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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

gah it’s SO close to summer! we end in just over a MONTH. craziness. i register for classes tomorrow morning…what the eff when did this semester decide to end? i swear time is literally flying by…i want to slow it down, some! but then if i do, summer won’t come as quickly 😉

it already feels like summer anyway. the sunshine has been positively gloooorious this weekend. i spent just about all day outside. this morning i went on my long run for the week. it was a new route, too! but unfortunately i have no idea what the exact milage is. i don’t have one of those fancy milage-tracking watches. i can only wish! buuuut i’m gonna guess it was somewhere around 6.5 miles? i was gone for an hour and tenish minutes. funny part of this run? i got quicker and less fatigued at the end rather then the beginning. maybe cause i started off slower? eh, whatevs. the real best part of the run? INCLINES. my legs are feeling it. the incline varied the entire time so it kept the run interesting. and i added some new songs to the workout list. yuh, i dug it today.

i would love to show everyone what i run past but i hate bringing my camera on runs. picture this:

mixed with a little of this:

…plus some roadkill. but ANYWAY it’s really pretty out here in my neck of northern california. it’s out by napa valley if that gives anyone any more images.

before i ran i ate a slice of this awesome oat bread i am obsessed with. vegan and gluten free and locally baked! i topped it with almond butter and half a nanner. i wasn’t particularly hungry but i needed to eat before my run so there you have it. i came home expecting to be starving. but i had no appetite. literally. it SUCKED. especially because i wanted to attempt these pancakes i found on another blog. so i drank some water. stretched it out. showered. waited for my hunger to creep up. NEVER. DID. i ate anyway because i knew i needed to. i attempted the pancakes and kind of failed. they tasted okay but i replaced one ingredient with another and used too much. they were too soft and not particularly…cakey?

obviously i sign i should not of eaten. because shortly after eating i felt sick. and continued to for the rest of the day. appetite kind of returned just a little bit ago and i ate some roasted veggies and potatoes followed but an apple and some sunflower seed butter. tasted all kinds of good.

anywho the rest of the day has been pretty lax. candace and i went on a walk to a cafe after my run, just to enjoy the sunshine. we also visited costco so i could stalk up on apples and spinach. costco is overwhelming. especially on sundays when EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER roams through just for the free samples. dang, shits bananas. but now i’m rolling in apples and spinach. fo’ cheaaaap!

the rest of this night might be spent watching a movie. or just falling asleep early. quite sleepy. have a good one 🙂




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