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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

and by 9-5, i really mean 7-8. tuesdays and my longest day of the week and it’s been a looooong day this particular tuesday. but in all great fantastic ways! first off, the ohsorandom rain clouds that decided to grace our little town vanished. they will not be missed. today was gorgeous! sunny & warm just like i like it 🙂

because tuesdays look something like this class 10 — 11:50, work 12:30 — 4:30, class 5 — 8:40, i’m usually way too tired to put in a work out and end up just skipping out on formal exercise for the day. today i decided to switch some things up! i got up at 7 and went on my first run since the race. it felt so RIGHT to be running! i’m thinking i’m still riding that runner’s high wave 🙂 and the sun was just rising and everything looked so fresh and green. only downside? my hands and wrists were SO effin’ cold when i got home! i could barely turn my key in my lock my grip was that bad. does that happen to anyone else? do you muscles just like…freeze up when they freeze?

anywho i ran about seven miles in about one hour and ten minutes. i think i’m getting faster :)! i came home and has to shower real quick and in a short half and hour i managed to get ready, make (and eat!) my breakfast, make my dinner for later, and throw together some snacks. AND i got gas! crazy productive/busy morning.

class was nice. i didn’t even mind going to work. my second class of the day was TOOORTURE. it was way too pretty outside to be inside and bleh, i was not in the schooling mood. i pulled a bad student of the year move and ditched class early. but i am told by my friend in the class that i made the right decision 😉

plus i got to come home to friends! two of my friends from class came over (one of whom i think’s preeeetty cute ;)) and we kicked it for a while. we’re all the same major: english/creative writing. funniest thing we learned tonight? there are only five people in out major. including us. most people who major in english have their concentrations in literature. thiiiink we died laughing. our college is so weird.

but the BEST part of the day? let me start with last night. i overate. one bowl of cereal turned into two and i most definitely ate one too many carob chips. MOST DEFINITELY. but i went to bed OKAY with it. i woke up OKAY with it. i felt fine. i realized hey, i haven’t overeaten in TWO WEEKS. that’s amazing! i’m really starting to see a greater gap in between my binges. it’s AWESOME. and i realized that I AM NOT PERFECT. i’m only human after all. sometimes, i might over eat. but it won’t kill me. and it won’t make me fat over night. i felt awesome about myself this morning too. confidence was a’brewin!

also last night: made some red lentil soup my friend would call vegan slop. it was like everything in the kitchen put into a pot. shallots kidney beans red lentils tomato paste diced tomato carrots chickpeas curry cumin red chili power lemon juice. it was really really random but pretty tasty. i mixed a glob of roasted jalepeno pepper humus into mine and a 1/4th of an avocado. tastyyy.

man oh man has this 7-8er make me one sleepy person. i’m about to call it a night!




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