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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

dang. this weekend rocked my rocks off. fooor reals! the rest of friday kicked BUTT. i spent the beautiful day with candace and a couple of other friends. we enjoyed the sunny sunshine and i totally got sunburned rode bikes aaall over and ate burritos 🙂 i forgot to ask for no chseese, took a few bites and ick, the cheese grossed me out. so i took the free chips the taqueria gave me, opened that ‘ritto and ate around the cheese. tasty nachooos.

saturday i took it easy. woke up slooow. read. read. read. grapes of wrath is loooong, folks! candace and i planned grocery shopping for saturday afternoon. we hit up my faaav: TRADER JOOOOES! dang i went crazy. 50 dollars crazy. but it’s worth it. our fridge is this box full of green at the moment. it makes me smile.

however, the BEST part of saturday? THE POST SECRET EVENT, OF COURSE! ahh. i for sure went alone (i have friends, i swear ;)!) but it didn’t matter. frank warren was an incredible speaker. he was so eloquent and personable. i know he’s given the speech a million times at a million other college campuses but really, he was great. at the end he asked people to approach the two microphones on either side of the stage and share secrets. a good handful of people shared. it was really intense, just like postsecret is supposed to be. if you still haven’t checked it out, PLEASE do! visit postsecret every sunday for new postcards. it’s an amazing, amazing website and cause.

following the schweet talk i came home and basically passed out. i was sleeeeeepy. lights out before 11. whaaaaat? craziness all around! slept in till 8:15 when my alarm went off for round two of HOT YOGA! ahh it was the best way to start the morning. it was 110 degrees in the room and iiiiii was sweaty pumped up! i think i am loving the classes so much because it’s a peaceful, accepting, kick-ass environment. no one judges you. no one attempts to show off. i loved seeing people of all different sizes and shapes wearing nothing more than shorts or shorts and a sports bra. no one cares about that in yoga. it’s about inner strength. i love having mirrors too, so i can double check my pose and it helps me concentrate. it’s just super invigorating.

before yoga i ate half a nanner with a spread of almond butter. last time i went i wasn’t staaarving when i left but today i couldn’t WAIT to eat. yesterday at trader joe’s i bought some chocolate hemp protein powder!

it was ten dollars! it’s the cheapest one i’ve found so far which is good because i’m a poor college student cheap! only…i wished i looked closer at the nutritional facts:

120 calories for 4 tablespoons? meh. that seems like a lot to me. but i don’t know much about protein powders really so maybe not?

anyway. so of course i was amped to use this! i decided to make: CHOCOLATE PROTEIN OATS! in my pot went:
1/3 cup oats
2 T oat bran
1 T chocolate hemp powder
1 T raw cacao powder
half a nanner

topped it with cinnamon and unsweetened coconut flakes. but THE best part by far was the tablespoon of maranatha’s dark chocolate almond spread i put at the bottom of the bowl!!! it’s like breaking into a molten lava cake. siiiigh it melts SO well. it made my day!

i know it doesn’t look like much but YUM.

after breakfast i jetted back home to have dinner with my family. i cook with my dad during the day. we made pasta but i was craving spaghetti squash so we cooked that separate for meeee. it was tasty tasty tasty. mixed in some peas and some asparagus and a little parmesan. would of been nutritional yeast but my parents aren’t on the nutritional yeast train (bummer for them) so i just used a little bit of cheese. oh well.

back home now. ignoring my shakespeare essay and watching a documentary called killer at large about obesity in america! have a good one bloggies 🙂




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