacation without telling me. more on that in a bit.

first things first. last night’s (EPIC) dinner! i was craving quinoa (i’ve been on a QUICK) and decided to make some black bean, quinoa mushroom burgers!

what you’re gonna need:
1/2 cup of black beans (i use canned but do as you wish!)
about six mushrooms (i used crimini)
a handful of spinach
one close of garlic
one shallot

what you’re gonna do:
i cooked 1/4 cup of quinoa in 2/3 cup of water with a splash of olive oil for about tenish minutes. while the quinoa is cooking, prepare the spinach and mushrooms!

heat a large-ish skillet with olive oil. add minced garlic and shallot and let simmer on medium-low. meanwhile, the mushroom into small cubes. add mushrooms, salt, pepper and peprika (however much YOU’D like :)) and sautee for a few minutes. then add the spinach! continue to sautee until spinach is pretty wilted. remove from heat.

open and drain can of black means. measure out a half cup. mash in bowl. add cooked quinoa and veggies. miiiiix.

here’s where i ran into an issue. first i tried heating them in the skillet. but they didn’t hold together. so i tried baking them in the oven. they STILL didn’t hold together. i got frustrated and i was STARVING so i just said eff it and plopped the failed burgers into a bowl. the upside: they tasted GREAT! i squirted a bit of trader joe’s organic ketchup on it and all the baking added a nice crisp outer edge.

on the side i roasted some veggies (cauliflower, zucchini, brussel sprouts (i LOVE sprouts. if i could marry them i might.)

all together now:

failed burger close up:

veggies close up:

it was quite tasty.

next order of business: TODAY!
i woke up at seven to run before class. i was in bed before 11 last night. CRAZY. that never happens, especially as of late. bad habit i think. anywho, i was so pumped to run this morning ALL i dreamed about was…running! haha how ridiculous. does this ever happen to anyone else?

at seven my alarm went off. i laid out my running gear the night before so i could jump out of bed and into it. which i did. in thirteen minutes i was dressed and had already drank a freshly made juice (half a cucumber, three small carrots, a nub of ginger)! dank, ginger’s powerful kids. whoops. after that and a small bite of peanut butter i was off! my legs felt good today. i was running quicker than usual. i’m getting better at breathing and i can feel my endurance level rising. schweet!

the run was somewhere in between 6 and 7 miles. i’ve never had the opportunity to measure the distance and i don’t own a garmin because i am a poor college student. but it took me just over an hour. for the last three miles i had a painful cramp develop in my right chest area. it SUCKED. but i ran through it and tried to breathe a lot. oxygen is good for them muscles folks!

unfortunately i was a little pressed for time when i got back. class started at 10 and i still needed to eat breakfast, shower, get ready, walk to school, print out my paper. so i hurried through my shower and getting ready. last night i planned a breakfast of glorious cinnamon puffins with half a nanner and some honey. it was happily consumed. i ended up with an extra half serving of puffins though. glad i did because i was HUNGRY by the end of class. not much staying power, huh?

today was my LAST class of the semester for my short story fiction writing class! it was fun and my first workshopping class. yeaaaah i dug it. it pushed my creativity and got me out of a faaaat stretch of writer’s block. any other writer’s out there? did you like the workshop environment? i’m not sure it’s my favorite because i don’t think you really need to be taught how to write. that takes away the creativity and individualism sometimes. but i like it for the feedback aspect.

after class candace picked me up and we went to get a vaccuum. our old one broke WAY too long ago. we bought this awesome pink one and deep cleaned our house. it’s so fresh and so clean clean now. thaaaank the universe — it was getting a little questionable.

i cleaned my room, too! i have a floor again! i’m terribly unorganized.

but we cleaned the house for reasons outside of cleanliness: we’re throwing a rager toniiiight! since candace and three of our other friends are leaving for the summer, we’re throwing them a going away party. a BIG one. i will most definitely be reporting back on that later.

okay so back to my brain. can someone tell me why i have NEVER MADE MY OWN NUT BUTTER!?!?! uhhh cheaper? easier? YOU control what goes in? me likeyyy. yuh! the idea came from sarah over at the smart kitchen. she posted this drool worthy post on NUTBUTTERS! so i got curious and broke out my good ol’ cuisinart. BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER, by the way. i love my parents.

i threw into the processor well over a cup of raw almonds, two T of flax seed, and a glug or two of trader joe’s pure maple syrup. and away it spun. and spun. and spun. IT TOOK FOREVER. and my poor food processor got HOT HOT HOT and SMOKED. weird. but it was TOTALLY worth it. i may have added a bit too much flax but it tasted goooood. it’s now currently in an old trader joe’s almond jar (i keep all my glass jars! useful things to have!) in the fridge. yeees. tomorrow’s breakfast will be good good gooood.

i’ve got a lot to do before zee par-tay. expect some pictures 😉

have a good one kidlettes!




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