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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

jeeeeez what a week! i did not have access to a computer, hence to week long absence! although i’m sure no one missed it seeing as i’m preeetty sure no one reads this blog (still!) oh wells. blog on i shall! this week ROCKED. literally. my socks were rocked off in every way imaginable. portland was BEAUTIFUL. it was really like a city built into the forrest. never in my life have i seen so many trees in a metropolitan area. everyone up there moved a little slower than in california (particularly on the road. sorry oregonians, no one knows how to drive up there!) and i liked it (save for the driving bit!). it made everyone so nice. the coffee rocked, too. i broke down and drank some all week in spite of my two month hiatus. vacation’s vacation for a reason, right ;)?

the only issue i found in portland? it was effing freezing. at night i could never quite face the chill and considering our mode of transportation was bikes, it made it really difficult to overcome. being outside was refreshing, though — the air up there is so fresh. i breathed a lot 🙂 we biked a LOT and we walked a LOT. that was all my exercise for the week and man oh man, was it great. my knee is feeling stronger. unfortunately i will not be able to run the 10k, as it is this up coming saturday and i am still on the mend. BUMMER.TOWN.FOR.REALS. i am sad but there are plenty more races out there!

anywho, we stopped in seattle, too. walked into the very first starbucks (but bought nothing. no thanks, corporate coffee!) it was such a nice day — no rain as we expected. my friend melissa checked out the film school she got accepted to (yay!) and then we went to a community market and got great fresh, vegan eats. YUM.

the food in portland was great. everyone and every business seemed so conscious and progressive. vegetarian and vegan options were easy to find which i totally dug. like this taco truck down below. it has a completely separate menu from the meat eating menu! yay! i went to town on a soyrizzo burrito. my tummy was super happy.

sadly the week has come to an end and i return back to reality tomorrow with a full day of school and a gym session. sigh. it was good while it lasted!




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