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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

I. AM. REELING. literally, just…i can’t even explain this. my mind is just like OIAUDFKLDJAFLHEWGSIOADGKLJ!!!! right now. ridiiiiculous fasho. so lemme start at the beginning, or, rather, last night!

before i climbed into bed around 10:00 (EARLY for me!) i laid out my running gear, made a killer playlist (will show you laterrr!), made sure my ipod was good n’ charged, said goodnight to a couple of friends who were sitting in my living room and wrote down directions to the race site. all good. but it took me TWO HOURS to fall asleep. i blame this on late-night blogging (computer screen = waaay active brain!) and my general late-nights. but whatever, i fell asleep eventually. and woke up A LOT. about an hour before my alarm went off, i woke up, fell asleep, and had one of those frantic dreams in which i was running late for the race and kept forgetting things to bring. ugh i HATE those dreams and seem to have them frequently. like…i can’t get out of the house on time even though i’m running LATE LATE LATE for something super important. meh.

so my alarm went off at 5:45. it’s been a LONG ass time since i woke up before the sun! i rubbed the sleep from my eyes, waited a beat or two and LEAPT out of bed! i almost jumped into my running shoes i was so excited. i ate a quick breakfast of two slices of toast one of which was slathered with half a T of TJ’s almond butter and the other with half a T of MaraNatha dark chocolate almond spreaddddd. i topped the two slices of toast with half a nanner and ate the other half plain. PERFECT pre-race fuel. then i took off for the race!

bright-eyed and bushy tailed! (sidenote: this doesn’t look like me all! weiiiiird!)

luckily the event (which by the was is called THE HUMAN RACE!) provided shuttling to and from the event. i shuttled on in and got there around 7:15, 45 minutes before race time! local volunteer agencies had sent up booths so i wandered around. and around. aaaand around. (i raced alone today!) it was cooold. i left my jacket in the car because i knew i wasn’t going to want it on the run. so i braved it. hella tough, i know πŸ˜‰

about ten minutes before the race started i lined up at the 9 minute a mile marker and met my parents! they came to watch me race my very first race. i have the BEST parents, seriously. they woke up early and drove over 40 minutes just to see me cross the finish line. love them dearly ❀

and then we were OFF!

mile one: slow paced for sure. everyone was jostling for a position and it was a little difficult to get a good pace going. no worries though! i tuned into my ipod and relaxed. just me and the roooad.

mile two: past my warm up point. i was juuust getting a great pace here. i noticed how ABSOLUTELY BREATH TAKING the scenery was. definite plus. it got way easier to run here, too. the crowd started to thin out a little. i also heard a bit of a negative voice here. people were passing me and i was like…ugh, bummer. but then i snapped out of it and was like, dude, zoe, what the eff girl?! you're running a 10k. you're amazing. negative thoughts immediately dissipated.

mile three: this came up SO unexpectedly! i was feeling AWESOME, too! i had no idea what the course was going to be like but was pleasantly surprised at the little hills and dips. plus it just got more and more beautiful. it was in a california state park, after all. if anyone has ever been in a california state park then you KNOW how beautiful it is! think lakes and looooots of green. lots! my pace was great at this point and picked up a bit half way through.

mile four: i was surprised by how strong i felt! i wasn't breathing too heavily but was definitely working. my pace picked up and, the best part, i started passing up SO many people! talk about confidence boost!

mile five: once i saw the mile 5 marker i picked it up a notch. it came just after a nice little incline and damn, i booked it to the sixth mile. i felt totally in control of my breathing and strong and capable here!

mile six: so i was already chuggin' along pretty damn quickly but once i saw that mile 6 marker i TOOK OFF. i only needed to run .2 more miles! i am a sprinter by nature, too. during my soccer days (ages 3-19 :)) i played forward and attacking center mid, two positions requiring SPEED and lots of it. so i sprinted my butt off to the finish line. talk about natural high. it felt amazing and exhilerating. i promised myself i wouldn't cry but i saw my parents RIGHT at the finish line, saw the time on the clock, and felt so damn proud of myself that the second i crossed that finish line, i totally starting crying. i hugged my mom and my dad and wiped my eyes and couldn't stop grinning. I. DID. IT. I DID IT!!!

photo courtesy of my mama!

after the race i chomped down a banana (thanks whole foods stand!) and guzzled a bottle of water. i felt like i could of kept running! so i did when i got home πŸ™‚ i ran a quick extra three miles and stopped in at starbucks to say hi to candace who was working this morning. i walked the last mile back to my house with a venti iced water πŸ™‚

currently cooking “cheesy” (hello nutritional yeast my bffffff for life!) parsnip fries a la angela at ohsheglows! hers call for almond and peanut butter but i wanted to mix it up a little! i am also going to make a nice spinach/kale salad with humus and chick peas for a little extra protein!

what i learned:
– i am stronger than i think! three months ago i did not think it would be possible to run anything past three miles. hell, three years ago i didn’t think i could run three miles period! BUT I DID.
– i am getting quicker! i my final time was 57:15. i anticipated coming in at just over an hour!
– I LOVE RACING. the entire time i was out there i was just so damn happy and positive. i see many more races in the future
– i need an ipod carrier. holding it isn’t bad but it would be nice not to have it
– most importantly: i am capable of doing anything i put my mind to.

today has ROCKED so far. i think it’s going to continue to rock too! i straightened my hair for the first time in months. going to a party later tonight. doing some homework today. gaaaah what a great sunny saturday. hope alls well on your end of the blogsphere!




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