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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

it’s been a good day kidlettes! woke up ready for a deliiiicious breakfast and my SECOND TO LAST DAY OF SHORT STORY FICTION WRITING! schweeeetness! after drinking a glass of warm water with some lemon juice i made some ultra yummy chocolate protein oats. by the way. if you didn’t know….I LOVE CHOCOLATE. like seriously LOVE. i love dark, milk, carob, raw cacao. i love brownies. i love those types of chocolate cake that are literally just a thick triangle of solid chocolate. if i could eat chocolate all day everyday, i think i just might 😉

anyway, back to zee oats. in the bowl:
1/3 cup oats
2 T oat bran (i use bob’s red mill!)
1 T chocolate hemp powder (trader joe’s brand!)
1 T raw cacao (i decided i like this better than a scoop of carob. it adds a richer chocolate flavor :))
half a cup of almond milk
half a cup of water
half a nanner
splash of vanilla

it was deeeeeelicious and EXACTLY what i wanted!

topped with unsweetened flaked coconut, cinnamon, and a small blob of trader joe’s unsalted crunchy almond butter. OBSESSION. usually i put a blob of maranatha’s dark chocolate almond spread at the bottom of the bowl. (so. um. i’m a breakfast repeat offender, guilty as charged.) this time i switched it up a little. it melts into the oats PERFECTLY and tastes all kinds of awesome. so i layered the bottom of the bowl with a few scoops of oatmeal, then placed the blob down, and then poured the rest of the oatmeal over it. more borderline sinful eating occurred.

i don’t understand how people don’t like chocolate. seriously. it’s like…a foreign disease to me. i can’t live without it haha.

anywho walked to school today because the sun was shiiiiinin’ and the weird rain clouds from yesterday vanished (not that i’m complaining.). class was pleasant. passed quickly. headed to the gym after class! i decided to do a bit of a “cardio sandwhich” or, really, in this case a “cardio layer dip.” i started with ten minutes on the stair master. then spun for twenty minutes. (whenever i bike i sweat like a beast. does this happen to anyone else? it’s straight bananas how much i sweat!) and then i ran for ten minutes (a little over a mile). it was a good session. i stretched it out, did some abs, some weight lifting stuff for my legs and then peaced outta there cause i was HUNGRY!

which leads me to this: LUUUUNCH!

in the bowl:
a mix of spinach and romaine lettuce
a small sweet potato
chick peas
alfalfa sprouts (anyone else feel like a horse when they eat these?)
broccoli (which i added after i took the picture, oooof course! whoops!)
and some leftover dressing from last night’s quinoa dish!

it was SO. GOOD. that dressing is great and the contrast with the sweet potatoes was just perfectooo. loved. super filling.

i packed a great dinner for my class (which is annoyingly 5-8, RIGHT during dinner hours!) which i unfortunately did not document. too busy rushing. BUT it consisted of cauliflower “rice” (simply place some cauliflower into a food processor and pulse a couple of times to make “rice”!) on top of a bed of arugala. i used the rest of the dressing from last night (can you tell i’m obsessed????) as a dressing. it turned out really well!

on the side was the BEST part, though. you all know angela’s nut butter parsnip fries? if you don’t YOU SHOULD! seriously. i don’t know WHY i put these off for SO long! sadly i didn’t have any parsnips. so i used carrots and brussel sprouts! they were…indescribably heavenly. liiike…HOLY CRAP THESE WERE GOOD! i might make them all. the. time. i’ve been craving almond butter and peanut butter all day too. totally fit the bill.

class sucked. but it was the LAST ONE OF THE YEAR!! officially done with screen writing. i’m happy. it is for sure not my creative writing niche. not my favorite. after class though a friend of mine came over and i made some vegan chocolate chip cookies (refined sugar free!) that i should really call little cakes. any tips on how to get a more crumbly, crisp cookie when making vegan cookies? i usually always just experiment and throw things together. they tasted good enough for me though 🙂

so today was good. up until about a half hour ago. when i went to drive my friend home, i patted my pocket to see if i had my keys. my pocket jingled. i walked out the door, sans cell phone. only after getting back home did i realize that i did NOT have my keys. what jingled was a bunch of loose coins. UH. OH. no phone? candace asleep (she sleeps like a ROCK.)? so i drove to my friends house to use his phone. FAIL. no answer. i came back and did the impossible: JUMPED OVER MY SPIDER INFESTED FENCE INTO THE BACK GARDEN so i could knock on candace’s window! i did it really quick so i wouldn’t have to think about it. but still…i HATE spiders. ugh.

finally inside though. thank the universe! dang. now it’s 12 and i for sure still have homework to do. what’s procrastionation again?

night bloggies 🙂


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