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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

spring break is FINALLY here! but ugh, talk about anti-climactic beginning. it’s nearly ten and i got out of class just over an hour ago. i’m sleepy, didn’t make it to the gym today, and think i might end up watching the two new episodes of life i have recorded. yeah, i sure know how to live it up!

i’m super bummed candace is gone. the apartment is so.quiet. i am not a fan. today has just been one of those days. it rained lasted night. it rained this morning. it rained this afternoon. bleh. i woke up super reluctantly, which is weird because i usually wake up naturally and not groggy around eight or nine. and happily so. but today i dragged my ass out of bed. then to work. then to class. and then back home. it feels like its been non-stop but in all honesty, i didn’t really do anything today. hopefully tomorrow will be different!

i’m really itching to get a run in tomorrow but i strained something in my left knee and need to rest it. that is REALLY hard. i work out just about every day. i know: my body needs to rest. but i feel weird when i don’t work out. it’s kind of something i struggle with…but, i rested today. that’s HUGE. and i’m NOT running tomorrow, sadly. i think i’m going to have to tough it out on the elliptical. ellipticals SUCK. unlike the treadmill they’re self-propelling so it’s really up to you how much of a work out you get. i ignore the calorie counters, they’re never really right anyway 🙂

anyway…i’m going to go watch life now! anyone else bugged oprah narrates it? bring back sigorney, please!

namaste! ❤



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