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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

PLEASE. eck. after living in northern california my entire life, you would think i would have grown accustomed to the rain, right? WRONG. man. it drives me insane! i know we need it cause i know we’re in a drought and all that bad stuff but it’s really a huge inconvenience. i think, really, i just hate being unnecessarily wet! i like puddle jumping. i like being inside when it rains. i like curling up with some tea and a good book. god how middle-aged do i sound!? regardless — the point is, it is raining this morning here in my neck of northern california. the one good perk about the rain? it makes nature BEAUTIFUL. seriously. the day after it rains i love walking around and just staring at how green and fresh and gorgeous everything is.

anyway spring break continues to be the biggest snore fest EVER. luckily that will all change come next week. I’M ROAD TRIPPING TO PORTLAND AND SEATTLE!!! never been to either place before and i’m STOKED, if the capital letters didn’t give that away 😉 growing up we never went anywhere over vacation breaks. we went to tahoe in the summer for a week up until i was about nine. usually whenever trips were taken, my brother and i got left behind. so while my parents enjoyed italy and sunny L.A my brother and i stayed with my grandma. whooooa exciting! (i do love my grandma, though :)!) my parents have yet to take me to the snow. i have only touched it once and that was when i was 17 and on a trip with my friend and her parents. weird, right? anyway, i digress. I’M GONG ON A ROADTRIIIIP! starting next week i’ll be out of the state. me and two friends are trekking up the coast to visit a friend who goes to the university of portland and then chugging up to seattle so one friend (melissa!) can check out the film school she just got into (which, by the way: CONGRATS MELISSA! she. ROCKS.)

the part of the trip i am most excited for? THE FOOD! i’ve heard all sorts of amazing things about portland and seattle’s vegan and vegetarian food. can anyone recommend any awesome eateries i should check out while i’m up there? i’ve been dreaming of this day for god knows how long haha. it better be the foodie mecca i dream it is!

but i still have three more days before the trip. on the agenda? well, for today i am about to go hit up the gym and get my bike oooon! our school gym has awesome spinning bikes. i sweat like no other whenever i jump on them! talk about a good work out 🙂 then after that i am meeting up with a friend for lunch. it should be…interesting. long story there. i’ll let you know how it goes. personally, i’m pretty stoked about it. but other than that i’ve got nothing. bleeeh. rainy, rainy fridays. hopefully it will clear up and night time will bring something fun! until then, have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night!




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