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zoe & the beatles

just a twenty-something vegan navigating healthy, positive living with a little help from her friends john, paul, ringo & george!

Monthly Archives: March 2010

ack, SO happy right now. last year my computer decided to die. coincidentally, i lost all of my writing, all of my pictures, and sadly, ALL OF MY MUSIC. this included the beatles. i never had a full beatles library, though (i know, what kind of a beatles fan am i?). my friend nate, however, DOES. so what did i do today? met up with nate and snagged EVERY BEATLES ALBUM EVER. my itunes is happy. my ears are happy. my heart is happy. siiiiigh. currently letting itunes shuffle through every album ever.

the rest of today is not nearly as exciting, however. worked out (no running. booooo!). ate good foods (pumkpin, half a banana, spinach, kale GM & slice of toast with almond butter = breakfast, chobani with almonds and the other half of banana = post work out snaaaack, apple later, just devouered a bowl of savory, nutritional yeast cheesy/spicy oats topped with cashews and half an avocadoooo = dinner! my belly loves meeee!). got my oil changed (anyone else hate doing this? kind of awkward, as i sit in the car the entire time the oil change is going on!) kicked it with nate for a bit. evening plans may or may not include tequila and good friends 😉 ahhh spring breaaaaak. i can breathe again.

(hopefully!) about to skype with candace! separation anxiety. haha. have a good wednesday, who ever reads this (cause i’m still not sure anyone does!)

namaste <3!


spring break is FINALLY here! but ugh, talk about anti-climactic beginning. it’s nearly ten and i got out of class just over an hour ago. i’m sleepy, didn’t make it to the gym today, and think i might end up watching the two new episodes of life i have recorded. yeah, i sure know how to live it up!

i’m super bummed candace is gone. the apartment is so.quiet. i am not a fan. today has just been one of those days. it rained lasted night. it rained this morning. it rained this afternoon. bleh. i woke up super reluctantly, which is weird because i usually wake up naturally and not groggy around eight or nine. and happily so. but today i dragged my ass out of bed. then to work. then to class. and then back home. it feels like its been non-stop but in all honesty, i didn’t really do anything today. hopefully tomorrow will be different!

i’m really itching to get a run in tomorrow but i strained something in my left knee and need to rest it. that is REALLY hard. i work out just about every day. i know: my body needs to rest. but i feel weird when i don’t work out. it’s kind of something i struggle with…but, i rested today. that’s HUGE. and i’m NOT running tomorrow, sadly. i think i’m going to have to tough it out on the elliptical. ellipticals SUCK. unlike the treadmill they’re self-propelling so it’s really up to you how much of a work out you get. i ignore the calorie counters, they’re never really right anyway 🙂

anyway…i’m going to go watch life now! anyone else bugged oprah narrates it? bring back sigorney, please!

namaste! ❤


currently listening to the led zeppelin station on pandora (gasp! not the beatles?! no worries, they come up on this station a whole lot ;)) and eating a yummy dinner (salad consisting of spinach, a farmer’s market tomato, half an avocado, and cumin/garlic roasted chick peas i made the other night! a little olive oil and balsamic as a dressing and this salad iiiiiis perfection right meow!). it’s been an interesting, hazy, slow day. this past weekend was gooooorgeous. talk about blue skies and all kinds of warm sunshine. some great outside running was had fooor sure. so, naturally, when i woke up this morning i was expecting to peek through my blinds and see that sunshine i was looking for. but no. there was no sunshine. in fact, there was no sun. it was raining! big bummer. first bummer of the day!

second? i usually walk to school but because of the rain i had to drive my car. so i opted out of gyming it up on campus and instead did a 20 minute power vinyasa flow and then a 30 minute yoga with weights. whooooa hellooo difficult. it felt awesome though since yesterday was my four mile run. that may not seem like a lot for some people but i’m building up for my first ever 10k and pounding out four milers is a new thing for me. i’m loving it! i love the feeling of getting stronger, mentally and physically. but the yoga stretched out my legs. so. awesome. gotta love yoga! after that i made a maple glazed tempeh, spinach, pita sandwich. SO. GOOD. only my second time having tempeh, too. i made some lemony-pepper the day before. i might be hooked. plus, it’s 20g protein per serving. perfect after workout foooods.

but awesome lunch followed awesomely BORING shakespeare class. uhg. i know it’s like, required to love shakespeare when you’re an english major but bleh, it’s not for me. i like romeo and juliet and othello’s okay and i can appreciate how effing smart the guy was in terms of word play and satire and writing in general but. i just.don’ i sparknotes-ed it, i’m almost ashamed to say! but no one gets everything, right? right. so after class i came home to spend like…an hour with candace (my roommate!) before she peaced out.

oh yeah, third bummer? candace just left for two weeks! spring break basically starts this week (thank you ceasar chavez! si se puede!) so a lot of people just blew off the monday and tuesday classes. plus some teachers furloughed class anyway. (what’s a furlough you ask? well, since the state of california hates the public education system and gives state colleges no money, my college simply cannot afford to pay teachers and forced them to take a 10% pay cut meaning, in short, less classes to be taught! teachers have to take 9 days off a semester from teaching. it’s mandatory. like law status. i sure like using parentheses today!) i’m officially starting spring break tomorrow at 8 after my screen writing class. which reminds me…i need to get crackin’ on reading the first half of the little miss sunshine screenplay! fun homework, if you ask me.

any ideas for fun things to do over spring break, by the way? i think i’ve got a road trip or two planned (look out portland & seattle!) but i’ve still got plenty of down time.

namaste! ❤


hello hello hello! i am not sure who i am writing to. at this moment, most likely no one! i hope that will change soon. i was inspired to start this blog because of all the wonderful blogs i read on a daily basis. i believe this will be a fun, exciting adventure for me! i am zoe, if you had not already guessed. i am currently twenty years old and a college junior majoring in english with a concentration in creative writing. i hope for this blog (god this all sounds so odd to me! i’ll get used to this eventually. it’s so…twenty-first century i almost can’t stand it!) to be a documentation of my life as i strive to live each day as healthfully as possible and attempt to balance out each and every day. i’ll be posting bits and pieces about my life in regards to a) school! b) exercising c) cooking and d) the beatles. as well as other random odd things. i look forward to expanding my online community and seeing what this whole blogging world has to offer! bring it on! until then, much love!