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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

i am happy. STOKED, if you will. today i woke up in the miserable mood i carried around all of last week. i thought it might not go away BUT, luckily, things turned around mid-morning. my two o’clock class got furloughed (mandatory cancellation. california budget cuts rock SUCK.) so i woke up slowly and took my time getting ready before heading to the gym. on the way i was still in a funk and NOT diggin’ it so on my walk to the school gym, i put on my GETOUTTATHATFUNKPLEASE playlist on itunes (created a few weeks ago when i slipped into a funk FOR NO REASON. i was determined to shake it off. to do so, i threw a bunch of upbeat, positive, fun songs into a playlist and danced around my living room for an hour. happy mood successful!) and felt a little bit better, especially because the playlist starts off with The Beatle’s Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da :D. i dare you not to feel better after listening to that song! daaare yoooou!

anywho, i digress. which i tend to do, if you haven’t noticed! BUT, i started to feel better. and seeing as my knee really did not hurt, i decided to run an easy three miles. which turned into, drumroll please…MY VERY FIRST 10K!!!!!!! i was SO happy when i crossed that 6.2 mark. i ran on the treadmill (thought running outside might aggravate my knee a little bit) at a 6.2 pace. for the first three miles i ran flat and the last three point two miles i ran with an incline of one. i felt amazing and strong and accomplished after i finished. i literally teared up when i was stretching it out after. i felt proud. and for a second i doubted that feeling of accomplishment, too. the girl next to me was running at a 6.9 pace. and i started to slip into negative thoughts like “why can’t i run that fast? she’s such a better runner than me. i can only run slow.” but i caught myself, back peddled, and said WAIT AN EFFING MINUTE, ZOE. you just ran your FIRST 10k ever. EVER. that in and of itself is an AMAZING FEAT. and i told myself who cares how fast i ran? i ran for an hour straight without stopping. my speed will build up over time with my strength and endurance. and then, of course, i started to swell up with that feeling of positivity again. and the best part: MY KNEE DOES NOT HURT. of course i am not going to push it, though. i will not run tomorrow, maybe the day after. i am stretching it out and icing it. i’ve got my eye on it!
what have you done that has made you feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment? physical or not!

i decided to officially sign up for my very first “official” 10k for a week from this saturday. i am so so SO excited.

oh, great news i forgot to mention: I GOT AN APPRENTICESHIP AT A BAKERY! i’m ridiculously pumped. i still have to finalize it but if all goes well i will be an apprentice at a very well known pastry chef at a restaurant called la tartine in san francisco. here’s their website if you want to check it out: baking is such a passion of mine, particularly baking in which i can make unhealthy things healthy! i am quite wary of white flours and refined sugars. plus, experimenting is a BLAST!

currently chillin at my house with la roomie candace and a friend of ours. we’re listening to new music and about to start watching seven pounds! and then precious! can you tell i am not going to my four o’clock shakespeare class? sorry willy, i’ll see you on wednesday 😉

oh and as for my eats thus far today: for breakfast i made  BOMBdotcom green monster with two BIG ass handfuls of spinach, a cup of almond milk, half a nanner, one tablespoon of chia seeds, and one and a half tablespoons of cacao powder. plus ice! SO. DELICIOUS. if you’re anything like me, chocolate is one of your lifelines. cacao powder has NO caffine (yes! plus for me. caffine and i are not friends!) and NO sugar. it tastes so rich and so decadent and the serving size (for my version (navitas naturals) is 2.5 tbsp, with 60 calories, 1.5 g fat, 9 g carbs, and 3 g protein. i think i am in looooove. i also had a slice of this amazing locally baked oak barley bread. with some almond butter. yaaay no wheat or dairy or yeast! very substantial bread.

then i made a delicious vegan cheese pizza a la angela from ohsheglows. talk about some good eats! it consisted of: one ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain tortilla, trader joe’s organic ketchup (THE BEST KETCHUP EVER! LITERALLY!), a handful of spinach, five slices of cucumber, basil, oregano, and for the “cheese” sauce, 3 tbsp hummus mixed with 2 tbsp nutritional yeast (yummy! don’t knock it till you’ve tried it ;)) and a half a tsp turmeric. plus water to thin it out and make it all saucy-like. pop it into the broiler for threeish minutes and prestoooo: GOOD FOOD. it’s SO. GOOD. please try it. pleaaaaaase :)?

i think imma eat an apple with some almond butter in a little. the roomie and i are about to start a movie marathon. in this order: precious, seven pounds, and new moon (i HATE this series. hatehatehate. but i did read two and a half of them just to see what the eff the big deal was. turns out it was a whole lot of NOTHING.) so i’m off. ENJOY YOUR DAY! it’s about to rain 😦




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