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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

what happened to the first three months of 2010? does anyone else feel like he or she’s constantly chasing time? i do! i feel like i blink and all of a sudden three months has passed. sigh. if only i had some crazy watch that could freeze time like in that really awful movie clockstoppers. remember that one? anyway…

happy easter! i am going home for dinner, as i do every other sunday, and it just so happens easter falls on our sunday dinner. this means more family members are showing up! good news for suuuure. my dad has five siblings which means i have a) a LOT of cousins and b) a lot of aunts and uncles. i love big family gatherings. it’s my favorite part of the holidays. i love the noise and the food, especially the food. everyone in my family cooks. food binds us all together and acts as a common ground we all stand on. it makes me happy. today also happens to be greek easter as well! usually greek easter happens before or after actual easter so this is a welcomed coincidence. it means the food today will be greek centered. HELLS. YES! greek food rocks (minus the lamb and such!). i’m making some form of a greek cake today per request from my daddy! pretty stoked about it.

outside of easter life’s moving along. my work out the other day was killer. i biked twenty miles (unfortunately at the gym — it was raining and my bike has been broken for god knows how long and will remain so until my laziness decides to subside) in an hour. it felt GREAT. half way through i did not think i could finish my goal. but i concentrated on the music, starting mouthing to words (thank god i was alone in the spinning room!) and just peddled like a mad woman. it was fun and i felt so accomplished by the end. it still sucks having to keep away from running. i feel like my work outs have been so inadequate since i hurt my knee but that’s the way it’s supposed to be. i keep reminding myself i’m resting for a reason — to heal and prevent further injury. i MIGHT sneak in a run today though, my parents have a treadmill. i’m itching to, it’s ridiculous…

ANYWAY. moving on. lunch the other day with that friend turned out pretty well. it was nice to see him and catch up. it’s been way too long. we went on the south africa trip together and basically haven’t talked or hung out since we got back. plus we ate at this bombdotcom bookstore/cafe called northlight. lots of yummy vegetarian and vegan eats.

i’ve got to get going now, though! i’m meeting my aunt at the farmer’s market before heading home to cook (and do a TON of laundry!). pretty pumped about the farmer’s market! yuuuum fresh, organic, locally grown veggies! have a great easter (or just a great sunday (funday!) !) everyone and anyone who happens to be reading.




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