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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

not too much to report today! i wooould post pictures of my eats but i eat them before i remember to take pictures 😉 plus they haven’t been too amazing anyway. just utterly delicious! think wraps and left over in a jiffy spelt burgers and oatmeal and noodle pastas. gaaah i’m seriously in foodie heaven over here. my kitchen is currently STOCKED with good eats and it’s going to be fun going through it all. when i am bored in class i think about what i could come home and cook. yesterday i did it for an hour in shakespeare. literally. can you tell i love shakespeare ;)?

anyway, i digress! today has been pretty wonderful. it’s beautiful outside. so i walked to school! started the walk with some beatles so OF COURSE you know i was in a good mood. le siiigh. i just love this sunshine. spent some time in my advanced fiction class. my LAST story is due on thursday! i seriously cannot believe we have less than three weeks of school left. what happened to this semester!?! no, eff that, what happen to THIS YEAR!?! i can’t believe i’m a senior. IN COLLEGE. sure, i’m about to be buried in final papers but i think i can do it. no, i KNOW i can do it. candace and i decided to be each others motivators yesterday. haha.

after class i booked it to the gym and, while i decided i would of much rather of run outside, i stuck to the treadmill. i warmed up with a quick ten minutes of spinning before hopping on the treadmill for a 4.5 mile run. the last mile really kicked my butt. whenever i find myself going onmyGOD this is SO HARD! i always say hey, you can do it. you’re totally capable. just BREATHE. and i get through it. and i always feel like a million bucks when i’m done. my body’s capabilities still amazing me. NEVER in a MILLION YEARS would i think i could run 4.5 miles, let alone a 10k. i never thought i could do yoga. i never thought i could be this person i am. never say never, right ;)? YEAH POSITIVE THINKING! the ultimate natural high.

the rest of the day will be dedicated to homework before i scurry off to my 5-8:40 (pm. bleh :() screen writing class. I FINISHED MY SHORT SCREEN PLAY! pumped. it turned out all right, too. at least that’s what i’m thinking.

i also plan on making some nutritional yeast sauce for some noodle pasta! i have to bring dinner with me to class cause it’s RIGHT in the middle of it, sadly. i am so so sooo excited. i LOVE nutritional yeast. i’ve noticed my diet has been about 90% vegan as of late and about 60% RAAAWWW. i’m thinking of just making the full transition to 100% vegan. i rarely eat cheese and don’t crave it much and i have always really disliked milk and heavy cream. i barely eat ice cream and when i do i always opt for dairy free anyway. so it just seems fitting! vegan food = one of my loves in life anyway.

oh, by the way, did i mention this? miss kara over at food baby honored me with the SUNSHINE AWARD!

i want to thank her! cause that’s awesome 🙂 for reals! she’s got a great blog, btw. she’s hilarious and endearing. i read it on the regular fashooo. thanks, kara!

enjoy the sunshine everyone (if you can, that is ;))!




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