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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

today is quite beautiful. currently listening to (what else?) the beatles and enjoying the sunshine streaming in through my blinds (which i rarely open. we have really horrible insulation and this windows so opening the blinds = COLD. heater = expensive. ah, the life of a college student!). it is definitely spring! thank the universe for that one. for the past couple of days i have been pretty gloomy. i attribute this to a couple of reasons: one) detoxing from all the coffee i drank last week (after two months of drinking NONE and then suddenly drinking one to two cups a day through my body for a loop), two) not being able to run, three) feeling “fat” as a result of my “less intense” workouts (i struggle with this daily. i don’t talk about it a lot because i don’t want to concentrate on it more than i have to), four) WORK. ugh., and five) crazy mood swings i attribute to overeating. my body FINALLY feels like its getting back on track. that week in portland rocked my socks off but did some damage to my body’s regularity. i think i learned something though: AVOID. COFFEE. i feel better when i don’t drink it.

anyway, there are also a couple of other more personal reasons i am feeling down and out as of late. but i am not going to detail them. just know today has been the best day so far this week. could it be the sunshine and the weekend ahead (which will be bombtastic!)? quite possibly. but mainly today rocked because: I RAN! and not only did i run, but i ran over five miles!!!! after TWO weeks of NOT RUNNING! it was probably the best run ever. i bought a book recently called slow burn by stu mittleman. i have never heard of him before but apparently he’s a really accomplished runner and trainer. i applied his methods of running and it FELT. AMAZING. i think i just fell in love with running all over again. he places emphasis on running comfortably, NOT on pushing yourself to the point of total exhaustion. and let me tell you — i got more out of this run then just about any other run i ever set out on in the past year. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. really, i cannot stress this enough. not one did i wish for the end of the run. i enjoyed everything, from the music, to the surroundings, to the movement. ahh i feel great. but my knee does not…i need to not run for another two weeks, i’m thinking 😦 i’m sad. i will continue to stretch and strengthen it but…i think it’s about time i consult a doctor. i REALLY don’t want to — i don’t trust western medicine. any suggestions as to medical alternatives?

anyway, i’ve gotta jet. work 😦 uggggh. at least it’s only a five hour shift. and it’s friday. HAPPY. THOUGHTS.




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