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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

sigh. the weekend is coming to a close. back to school tomorrow. back to routine. back to bleh. school gets harder and harder to go to when summer starts creeping up. but i’m almost done so i just gotta trek through.

today was a great preview to summer though. i woke up early, around 8, to do some morning yoga. i’ve been feeling it for the past couple of days for suuure. i did a really simple 20 minute morning flow. it stretched me out and woke me up. i decided not to run today. in fact, i decided to take it EASY today! shockerrrr. and i did.

i was feeling a cute vibe today and threw this little number on:

what uuuup! narcissism much?
i met my aunt at the farmer’s market in my home town around 10 and stayed for about a hour and a half. it was super fun, super packed, SUPER HOT. whoa california heat. another preview of what summer will be like.

i would post pictures here if i had any but silly old me left my camera in my car. woot. smart cookie, i am. but i got LOADS of veggies and a yummy green juice from the raw food stand. celery, kale and granny smith apple. yuuum. it was ridiculously refreshing and exactly what i wanted in the heat.

following the farmers market i headed home. it was fun to see my parents twice in one weekend! it was all good vibes today, folks. lots of sunshine = a ridiculously up beat zoe. plus my ipod seemed to know what songs to play today. i always set it on shuffle and today out poured the beatles. riiiiight on.

but back to my house. every other sunday i go home for family meals. my aunts and uncles and cousins come too. my dad is one of six so we’ve got a big, loud family. love it šŸ™‚ i always cook with my dad on these days, too. he was a chef for a really long time and went to cooking school so i basically credit my love for everything and anything food to him. (thanks dad!) however today he decided to make sliders. little hamburgers. weeeell not much cooking to do there. i did some laundry. i did some reading of magazines. i lounged. but myohmy did that sunshine call my name all day today. all i wanted to do was go outside and soak it iiiin.

and i did! with a walk! this time i brought my camera. beaaaautiful marin county!

bay bridge. lovely lovely views. on my walk i decided to go on an impromptu hike! almost a bad idea because black flats do not equal good climbing/hiking shoes. alls good though. i survived a mini fall and toughed it up the hill. worth it!

upon returning home dinner was served!

mmmm fooooooood.

(all right, not so much the meat…) oh and not pictured: GOLDEN BEETS!!!!! i LOVE beets. no one else i know (outside of my family that is) seems to like beets. i get made fun of for liking them haha

our dining room rocks cause of this view:

basically a wall of windows. i love watching the sky changes colors.

now i’m back home, pretty exhausted. miiiight crash early tonight. might. i register again for classes tomorrow! fingers crossed for more writing class — another short story fiction class and advanced poetry! have a good night, kids!




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