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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

ack, SO happy right now. last year my computer decided to die. coincidentally, i lost all of my writing, all of my pictures, and sadly, ALL OF MY MUSIC. this included the beatles. i never had a full beatles library, though (i know, what kind of a beatles fan am i?). my friend nate, however, DOES. so what did i do today? met up with nate and snagged EVERY BEATLES ALBUM EVER. my itunes is happy. my ears are happy. my heart is happy. siiiiigh. currently letting itunes shuffle through every album ever.

the rest of today is not nearly as exciting, however. worked out (no running. booooo!). ate good foods (pumkpin, half a banana, spinach, kale GM & slice of toast with almond butter = breakfast, chobani with almonds and the other half of banana = post work out snaaaack, apple later, just devouered a bowl of savory, nutritional yeast cheesy/spicy oats topped with cashews and half an avocadoooo = dinner! my belly loves meeee!). got my oil changed (anyone else hate doing this? kind of awkward, as i sit in the car the entire time the oil change is going on!) kicked it with nate for a bit. evening plans may or may not include tequila and good friends 😉 ahhh spring breaaaaak. i can breathe again.

(hopefully!) about to skype with candace! separation anxiety. haha. have a good wednesday, who ever reads this (cause i’m still not sure anyone does!)

namaste <3!



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