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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

hellooooo weekend! it started off AWESOMELY. i went to economy kitchen supply WAREHOUSE (meaning: IT WAS HUUUUGE!) and got some fun kitchen supplies! they were having a sale and my dad, aunt, grandma and i went a little kitchen crazy. goodbye federal tax returns! haha all worth it though. two 14″ saute pans, four ramekins, and…A SPIRALIZER! i see veggie pastas in my future đŸ™‚ came home in a great mood and spent the afternoon with candace and our friend ashlei. we enjoyed the sunshine and two movies! i love you, man and religulous. both were really great. has anyone else seen them? i hadn’t seen either before.

started early today. at like…7:30 am. why might you ask was i up at such an early hour on saturday morning? i had to show up at SCHOOL to take the WEPT exam. for those of you unfamiliar with california’s public college system, let me explain: in order to graduate from college, everyone enrolled in a california state university needs to take and pass the WEPT, an english proficiency test. you basically prove you can write a solid essay. and all this time i thought i got into college because i could write an essay. silly me. and as an english major, i OBVIOUSLY don’t know how to write essays. phhfft. AND you have to pay thirty five dollars for it. ugh what a rip off. the prompt was DUMB, too. there were two to choose from and i chose the one in which you argue why imagination is better than knowledge in regards to your major. EASY. outta there in like…an hourish.

but i was in a funk. i ate too much last night (ugh) but REALLY tried to not get down on myself for it. i have not dwelled on it much, though the thought still lingers in the back of my mind like a toddler incessantly pulling at your pants leg while you pretend they’re not there. le sigh. i’m trying. really, i am. i took the day off from exercise though i walked to visit candace at work, a starbucks a mile down the road. including the walk back, i walked two miles plus a little more today. somewhere around three miles, i think. nice and easy walking. plus i helped my friend nate with his garden today! a little bit of activity there. it was SUCH a beautiful beautiful B-E-A-UTIFUL day today. sun is still shining. summer better hurry up and get here already…

unfortunately my appetite has not been around today. i am not sure why but i have only been legitimately hungry once. so i ate some leftoverrrrs and an apple. just ate a tasty dinner, too, though i was not dying of hunger. in consisted of leftover quinoa tossed with veggies AND a yummy raw, vegan salad (spinach, mushrooms, avocado) with a homemade dressing (i hate the bottled crap.) the dressing might be of interest to some of you. ever heard of…


i HATE mayo. always have. this stuff is DELECTABLE. and vegan! the ingredient list rocks too: canola oil, filtered water, brown rice syrup, apple cider vinegar, soy protein, sea salt, mustard flour and lemon juice concentrate. it’s SO. GOOD. seriously. it sounds weird but daaaamn, i love this stuff. you can use it in basically anything too. as a spread, in dressings, in BAKED GOODS (!), ect. here’s a list of 50 uses for it from a vegan foodblog i follow: it’s heart healthy, too! it comes in a couple of different varieties. buy it and i swear you’ll be happy!!!!

anyway my dressing included the following:
1 T vegenaise
1 T olive oil
a squirt of lemon juice

all types of heaven, really. it’s good creamy goodness. anyone love this product? i really want to try baking with it.

anyway, candace and i JUST started FRIDAY. i’ve never seen it. have you? what did you think?





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