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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

look at that spanish — so good. too bad i totally sucked at spanish in high school! and continue to do so now. talk about awkward interactions at work…

anyway, happy mama’s day to all the mamas out there! i woke up in a SPECTACULAR mood today (thank you runner’s high!) and it has only diminished slightly for reasons COMPLETELY unknown to me. body, please make up your mind. THANKS! i spent the day with my lovely family and my wonderful mother. we went spent the day out in a little town called yountville. it’s right outside of napa. it wasn’t too beautiful of a day in terms of weather but the scenery was GORGEOUS. my grandma described the clouds as looking “like whipped cream.” miiight be stealing that line to put into a story sometime…

we ate at a restaurant called bouchon which, according to my parents, made them feel like they were back in paris in a little cafe. both had eaten there before and loved it. i’m not gonna lie — place is not vegetarian/vegan friendly. but what classic french place is? i ended up ordering a beet salad that i’m pretty sure was missing the green beans it promised. meh. i also ordered a side of sautéed spinach to supplement it. i originally asked for the braised kale but SURPRISE SURPRISE, they cooked it in chicken stock. to which i ask: wtf? seriously, whyyyy? but the spinach was tasty and although the salad was RIDICULOUSLY small, the beets tasted fantastic and i ended up full enough. the salad came with a shalot creme fraiche which i asked for on the side. i’ve never been a big ‘heavy on the salad dressing please’ kinda girl and actually didn’t end up using it at all. the flavors of the veggies were all i needed! i love beets. LOVE. like, if i could marry them, i probably would. anyone else like beets? anyone else get made fun of when they admit that? anyone else want to strangle the people who don’t understand BEET LOVE?!?!

we stopped in at bouchon’s bakery. i didn’t get anything. surprisingly, i haven’t had cravings for my usual loves, aka: chocolate and anything with sugar. i’m crediting this to my healthy eating for the past two weeks! i am proud to report THERE HAVE BEEN NO BINGE EATING OCCURANCES! you bet your butt i’m happy and pretty damn proud of myself. because i’ve kept my sugar intake to a minimum and stuck mainly with natural sugars (think fruits!) i haven’t been craving any. i feel better and happier, too. my taste buds respond differently to sugar now, also. i’ve found sugary things almost TOO sugary. which is crazy considering i luuuurve me some sweet things. i do indulge in carob chips though. yuum 🙂

my dad got a bunch of goodies to bring home, though. lemon tart. cookie. brownie bite. french macaroons. my family has some unhealthy eating habits no lie, but i’ve been steering them in the healthy direction as of late! i’m proud to say their diet is changing and my influence is rubbing off. though the box of desserts says other wise 😉

now i am home. finished sparknoting the tempest. goddd i HATE shakespeare. it’s so hard to understand. unlike the grapes of wrath which i’m finding i am LOVING the second time around. since reading it in high school i have been a staunch john steinbeck hater. HARDCORE hater. i dove into this again skeptically but found that i am absolutely falling in love with his style of writing and dang, it’s just so good. thank you teacher for making us read this! never thought i’d say that!

i took the day off of exercise, obviously. i am surprisingly not very sore. but my legs are a little tight so tomorrow my friend karen and i are going to HOT YOGA!! this is my first experience with hot yoga so i’ll let you know how i end up liking it! she loves it so i’m thiiiiinking i might too 🙂

but for now i am leisurely sipping a glass of wine alongside candace and attempting to pick out a movie. can you tell we’re obsessed with netflix? when you never watch tv this is what happens. we’re ditching cable this month too so our tv will only be good for movies. we’re just testing it out 😉

goodnight bloggies, sleep well!




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