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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

DINNER WAS SO GOOD. sosososooo good. i was dreaming about it all day today once i made up my mind that i was making… ANGELA’S IN A JIFFY SPELT BURGERS!!!! trust me kids, this one turned out heavenly. i left out of the red pepper because i didn’t have one 😦 ditto on the dill. but they still turned out SUPER TASTY. i placed two patties a top a bed of spinach/arugala which was lightly dressed in one T balsamic and one T olive oil. nomnomnomnomnoooom!

and i paired it with some wine!

i feel so adult ;)!

i have six left over patties. i have a good few days of yummy food ahead of me! this was the best way to end the day. it never rained again today! yaaay! the universe heard my complaints and lightened up a little 🙂

my doctor’s appointment went well! blood tests all came back okay. i am not anemic and my thyroid is in proper working order. oh, and my protein and calcium levels are totally fine. yaay for being healthy! after that appointment i popped into the gym for a sesh. i spent half an hour spinning. i originally planned on only doing 20 but i was in such a groove i added an extra ten minutes. usually that happens when i listen to dub step…yes, i luuurve me some electronic, especially while working out. dub-step is just a sub-genre in that genre of music. and it happens to work out PERFECTLY for biking. i absolutely love it. the beat keeps me pumped up and motivated. anyone else listen to dub-step while they work out? what do you listen to if you don’t!

after that awesome half hour i ran an easy three miles on the treadmill. yesterday i was on the ‘mill for an hour, running five miles and walking one mile for a total of six miles. so today i didn’t want a heavy run. yesterday kicked my buuuuuttt. i did a quick ten minutes of abs and then peaced the eff out.

class today ROCKED, actually, even though i was dreading it. we talked about marriage and sexuality and whether they were relavent topics in today’s world (we’re reading jude the obscure by thomas hardy. the entire book is basically a big eff you to the institution of marriage). interesting discussions all around. and on an ever BETTER note, the teacher for my class directly after my first class cancelled today’s class! so i got to come home early and relax a bit. the relaxing will continue in t minus two minutes as i have NO HOMEWORK! what whaaaaat!!!

have a good night kids 🙂




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