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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

i completely forgot to mention this yesterday: I. GOT. A JUICER! flkjalfadfafiaufadscageru! happy days! actually, i should correct that statement. my parents got me a juicer. my wonderful, amazing, thoughful, loving parents! seriously though, i have fantastic parents. they are so accepting of just about every dream and direction i want to take my life in. they were fully on board when i became a vegetarian. they are fully on board with me experimenting with veganism. they’re just the most supportive people ever. AND they bought me a juicer! they knew i was saving up for one and happened to find one on sale at KOHL’S so they bought it! i DID NOT expect that. honest. they’re just…sigh, i love them. here it is in all it’s glory next to the first juice i ever made!

it’s that weird old fitness dude jack la lanne’s brand. it totally works, too! for my first juice i put in half a cucumber, three small carrots, swiss chard, and a little nub of ginger.

tasty tasty tasty!

this thing can make salad dressings, salsas, frozen juice treats, AND juice. it came with a little booklet on juice recipes, too! super pumped up. great way to start zee mornings.

now. onto official business. for starters, it’s raining. BOO. BUT, my teacher cancelled my first class on the day! so i have nothing to do till four! score! well, that’s a lie. i need to work on my essay for shakespeare. DESPERATELY. it’s due on friday and i STILL haven’t gotten cracking on it. i. hate. finals. especially when they are all about shakespeare. i think i’m just going to finish my screen play and do some research later.

i also decided not to go to the gym today. why you ask? i’m worries i’m over doing it. i work out between 5-6 (mainly 6…) days a week. and hard, too. i did hot yoga twice last week and ran a good fifteen miles. i lifted some weights in there, too. and because i haven’t had my period in three months, i think i’m starting to get a little freaked. the doctor said my body is fine. all the blood work came back normal. but i think i am over-working my body. i have a really hard time NOT working out. i get a feeling of guilt that just consumes me and makes me feel “fat” even though i look exactly the same as i did the day before. i’m going to try and take two days off this week and we’ll see what happens.

does anyone else have this problem? when does too much become simply too much? how do you deal with your negative emotions on non-work out days? how much do you work out anyway?

i’m just curious. i’m trying to see how “normal” my schedule and routine is. i’m so locked into it i feel weird when i’m not in it. sigh. oh well.

well, now i gotta get crackin’ on my writing and a bit more reading of the grapes of wrath. have a good day everyone.




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