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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

let me start with this: I AM SO SICK OF SCHOOL. all i want to do is read the books I want to read, not the ones forced on me (though in any other context i’m sure i’d love them). anyone else find books you are forced to read just that much more difficult to get through? maybe it’s just me…whatevs.

registered this morning! so far so good. got the two classes i needed: my theory class (titled as “the invention of modern childhood” hmmm should be interesting…) and my writing class, introduction to the NOVEL! i’m pumped uuup for my novel writing class. creative writing = one of my life lines. i’ve loved it since i was a kid and am super excited to GET A DEGREE IN IT. craziness.

but outside of that nothing interesting has gone on today. i skipped the gym because of my massive run yesterday. letting them legs rest up and such. also i got blood drawn today for testing (on a more personal note: haven’t gotten a visit from aunt flow in three months…the doctor thinks it’s just my training and change in diet! just testing to make sure everything is a-okay. will update about that in a day or two…) but i did walk to school this morning and back (roughly like…two miles?). just a little bit of activity never hurt anyone 🙂

this morning before i left for my doctor’s appointment i blended up a GREEN MONSTERRRRRRR! consisted of:
two handfuls of spinach
half a nanner
one cup almond milk
one T chia seeds
one T cacao powder
iceeeee (ice baby!)

it was tasty but i still felt a little queasy when i was done. my appetite has still not returned. i ate that around 9:00 this morning and it’s juuuust shy of 1:00 (pm) here and i’m STILL not hungry. this is really frustrating. i don’t know what’s up. but i do know i need to eat. but last time i forced myself to eat (yesterday after my run) i felt sick ALL. DAY. anyone else ever have this problem? it’s FRUSTRATING. especially because i keep dreaming up all this delicious concoctions in my head 😦 i just wanna cook. tummy please let me? PLEASE.

bleh. i’ve got class in an hour, too. not in the mood. being tested on jude the obscure which, if i put the effort into it, i think i would like. but i could NOT get into it. i tried and tried. sparknotes it was…i feel like such a cheat when i do that. i think it’s the sun. yes, i’m going to blame it on the sun. once it decides to be out permanently i seem to lose all motivation to completely ANYTHING school related. and i have a fatty final essay due soon…this should be interesting.

if i do end up with an appetite later, i’ll let you know. with pictures and stuuuuff. i gotta start doing that…sharing recipes is the best! anyway, for now enjoy the day!




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