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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

it’s a beautiful day. again. the sun is out. the sky is blue. all i want to do is RUN. but, unfortunately, my knee will not let me. i am really bummed out. really. but i want it to heal properly so staying off of it is a must, sadly. i might just tear my hair out though. juuuust might. in place of a nice morning run i’m going to do some yoga. for sure not as stoked but i am sore so stretching everything out will feel really great. injuries are THE. WORST. how do you lovely, lovely people deal with them? can anyone offer any suggestions as to what work outs i can do in place of running that will be just as effective? i feel like a sloth though in reality i am being active. this is the worst feeling, i’m super down and SUPER frustrated. i’ve never had an injury before so this just SUCKS. hardcore. ugh listen to me, i’m just a complanypants right now. sorry 😦

anyways, moving on. NOT. DWELLING! i made vegan overnight oats last night! i have yet to determine how they taste, however. appetite has not rolled around and i think i’ll squeeze the yoga in before i try them. i am excited. i got the idea from angela at (yeah, yeah, laugh it up — i have no idea how to do the fancy linkage stuff. i really suck at blogging haha). i threw in some oats, almond milk, plain greek yogurt, some carob power, and half of a super ripe banana. think imma top it off with some unsweetened coconut and sunflower seed butter. not sure, we’ll see. hopefully they turned out well!

on the agenda for today besides good eats and hitting the mat is lunch with a friend! she graduated last semester (in three and a half years! madness considering all the budget cuts california pushes on their public schools!) and i haven’t seen her since she moved back home to sacramento. i am super pumped up 🙂 a group of us girls who went on the south africa trip are meeting at a really great cafe called northlight. i think i will report back on all the yummy things we eat later 😉

but for now i sit at my table, enviously watching runners run past my windooooow *sad violin music* god i know, i’m such a whiney person this morning. at least i have legs and my health is good overall. be thankfuuuul! i always remind myself that when i catch myself complaining…

anywho, yoga tiiime! have a good morning or afternoon or evening whoever may be reading this. (pretty sure it’s just me haha!)




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