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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

ahhh what a morning! last night i got off of work around 5:30 and came home and made dinner. which turned out awesome! i am SUPER low on groceries at the moment and am making a conscious effort to eat my way through my pantry/fridge. i am happy to report it is going swimmingly! i am incredibly lucky to have parents who not only pay for my college education, but also pay for my rent. i like to try and help out where i can. i pay for my gas, for my cell phone bill, whatever clothes i want (have since high school!), and other little necessities i feel they should not have to pay for. i recently took on the responsibility of paying for my own food. so i go longer periods of time between the grocery story. cause let me tell you — a minimum wage, part time job pay check ain’t all that crackin’.

but i still managed to whip up this little delicious feast: graham marsala spiced quinoa with sauteed swiss chard, spinach, chick peas, shallots and garlic! yum. i spiced the greens and chickpeas with some ground ginger, ground corriander, and some more graham marsala. it was exactly what i was craving and totally wholesome! i LOVE indian spices, too! what’s your favorite spice/spice combo? i really love anything but indian spices always bowl me over with their awesomeness!


swear the quinoa is under there! i made 1/4 a cup with 3/4 of water. i added 1/3 a cup of chickpeas to the mix, just in case you were wondering. yuuum. for “dessert” (i was actually still a little hungry so it’s more like an additional part of dinner rather than dessert!) i ate a sliced pink lady apple with some almond butter. perrrfecto!

i spent the rest of the night DONING HOMEWORK! what a grandma! i just have a LOT due next week. i started on my final screen play. i read more of the grapes of wrath. which i STILL am loving! horray! AND i went to bed early…ish, around 12.

i slept in till about 8:30. we have a neighbor who lets their little kid SCREAM bloody murder for like…twenty minutes straight before shutting them up at like, 7 or 8 in the morning just about EVERY day. daaaaamn it drives me crazy. i understand kids. i babysat from ages 11-19 and worked at a day care for four summers. there are ways to get them to be quiet. or at least just pull them in the house until their lungs give up! jeez.

i woke up slowly and finally got out of bed to RUN! i took yesterday off of exercise which was a great decision. my legs were tired. they still were a little tired today, too, but i managed to squeeze out a 5 miler. my pace is getting quicker, i’m happy to report! showered. ate a bowl of whipped banana/chocolate (raw caocao powder!) oats with a dollop of maranatha’s Dark Chocolate Almond Spread hidden under the oats and a dollop of trader joe’s crunchy, unsalted almond butter on top of the oats. sprinkled some cinnamon, added some ground flax seed, and a little bit of unsweetened coconut and BAAAAM great breakfast! yum. fully satisfied.

now. my question of the day. first, an announcement (which lead me to my question!): tomorrow FRANK WARREN of POSTSECRET is coming to MY college!!!!! i cannot tell you how freakin’ excited i am! i LOVE postsecret and have since high school. i check it every sunday (when he updates!) compulsively and own a couple of the books. it’s an amazing site. he donates the money he makes to things like suicide prevention hotlines.

but anyway, i went onto campus to get a ticket. on the way back to my car i noticed an old friend of mine (we were like bff’s in high school) being dropped off by another old friend (a roommate of mine from last year). she noticed me before i noticed her. i only noticed her when she decided to take another path to avoid me. not only are we no longer friends, but we no longer talk. there are a couple of reasons as to why and i’ve tried SEVERAL times to talk it out with her. when i came back from south africa i distanced myself from a lot of friends, including that old roommate who dropped her off and basically the entire group of people she hangs out with. i apologized for being so standoffish and appearing like i was acting as if i was “better” than them. i am not and do not think that. we’re just different.

she never seemed to want to talk about it. i offered her ample opportunities to communicate to me how she felt. i only ever got: oh, don’t worry about it. it’s okay. so i thought we were fine. WRONG. it’s awkward. and i hate it. but friendships grow apart sometimes. the issue i’m facing? we’re still friends with all of our friends from high school, just not each other. so we’re still going to see each other over summer and during breaks. does anyone have any advice on how to handle situations like this? sometimes i miss her but then i realize i don’t deserve to be treated so poorly, especially when i have done nothing wrong and have tried to right whatever “wrongs” i have committed. have you ever had a failed friendship? what happened? how did you handle it? i’m just chalking it up to the fact that we’re different people now than we were a year ago. maybe our friendship will come back together when it’s ready. i don’t know. either way, i’m just trying to stay positive about it.

whew. glad that’s out. sorry for the MONSTEROUS post! have a GREAT day!




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