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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

Monthly Archives: May 2010

seriously, i’m not sure where my mind wanders off to sometimes. like yesterday for example.

i woke up yesterday and wanted to run. like, really really really bad. i ran a nice, leisurely 4 miles the previous day after taking a solid week off of running and had no knee troubles. so i wanted to do it again! i woke up, ate a little somethin’ somethin’ and took off. half way through the run i realized i forgot to slip my key under my front door mat. i panicked. haaardcore. i had a mini break down during my run because i was so frustrated. it was sunday so the office with the spare key was closed. i had no phone, no car key, no money and candace is in san diego till august. i was basically screwed.

i stopped at a friends house to use her phone and called my mom who had a spare car key for my car and started to make her way up to my apartment. on a whim, i decided to try my back door. i was so upset and so hungry from my run i was desperate to try ANYTHING. magically the door was OPEN! in any other case this would be a bad thing but i was SO. HAPPY. ugh. on today’s 6-7 miler i made use of my fanny pack-like thing and stuck my keys in there. no more stupid moves like that, please.

on a lighter note, it’s been absolutely beautiful here. it is most definitely summer. and i am most definitely enjoying it. saturday i biked around just so i could be outside. i love soaking up the sunshine when i can! on saturday i also said goodbye to one of my bffffffffs nate. he and his family go to mexico for a half a month every summer (jealous!!) and he’s not coming back up after. he’ll be up and down the coast but for the most part, he’s gone. i’m pretty bummed.

yesterday i got to go home and spend sunday with my family. i look forward to these sunday family dinners so much. i love my family. there’s just something so centering about returning home to your roots. it helped too that yesterday was GORGEOUS. though, i must admit, it took a while to get over the funk of locking myself out of the house. because then i forgot my phone which, on any other occasion i wouldn’t need, but yesterday i needed. so i turned around and headed back to the apartment. it was a frustrating start to the day.

but it ended on all kinds of good vibes. after dinner i went to my childhood friend’s house (literally, this girl knew my parents before i did and was my friend straight outta the womb!) for a memorial day bbq. i didn’t eat much — just some AMAZING potato salad sans gross mayo and a slice of my friend’s homemade lemon cake. it was exactly what i wanted and you know, i didn’t even worry about eating it. incredible step forward.

what i did notice yesterday was a theme: everyone commented on my weight. everyone. everyone said i looked really good and i am appreciative of their comments but dang, i hate talking about it. yesterday, at the urging of my mom and aunt, i stepped on the scale for the first time in about half a year (the last time i was at the doctors). i was pretty shocked at what i saw.

i reached my “goal” weight a long time ago, i guess. i never quite had a “goal” weight though — i never have and never will obsess about numbers. unfortunately i work on obsessing about my appearance. but the funniest part of all of this is that, even though i’ve reached the weight and size i’ve always wanted to be, i’m still not 100% satisfied. i always thought that when i got to this point i’d be completely happy and worry free. i find it both funny and sad that i’m not either of those things 100%. it most definitely opened my eyes to my body’s true shape. i wake up feeling more and more happy about it every day and i don’t regret stepping on the scale at all yesterday despite my opposition to scales because i think it helped me along my path towards self-love and self-acceptance.

gah. ENOUGH BABBLING. i’m sorry. onto the eaaaats of the past few days. i again (stupidly) forgot my camera so i could not document the AWESOME eats of the past two days. i did eat this little gem though:

a roasted veggie & siracha ezekiel wrap!

mmm veggies!!! not only was it delicious, but i totally learned (FINALLY!) how to wrap a burrito/wrap properly!

kind of made my life.

sigh. i will relive that soon. i think the key was to warm up the tortilla a little bit before wrapping. wraps, especially ezekiel wraps, tend to not be as maluable when cold. an obvious DUH to most people, but not to me. i catch on slowly, i guess.

anywho, the rest of the day shall be a monday funday with a friend who is always (permanently) leaving town. we’re hitting up sol food (!!!!!) later. pumped. till then i will just be lounging aroundddd.

beatles fun fact of the day: (figured this blog needed way more beatles thrown in it. it’s in the name, afterall ;)) The Beatles got their name from a line in the movie ‘The Wild Ones’. Lee Marvin’s character said the motocycle gang wanted Marlon Brando’s charcter back, even the beetles (he was referring to the women in the gang). They changed the ‘ee’ to ‘ea’ so it was like the musical term ‘beat’.

question of the day: have you ever had an epiphany concerning your body, self-love, and self-acceptance? has it been an easy journey for you, or a hard one?

have a great day, kidlettes!



hellohellohelloooo. and good evening :)! hope everyone’s day went splendidly.


a new one just opened so i of course checked it out. by far the best one i’ve ever been in. aaaamazing. i stopped for lunch and hit up their salad bar. i took a box and piled it high was spinach, romaine, green & red bell peppers, asparagus & mushroom & sundried tomato mix (um. also tell me why i used to hate sundried tomatoes???), lemony quinoa (SO GOOD!), artichoke hearts, carrot shreds, BEET SHREDS (!), cherry tomatoes, and two REAL dried apricots. best dried fruit i’ve ever had. AND it was cheaper today because it’s memorial day weekend. you guys, i’ve found paradise. this could be a serious issue for my wallet. uh oh.

outside of the greatness that is whole paycheck foods my day was nothing short of relaxing and centering. started with this bowl of awesome:

1/3 cup rolled oats
1 T oat bran
1/2 cup almond milk
1/3 cup water
half a nanner
1 T raw cacao powder

topped with a baby T of almond butter, cinnamon, unsweetened coconut, and a new item: CINNAMON PUFFINS! best. decision. EVER. the puffins added a great crunch aspect! i tried eating a bowl of puffins and half a banana the other week but was so hungry mid-morning i deemed it a unsuitable breakfast and more of a snack food. but now it has a new job…making my oatmeal badass.

after breakfast i dashed out of my house and drove to san francisco to meet the woman who runs the bakery i am (hopefully!) working at it this summer. it went very well! i go in a week from monday to get situated in the kitchen and see if i work out. fingers crossed i do! (and by the looks of it, i think i will! but hey, no cockiness yuh? the universe has a funny way of knocking you back down when you think you’re on top!) it was such a cool environment and it was PACKED. like…line out the door packed. my uncle and i stood in line for pastries for about twenty minutes before we ordered. but dang kidlettes, it was SO worth it!

confession: i get really anxious when presented with high calorie/high fat foods. i’m trying not to be so rigid but it’s not an easy feat. like yesterday for example: i was in out local super market and my eyes fell on the slices of cake the bakery puts out. and there were my two favorites, staring me down: german chocolate and chocolate decadence (just imagine this as death by chocolate. i am all about the thisissorichyou’retotallygoingtogetdiabettesfromonebite kind of cakes!). i had a craving all day and ALL night. it was so hard to pass it up but i did it. and i felt like it was the right decision. i didn’t know what was in the ingredients. i knew the sugar would spike my insulin levels and my hormones would get aaaaaaall outta whack.

it was a really really hard thing to pass up but i am glad i did. because i had quite possibly the BEST chocolate croissant today. i always forget my camera (sorry!) otherwise there would be a picture of the most flaky, buttery piece of goodness ever right below this! it had just the right amount of chocolate and made me super happy. all sweet cravings fulfilled!

…still though, i felt anxiety about eating it. i ALMOST didn’t get anything, actually. then i said “zoe, get over it.” so i did. but a bit of a guilty cloud is still hanging above my head. i know it’s ludecris to think ONE sweet will make me unhealthy and “fat”, i’m working on it.

following the meeting my dad and i went downtown to look at ON SALE le cruset!!!!!! then this happened: my life got MADE. HARDCORE MADE.

what’s in the box!!!!???!!!


seriously guys, this is a dream come true. i basically fantisize over these pots and pans. i cannoooot believe i own one now. i paid for half of it. now, i’m sure that you’re thinking to yourself: dang zoe, you’re pretty spoiled. trust me, i’m not. i totally recognize how fortunate i am and i am incredibly grateful for my parents and my life. i am actually very uncomfortable with my parents buying me things. i often take gifts from them reluctantly. i’m not sure why i feel the need to justify this, but i just don’t want to come across as someone who gets whatever they want. because i don’t.

ahem. moving on. it’s a 7 and 1/4th cocotte ronde. and it’s beaaaautiful. seriously, it’s just so loverly. i might dream about it tonight and all the things i can cook with it. ahh, the dreams of a foodie.

in between all the running around i did accomplish some exercise today! i’m still laying off the knee. bummer because the weather was beautiful today and all i wanted to do was run. luckily, i also felt like doing yoga! it’s been a second since i did any (outside of bikram, that is!) and HOLY CHATURANGA! my body has missed this. i did a twenty minute hatha stretch and strength, a 25 minute vinyasa flow, and a 30 minute yoga with weights. all courtesy of yogadownload! visit this site if you haven’t. your soul with thank you 🙂

another side note: i’m getting anxious about my work outs too. they’re not as “intense” and i’m (irrationally) afraid of getting “soft”. i’m taking more days off because of my knee and, because of my lack of “movement” (aka: running), i’m not eating as much as i usually do. i’m watching what i eat too carefully. has anyone else ever struggled with this? it’s almost like i am talking myself into not eating as much because i don’t “deserve” to because i didn’t work out as hard as i usually do. demented thought process. i know. any suggestions on how to divorce this habit?

i still worked up a bit of a sweat though. after yoga i showered, then biked to the market! i’m in love with victoria’s bike. it’s going to be hard to part with when she gets back. le sigh.

dinner was simple: 2 roasted carrots and 1 parsnip (seriously if i could eat roasted carrots for the rest of my life i might.) covered in…HOMEMADE FARMER’S MARKET PESTO! i bought a bunch on basil last sunday and i’ve been sitting on it, thinking about what i wanted to make. i originally really didn’t want to make pesto because i wanted to try something new but i’m a creature of habit. so this happened:

it may not look appetizing but trust me, it was all good things!

farmer’s market pesto: (adapted from gena’s!)
2 cups packed basil
2.5 T olive oil
1/8 t salt
half a lime (or lemon! i ran out :()

process in food processor/blender. spoon over whatever you please!

just finished an apple. i’m about to slip into some sweats and watch a documentary. i gots work from 10-3 tomorrow. BLEH.

have a good one, kidlettes!




don’t get me wrong, i wasn’t expecting a fireworks show and a million dollar check with my name on it the second i finished my shakespeare test but i thought last night was just going to be more…i don’t know, fun?

i did have fun, though. i hung out with a couple of different friends and made a pretty decent dinner. everything just feels so…i’m not sure i can even think of the right word. it’s raining outside again. nevermind june is only, oh, FOUR DAYS AWAY. seriously i think in these past two weeks alone we have gotten more rain than we did over winter break. is this a shift of our seasons? i really hope not, kidlettes!

mr. sun should come out. and soon. otherwise i’m not sure i will be able to handle this summer. let me go into further details about my summer plans now that it’s OFFICIALLY (!!!) here:

today when i go into work i am giving them my two weeks. i. am. THRILLED. i know i should be grateful to have a job, which i am, but i am not grateful for a job that pays me the absolute lowest wage they can get away with (minimum wage is 8 dollars an hour. yes, i know this could be a lot worse and i AM appreciative of the money i receive but…it’s hard to pay bills with 8 dollars an hour, folks.), they barely give me hours despite my good work ethic, and, to top it all off, they have these things call “call ins” where they schedule you on the schedule but you don’t necessarily work that day. you “call in” an hour before you’re supposed to “work” and they let you know if they need you. i’m pretty sure this is illegal? either way, it’s just a way to keep a person on the payroll without having to actually pay them. NOT. FUN. or fair. because we can’t do ANYTHING because we might be working so we have to stay in the area. um. what? (if you haven’t guessed it: i never call in. maybe that’s why they hate me :))

also, i work in retail. you would think i would of learned my lesson the last time i spent six months in retail but noo. i went right back to it. mainly cause they were the only ones hiring at the time and i needed a job. i am opposed to our materialistic culture. if it floats your boat, keep on floatin’, these are just my opinions. what i saw in south africa changed my life and my perspective. i don’t need to buybuybuy to be happy. i don’t even need anything, really, except food. i have plenty of clothes. plenty of shoes. a roof over my head. i am lucky. i am fortunate. if i don’t agree with something, it’s incredibly difficult for me to stick with it. i don’t quite agree with my job. i have to push products onto people that i a) don’t believe in and b) know come from third world countries. i don’t know. i’m just over it.

so yay. that’s awesome. but this is the most awesome part: I AM OFFICIALLY TAKING ON THE APPRENTICESHIP AT LA TARTINE! i am meeting the woman who owns the bakery tomorrow and discussing it with her. i am SO excited. it’s not a paid position but hey, the experience will be amazing and beneficial to my future. i’m thinking long term here! so that i am pumped up for.

not pumped up for: candace left yesterday. for two months. and before she left, she told me she might be staying till august 14th instead. on top of that my two other besties are leaving this weekend for a month. my other really close friend just left till mid-july. sure i have my high school besties coming home but no one is up here. i feel kind of…alone right now. uh oh: PITY PARTY!!!

in all seriousness though, i think this summer will be challenging, particularly emotionally. i have a difficult time being independent. i am taking this opportunity to embrace change. this summer is going to test my strength but you know what, i’m positive this is nothing i can’t handle. i’ve decided i need to force myself out of my comfort zone (like last summer!) and just go for it. no second thoughts. just do it. it will be an interesting process but i’m ready for the challenge! (for sure still nervous though!)

this morning i’m taking it easy. sipping on a newly concocted juice:
3/4 of a beet (!!), about a good quarter of a huuuge english cucumber, and a big carrot! (there’s a nub of ginger there but i forgot to throw it in!)

into the juicer they went!

ohlalaaa! so pretty!

following this i think oatmeal will be had. just lazing around until work. when i get off i have a massive yoga session planned. i am SUPER excited. which leads me to this: yogadownload is having a 40% off sale! if you’ve been thinking about gettinga yoga video, check these out. they’re cheap and GOOD! i really love them 🙂

that’s all for now kidlettes. have a good morning!



iiiiii CAN’T WAIT! frustrated with dumb test but i got this.

still grey outside. BOO. but my grey mood seems to have lifted some. hooray! my appetite returned at the end of the day yesterday and dinner was this little invention: farmer’s market collard greens, graham marsala/cayenne pepper spiced brown letils, and farmer’s ROASTED BEETS!!! i wanted something warm and comforting. this literally HIT THE SPOT.

what you’ll need:

1 cup brown lentils
one small beet
three large-ish collard green leaves
one small shallot
one large garlic clove (or less depending on how much you like! omit if you hate garlic. you might be crazy though.)
2 T olive oil
1 T earth balance
2 t graham marsala
1 t cayenne (i luuurve me some hot hot heat kidlettes!)

what you’ll need to do:
preheat oven to 400. wrap beet in foil and roast for about 45 minutes to an hour. should be fork tender. (i’m not going to lie. i was so hungry and i am SO impatient i totally didn’t let it bake all the way through. still delicious but not as delicious as it could of been for sure!)
rise off lentils. bring 2 cups of water to boil. add lentils, graham marsala and cayenne. boil for 2-3 minutes before turning heat to low, covering the pot and letting it simmer for about twenty minutes or until lentils are tender.

meanwhile prepare the collard greens! (original recipe from sweet beet and green!)

chop into this strips. mince the shallot and the garlic. heat 2 T of olive oil and 1 T earth balance in a saute pan over medium heat. once heated add garlic and shallot. cook for about three minutes, or until the shallots are soft. add collard greens. cook until bright green and slightly soft/wilted.

when everything is ready PREPARE!
step one:
collard greens!

step two:
lentils! (about a half cup)

step three:

pretty, no? pretty tasty too! this was seriously delicious. the best part? LEFT OVERRRS! which promptly went into my lunch today. simple salad of romaine, sweet potato, and left over lentils! topped off with 2 T of my vegan garlic cream saaauce.

scrambled together!

you may be asking yourself, “zoe, do you ALWAYS eat salad out of giant aluminum mixing bowls?” to which i’ll reply “yes, why yes i do!” because i always make mondo salads 🙂

not pictured: one too many spoonfuls of trader joe’s sunflower seed butter. i’m officially down to almond butter now! i’ve been working my way through my nut butters. i had a ridiculous amount. actually, come to think of it i still have some pumpkin butter left over…hm…i think i feel a baking idea coming along…

anyway, just an fyi: the sweet potatoes i use are SMALL, folks. lemme show you:

i have reaaally small hands! (i’m 5′ 1″, remember that!) a friend in high school actually called me baby hands. thanks, kevin!

i’m about to take off for the gym. my knee feels better but i’m still laying off running. i think i’m going to tackle an epic spin session. i really enjoy the bike. i feel a new hobby coming on…i might end up doing yoga later tonight too. something gentle to stretch everything out. we’ll see. but for now i’m going to BIKE TO SCHOOL! my friend victoria is going to france for three weeks (lucky girl!) and was nice enough to let me borrow her bike!

(notice the pink bike. the pink yoga mat. my pink purse. pink overloaaad!)

i am pretty sure i shouldn’t of eaten all the sunflower butter because now it’s just kinda chillin in my stomach. whateverrr. i’ve been really hungry for some reason today! listening to zee body 🙂

when i get back home today i will OFFICIALLY BE ON SUMMER VACATION! lots of things to report on later. for now, have a good day kidlettes!



good mid-day everyone. hope it’s all kinds of good vibes for you today.

unfortunately for me i’m still rocking the funky vibes. i’m straight up in the middle of downtown funky town right now. although the remainder of yesterday went well (25 minute ass-kicking stair stepping workout plus some weights, a baaaadass lunch (homemade hummus, baked sweet potato, alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers, pepitas on an open leaf of romaine lettuce!!!), and hot yoga, hanging out with friends later, baking vegan goodies) i went to sleep in the arms of mr. funk himself.

woke up to more grey skies and rain. my left knee hurts. i tweaked it in yoga yesterday…i’m frustrated with myself. i lazed in bed for a little before realizing this icky feeling in the back of my throat and how desperately i needed water. one huge glass didn’t cut it. i downed two more. i waited on hunger but hunger never came. so i forced myself to eat because i knew i needed to. lucky i did, though, cause i ate one special breakfast: banana oats in my almost empty jar of MARANATHA DARK CHOCOLATE ALMOND SPREAD!!!!!

topped with some unsweetened coconut. if you haven’t guessed yet, i think coconut makes everything better.

i completely finished my shakespeare paper following breakfast. SO happy to be done. i’m officially finished with my junior year of college tomorrow after 6:40. where time disappears to will always baffle me. i feel like i JUST graduated high school like…yesterday. i’m still kind of in shock that in a couple of months, i’m turning 21. that age always felt a million days away. dang.

anywho, currently lounging around the house in yoga pants, uggs, and a sweatshirt. just finished a cup of yummy tea.

in zee cup: vanilla roobis with a splash of almond milk. i don’t sweeten my teas. but i like slash of almond milk just fine 🙂 the other great part about having a roommate who works at starbucks? free tea. yeeees.

i don’t really plan on leaving the house for the rest of the day. the rain turns me into a slug. i am not working out so as to rest my knee. i’m not complaining, either. my body needs it. i’m not being fair to it. i think i’m starting to get sick. so i can’t think of anything better than sitting on the couch all day. i might write something or other…in kind of a prosy-mood.

a few recipes to share with you before i go! let’s start with last night’s dinner:

zucchini pasta, spiralized raw beet, pepitas creamy garlic sauce!

it may not look like much but dang, kidlettes — stuff’s delicious. the sauce really makes the dish. plus the (farmer’s market!) beet. i am crazy for beets. i’ve loved them ruby red gems since i was a kid. i love them pickled. i love them roasted. i love them raw. I. LOVE. BEETS.

ahem…all right, moving on. the sauce (originally from sweet beet and green):
1 head of garlic
about half a block of silken tofu
1/4 cup olive oil

roast the garlic for 30 minutes at 400 degrees in a loose pouch of foil. when it’s done, throw everything into a blender until smooth. toss zucchini and beets with sauce. top with pepitas. DEVOUR. pat belly in satisfaction.

it makes quite a bit so i have left overs. ain’t complaining. i’ve made the pasta dish the sauce accompanies on sweet beet and green and i can tell you it’s DELICIOUS. i totally recommend it.

after dinner i ate an apple with some almond butter. then friends came over. then i got inspired to bake. then these happened:
sweet potato & chai spiced vegan cookies
what you need:
(preheat oven to 375!)
1/2 cup of coconut flour
1/2 cup of whole wheat flour
1/4 t salt
1/2 t baking soda
1 T chai spiced latte (this is really random but it’s from trader joes. if you don’t have it, it’s totally fine. just throw in some cinnamon, nutmeg, ground ginger, vanilla)
1 T ground flax plus 3 T cold water (let sit for ten minutes. it congeals. this = your egg!
2 T agave
1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1/2 canola oil (i’m sure grapeseed would work here fine, too)
1/2 t vanilla
one small sweet potato (about 1/3 of a cup’s worth. maybe a little bit more. i forgot to measure, sorry!)

combine all dry ingredients. combine all wet ingredients. pour half dry ingredients into wet. combine. pour in rest of dry. combine. line a baking sheet with foil. make little balls (press down. these don’t expand. stiiiill working on making crispy cookies…). pop into oven for ten minutes. cool. ENJOY.

they are not very sweet. but the sweet potato and chai combo add a very subtle sweetness everyone at my house (three friends plus candace) said they really enjoyed. they didn’t last more than 20 minutes so i guess they liked them! the texture was the best part. a bit cakey but moist and dense with a crack-ly outside. vegan baking rocks. and this had no butter, no eggs, and no refined sugars. i try to make healthy-ish stuff. this one seemed to be a winner though next time, i think i’m going to tweak it a little. i’ll let you know when and if i do!

sorry there are no pictures of them! not too many people know i blog and i’m still a little self conscious about it. so i just kinda didn’t take pictures…my bad…

anywhoooos imma go now. i feel that writing bug taking over…enjoy the rest of your day!

what do you like to do when it rains? am i the only one who never wants to leave the house? not really a big rain fan…



gooooood morning everyone. hope your night was restful.

i woke up in the middle of the night covered in sweat (borderline tmi? mmmm you can handle it ;)). not only was it disgusting but REALLY uncomfortable. and it woke me up 😦 so i changed, switched over to another side of my bed (i have the most comfortable, huge, cloud-like bed. i love it :)) and fell back asleep. but i only slept till about 8:20. after falling asleep around 1-ish. i think this might be why i’m feeling so…blah.

i’m afraid i did not wake up feeling so sunny this morning. grey clouds decided to take over and dominate the sky while everyone was sleeping. it’s not very pretty outside right now. and on top of that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow AND wednesday. ultra. bummer. i can handle the rain though.

but the real reason i think i’m so down this morning is because my knee hurts again. i’m so frustrated. i DEFINITELY over worked it. i know this. i am always honest with myself and take responsibility where it needs to be taken. and my friends, it MUST be taken. i’ve mentioned before how i have an issue with rest days. i get anxious when i don’t work out. i’m working on it, i promise. i’m uncomfortable with it. i know my body needs to rest and i know i won’t “get fat overnight” but the anxiety kills me. if i don’t work out, i don’t enjoy my food as much. i am usually grumpy all day. it’s all i THINK about all day. HOW LAME IS THAT?

because of my pushittothemax attitude, i think i’ve gone and really effed up my knee. i might have runner’s knee (i’m hoping i do. if this is a torn anything i might just curl up in a ball and cry for the rest of my life) and that would be an “easy” fix. i am going to call the knee doctor today and make an official appointment. this is past the point of ignoring. it doesn’t burn like it used to but it aches. i think i am going to lay off of running today (which blows because i really want to run today. i haven’t since friday.) and bike/stair master. i know i’ll be frustrated, but i also know my knees will thanks me. sometimes, i need to stop being so stubborn.

on a positive note: TODAY IS MY LAST DAY OF CLASS! although we have no final and it is officially finals week (eeeek!) my teacher wanted to have one last hurrah. so we’re having a pot luck (he’s the cutest teacher ever. a pot luck in college? sweet, sweet man.) and just hanging out. on wednesday i have my written shakespeare final, i turn in my shakespeare paper, and i can say HELLOOOOO SUMMER! (although i basically already have :)). it’s going to be an interesting summer. more on that later.

did i forget to mention this little tidbit, too? I FINISHED MY SHAKESPEARE PAPER!!!!! on saturday i woke up and was like “okay zoe, it’s business time (it’s business, it’s business tiiiime. any flight of the choncords fans out there!?!?!). straight up. so from ten in the morning to about four in the afternoon, i pounded out an essay. i still have a conclusion to write and juuuust a bit more information to tie it all together but the most difficult aspect of writing the essay is DONE. it was so much easier to write then i originally imagined. but isn’t it always? it’s just a matter of starting. dare i say it was even…fun? i think it was because i loved the topic i was writing about. shakespeare and gender and women. such a little feminist over here 😉

anyway…i’m going to lounge around before i leave the house for the gym and school. have a good day kidlettes! catch you in zee PM!



good evening kidlettes 🙂

today. was. BEAUTIFUL.

before i fell asleep last night, i dreamed up a dreamy sunday. i wanted to run, go to the farmer’s market in my hometown (about half an hour away from my college! yeah, i didn’t go far. but i love it :)), eat at SOL FOOD, the MOST AWESOME PUERTO RICAN PLACE EVER (!!!!!), drive the backroads home and enjoy the view. upon waking up i decided my legs were still REALLY tired (i went to hot yoga yesterday) from the long week and i took the day off of official exercise.

my friend victoria and i hopped into my car around 10:30 this morning and headed out to the famer’s market! it was PACKED today. it was so much fun to wander around. the vibes today were unreal. everyone seemed so happy and peaceful. and let’s talk about the sunshiiiiine! oh boy did it shine today. i love california 🙂 (though, on a bummer note, it’s apparently supposed to rain tomorrow.) i ended up with a bag of carrots, a bag of parsnips, a bag of red beets (!!!), some collard greens, and some fresh italian basil. i’ve been craving basil lately. i’m like a pregnant lady sans child in my womb. weird cravings!

farmer’s markets have such a great atmosphere. do you guys hit up farmer’s markets when the summer time rolls around (there doesn’t seem to be a year-round one here :()? or do you prefer the supermarket? i just love seeing the farmer behind the food. i love making that connection. if you couldn’t tell, i can’t WAIT to own my own farm. it’s a life goal 🙂 (uuuuh-oh nerd aleeerrrt!)

the rest of the day was so so so equally fantastic. victoria and i stopped by sol food and picked up the veggie deluxe sandwich! i forgot to take pictures but let me explain: either on french bread or plantains (i only eat it on plantains. they’re straight addicting!) you get roasted red peppers, carmalized onions, avocados, mixed greens, cheese and a flavored mayo dressing. i opt for no cheese and no mayo (i hate mayo but unfortunately they forgot to not put it on today :(). it’s STILL god-like though. plus they have this magical tasting hot sauce i dump on EVERYTHING. for sure smothered my sandwich in it. for sure died and went to heaven. on and we got orange-mango-iced tea. sol food makes it fresh.


we got the sandwiches to go though cause neither of us were hungry. then it was backroads tiiime.

victoria was excited! haha 🙂

basically it’s the long way home. it goes around the freeway and through the country. it’s absolutely gorgeous and was super ridiculously pretty today. sigh.

all i wanted to do was bask in the sun todaaay. upon returning home i kicked it with my friend nate and jordan for a second then decided to do another round of hatha yoga. niceniceniceniiiice.

next came dinner. all i was really craving was GREEN. and crunchy. so i made the most simple, borderline boring salad. romaine. spinach. english cucumber. a smidge of left over canned black beans. the real star was the rest of that hot sauce from earlier i dumped on the leaves. it was crunchy. it was green. it was SPICY. it was exactly what i wanted. plus i paired it with some roasted carrot and parsnip nut butter fries! seriously, angela, you make my meals delicious and my tummy happy :)!

i most definitely ate a little bit too much chocolate but hey, there are worse things in life then eating too much chocolate. over it.

currently watching the big lebowski and unwinding on the couch. i don’t think this week could of been any better.

night bloggieeees!